Trek Epic Gap Year Across the Globe

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2019 Trek Epic Schedule

APRIL 25-MAY 4, 2019
Tuscany, Italy
Ages 25-32 Initial Trek

JUNE 20-JUNE 29, 2019
Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales, UK
Ages 18-24 Initial Trek

FALL TERM - Trek Epic Gap Year
Launch Trek - SEPTEMBER 19-SEPTEMBER 28, 2019
Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales, UK


Participants begin with a 10-day launch trek as part of a cohort group (5-8 participants), followed by an individually chosen overseas or domestic experience for up to 12 weeks tailored to their interests, potential personal travel. The individualized experience is chosen from a myriad of options prior to the initial trek.

Throughout the individualized activities and placement portion of the fall term, students work closely with Andrew Bryan and staff, staying in scheduled communication through peer mentors who can relate to their experience, and coaching and guidance each step of the way with our professionals. Parents can also participate in their own calls to help be in touch with their student’s experience and transformation.

The 2019 Gap Year begins Thursday, September 19th, with a walk in the United Kingdom!

  • Through Trek Epic's facilitation of the Core Gift Discovery process, participants learn to utilize their unique Gifts.
  • Trekkers learn that giving of one's Core Gifts is a fundamental motivator in a person's life.
  • Understanding one's gifts provides problem-solving help to overcome challenges people invariably face throughout their lives.
  • Core Gifts are utilized throughout the Trek Epic experiences to form and implement goals specific to one's life, educational and career paths.
  • Knowing their core gifts helps emerging young adults to accurately identify significant aspects of who they are, it can form the foundation from which they make important decisions related to self, family, work, learning and community.

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My Trek Experience

Trek Epic is an organization that guides young adults through the process of self-discovery. The original template of Trek Epic focuses on a ten day walk in a European country, where you discover your core gift, self-reflect, and interact with a new group of peers, with the purpose of further understanding your path and your next steps in life. The Trek Epic Gap Year program is an extended version of this wonderful experience. I myself have participated in a Young Adult Trek and an Advanced Trek within less than a year. Both of my treks helped me dive deeper into understanding who I am and how I can use my core gift to help others. I have taken my own gap year, beginning with a trek in Italy in April of 2018, and feel that if I had completed my gap experience with a final trek, I would have had a complete program. The Gap Year program begins with an initial trek, then an individual gap experience, and ends with a closing trek, over a semester time period, and is the perfect gap year template for someone who is taking time to truly discover themselves and what they want to do next in their life. My own experience with Trek Epic has been life-changing, therefore I know the Trek Epic Gap Year will provide guidance from mentors, connection with peers, and an individual reflection and experience, for any young adult seeking an engaging gap semester program!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Trek Epic

Prior to Trek Epic I had followed the standard checklist of getting to a successful career in young adulthood. I got good grades in school, graduated at 16, I worked 2-3 jobs during my college experience, receiving a 3.5 GPA in a B.S Biology and a Chemistry Minor. The checklist implies that upon this degree I should be able to gain a solid entry-level employment in my field of study and in turn be paid a good wage to pay off student loan debt and work my way into a stable living situation. Unfortunately, this is not what happened, as with many others that have followed the same step-by-step process.

When I went on my first Trek in 2014 and the advanced trek in 2016, (later completing the Core Gift Master Facilitator Training in 2017). I was working as a Treatment Facilitator at a Adolescent Treatment Center. Upon this I also tutored for the Baker School District and was a cook/waitress in the evenings. Having to work everyday in multiple jobs to sustain rent as just a roommate was not providing much satisfaction. I was going through a cyclic motion of paycheck to paycheck, with a lot of other issues that I had not allowed to come to light as being part of my struggle.

Prior to the treks I had not allowed my passage, natural talents, and wisdom to truly come together in my life. After identifying my Core Gift, it was obvious that I needed to make changes. Living in a rural community job changes can be difficult so I worked on growing by taking different positions with the same company from being a Mental Health Case Manager to now a Prevention Coordinator. I have remained in contact with Andrew on working towards bigger goals that will allow me to reach my full potential in giving my gift to my community that will also incorporate my previous education and lived experiences.

I believe that being able to use this experience as a Gap Year Experience will allow young adults to go into a career path that will leave them not only satisfied but whole as a human being. There is more to educational success than what happens in the classroom and getting good grades on standardized tests. Everyone should be able to get the experience that they as an individual have something special and specific to offer the world around them. This connectivity is crucial for individuals to not only be successful in a career choice but happy in their emotional and environmental relationships as well.

This program is worth looking into, even if you think you have your path figured out (much like I thought), you can learn a lot about where you're truly meant to be.

It's not an experience or a career program, it's about identifying your overall lifestyle and making this your best life. This is what I have been able to start for myself after getting to endure Trek Epic and Core Gift.

How can this program be improved?
I'm just waiting to go on my legend trek - I don't have any improvements.
Yes, I recommend this program

Valuable Experience

My personal experience with TrekEpic was life-changing. It sounds exaggerated but it's true! I went on an initial trek with this group in 2014 and completed an advanced trek in 2016. I was unhappy at a job I was extremely successful in. TrekEpic guided me in the direction of my passion, where I am also exceling.

I met Andrew Bryan through my participation in TrekEpic. Andrew is one of the leaders of the Treks which are designed to support young adults on their path to self discovery. His years of experience enable him to share relevant knowledge and insight. Andrew gives tailored guidance and specific action items for you to take. He helps you put your skills, gifts, and strengths to practice. I see Andrew as a colleague and a mentor instead of "the leader from the treks I go on" (by the way, Andrew is also hilarious). In 2017 I reached out to Andrew because I needed guidance with a decision that would strongly impact my career. I am now living in Madrid, Spain and extremely grateful to have met a group of people that share the idea of life long learning.

Everyone, young and old, should explore the idea of a "core gift". It pushed me into the next level of personal and professional happiness.

How can this program be improved?
We need a "super" advanced trek - so that I can go on a third :)
Yes, I recommend this program


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Trek Epic offers a transformational opportunity to emerging young adults seeking to expand their understanding of their unique gifts and how they might offer them to the world. Trek Epic has designed 10 day international walking treks and a Gap Year...