Teach English in Spain | Get paid while you travel and explore new cultures!

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Reasons to not come and teach English in beautiful, sunny Spain? Zero!

Through the RVF International Teach English in Spain Program, we will connect you with a Language Assistant positions in a Spanish public school, and will then assist you with every facet of the process to get you there!

Our promise to you:

• Connect you with a Language Assistant position in Spain
• Assist you with the registration/application process
• Help you with the entire process of securing your Spanish visa
• Assist you to open a bank account, get completely situated, get legal residency in Spain, continued availability throughout entire program.

Some amazing benefits about what your day-to-day in Spain will look like:

• Four-Day work week,
• Competitive Spanish salary,
• Three-Day weekends - perfect for traveling & exploring Spain and Europe,
• Health Insurance
• Travel & Language Immersion Opportunities

No prior teaching experience of any kind is required.

Contact us today!

  • Visit Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and many other cities all throughout Spain!
  • Earn a competitive salary as you gain unique ESL experience!
  • Travel all throughout Spain and Europe during your three-day weekends!
  • Embrace a new culture and diverse environment!
  • Become fluent in another language!

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Questions & Answers

Hello Laura, Thank you for reaching out with your question! Yes, we offer guidance for anyone in the program who needs help with finding housing in Spain. We have our own Housing Guide that outlines exactly what to do (and what not to do) so that everyone in the program can find housing as quickly and efficiently as possible after arriving to Spain. We understand that moving from one country to...

Hello Mariam, thank you for reaching out with your question! Our teachers don't have to be native English speakers, but we do require they have either a US or Canadian passport.


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  • Benefits 9.2
  • Support 9.9
  • Fun 8.5
  • Facilities 8.6
  • Safety 9.9
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Yes, I recommend this program

RVF - Great Way to Navigate Spanish Bureaucracy

RVF is a great and relatively affordable way to enroll in Spain's auxiliary program. If you want to teach English in Spain, but are too intimidated by the all the paperwork and bureaucracy (American and Spanish) that you have to deal with, RVF is a good way to go.

I've been having a great time teaching English to little kids in Galicia. I've seen so much of Spain already and I'm excited to see a lot more. There's no way I'd be here if it weren't for the helpful people of RVF guiding me through every step of the way.

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Yes, I recommend this program

RVF International

RVF International was extremely helpful. They always responded to emails in a timely manner, they made the application process less stressful by giving detailed instructions, and they provided a handful of resources for all aspects of post application (housing, phone/internet, flights, etc). If you have any doubts regarding the application or housing or really any part of the entire process/experience, I strongly recommend using RVF. It will make everything much easier for you! I was very happy!

What would you improve about this program?
Honestly I wouldn’t change a thing about the program!!
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Yes, I recommend this program

RVF is true support!

I honestly do not know how people get through the process of becoming a North American Language and Cultural assistant without RVF! From the application process, to the step by step instructions regarding obtaining your visa, and the total support once you arrive in Spain, I never felt alone in my journey. Any time I had a question, problem or concern, Harrison and his team at RVF were there to support me in any way I needed. I highly recommend RVF to help you realize your dream of living and working in Spain.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I would choose to live in Southern Spain. Although parts of Basque Country are quite beautiful, it is a very different culture and climate than other parts of Spain. Also, I would have arrived with much more savings, as the transition to getting paid is a slow process. But, obtaining RVF’s services is something I would do again and again!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Small company, but very knowledgeable, personal, and helpful!

I had Skype meetings where I was walked through every step of the application process, visa process, and all of the paperwork in between. When there was a hiccup with my background check, (the documents had gotten water damaged in the mail, no one's fault but the mail carrier) Mr Fowler called and emailed the company that does the background checks, and made sure I got a discount when I had to run the background check again. He's also regularly called or emailed to follow up on everything. My experience with the company has been great, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to go to Spain!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching in Ronda, Spain

I have been teaching and living in Ronda Andalusia for 3 months, with 5 or 6 months left, and I am extremely happy here. The director of RVF International is someone that I have known for a long time and is a very genuine guy. I enlisted his company to help me smoothly transition to Spain. They helped me to organize everything, schedule appointments, get the Visa process done efficiently, and even gave me extra support and options when I ran into some trouble with the process. The high school I work at is amazing and the kids are a lot of fun. I've also had weekends and time to travel some around Spain/Europe. I recommend teaching in Spain and recommend getting that extra help from RVF International!

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
Landing in an unfamiliar place and settling into an unfamiliar job was nerve-wrecking at first. It is normal to feel lonely for the first little bit. If this is something you want to do, this lonely feeling is really easy to overcome if you just put yourself out there. I now have Spanish roommates and friends, friends in other cities, and I see people I know in the streets daily!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching in Spain with RVF International

RVF International is a fantastic program! I'd been searching for way to teach English abroad and when I found this program, I knew it would be the best fit for me. The constant support and resources they provided for me before and during my time in Spain was so helpful, I couldn't have done this without the program. My first year was amazing and now I'm currently in my 2nd, for everyone wanting to teach in Spain, I 100% recommend this program!. Visa app assistance, program app, housing guides, etc.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Life in Madrid

Hello and Hola,

My name is Lucas and I am originally from New Jersey, United States. Currently, I am an auxiliary of English in Madrid, Spain. The transition of coming from America and settling into Spain has been very easy for me and I have to give a big thanks to RVF International for their endless help and constant support. Harrison and the rest of the RVF team has been with me step by step throughout my move to Madrid and without them, I don't know where I would be. Living in Madrid has been extremely satisfying for me and this is for many reasons. The people, the traditions, the food, the architecture, the history, and so on. I am so happy I am here and thank you again to RVF International for making my dreams a reality.

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Yes, I recommend this program

10/10 definitely would Recommend

I had/am having the most amazing experience working with RVF International. From the very first Skype call, I felt like they truly cared about me. I had a couple other Skype interviews with other companies before RVF and those interviews just felt so impersonal. I felt like just another number for those companies. With RVF, they really showed their compassion for my wants, and they understood and helped resolve all of my doubts. There is a lot of paperwork for the teaching position, but RVF gave me a checklist for everything I needed, which really made this difficult process simple and totally doable. Without RVF during this process, I would have been extremely overwhelmed. They provided clear and concise instructions on how to fill everything out, which was EXTREMELY helpful for a lot of the paperwork was in Spanish. If I had a question about any of the paperwork or anything at all, that was resolved by a simple email to RVF and a super quick response. They were always there at a drop of a hat to answer any and all of my questions and to make sure I had everything I needed. The support was felt 100% along this whole journey of getting ready for Spain, coming to Spain, and being in Spain. I am eternally grateful for finding this compassionate company for they not only gave me so much knowledge and insight about life in Spain but they made the whole process of coming here very stress-free. 10/10 recommend for anyone looking to teach English in Spain!!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
If you have a certain place in mind that you would like to live, try your hardest to get your application in as soon as possible. Placement is based on a first-come-first-serve basis!
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