• Spain
    • Madrid
    • Seville
    • Valencia
    • Bilbao
    • Canary Islands
    • Granada
    • Alicante
    • Murcia
    • Mallorca
    • Córdoba
    • Palma de Mallorca
26 - 52 weeks
Classroom Audience
Early Childhood Pre-School Elementary Middle School High School

Program Details

  • American Passport
  • Canadian Passport
  • Australian Passport
  • New Zealand Passport
  • Must at least be enrolled in either an Associate's or Bachelor's Degree program, or have already graduated with either degree.
Job Type
Classroom Audience
Early Childhood Pre-School Elementary Middle School High School
Weekly Classroom Hours
Age Min.
Age Max


Salary / Benefits
Participants in the RVF International Teaching English in Spain Program can expect to earn a monthly salary ranging from €800 EUR to €1000 EUR, varying by region. This is in alignment with the local cost of living where you will be stationed. Rest assured, this income is quite competitive in the Spanish job market.
Starting Price
Price Details
Don't worry, we got you!

🇪🇸 Exciting Placement at a School in Spain (fully managed by regional government)
🇪🇸 Personalized Support with Entirety of Visa Process
🇪🇸 Personalized Support with Entirety of Required Spanish Legal Residency Process
🇪🇸 Personalized Support with All Required Bureaucratic Procedures After Arriving to Spain
🇪🇸 Visa Appointment Booking Guidance
🇪🇸 Certified Translations of Required Visa Documents
🇪🇸 Access to Exclusive RVF ‘Spanish from Spain’ Spanish Language Course
🇪🇸 Spanish Bank Account & Working Phone
🇪🇸 Program Excursion Opportunity
🇪🇸 Reliable Email Support & 1-1 Zoom Video Calls with Program Specialist
🇪🇸 Continued Support While Teaching in Spain
What's Included
Activities Visa
What's Not Included
Accommodation Airfare
Jun 15, 2023
May 20, 2023
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About Program


Through the RVF International Teach English in Spain Program, we will help connect you with a Language Assistant position in a Spanish public school, and will then assist you with every facet of the process to get you there!

Our promise to you:

🇪🇸 Exciting year abroad in Spain!
🇪🇸 Personalized Support with Entirety of Visa Process, required Spanish Legal Residency Process, & all Required Bureaucratic Procedures After Arriving to Spain.
🇪🇸 Cultural Immersion opportunities & travel excursions throughout Spain.
🇪🇸 Want to teach again for a back-to-back second year? No problem!

Don't worry, we've got you covered!

🇪🇸 Typically Four-Day work week
🇪🇸 Competitive Spanish salary
🇪🇸 Long weekends - perfect for traveling & exploring Spain and Europe
🇪🇸 Health Insurance
🇪🇸 Travel & Language Immersion Opportunities

No prior teaching experience of any kind is required! Contact us today!

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Program Highlights

  • Visit Madrid, Valencia, Seville, and many other cities all throughout Spain!
  • Earn a competitive salary as you gain unique ESL experience!
  • Travel all throughout Spain and Europe during your three-day weekends!
  • Immerse yourself and attain fluency in a new language, unlocking an enriching world of possibilities!
  • Immerse yourself in Spanish culture while making a difference in local classrooms.

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Program Reviews

4.89 Rating
based on 85 reviews
  • 5 rating 92.94%
  • 4 rating 5.88%
  • 3 rating 0%
  • 2 rating 0%
  • 1 rating 1.18%
  • Benefits 4.75
  • Support 4.95
  • Fun 4.8
  • Facilities 4.8
  • Safety 4.95
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best decision & amazing experience!

RVF has made this experience super smooth and the best! They are very quick to respond to any questions. Everything is explained in detail. They really take the time to make sure you are not missing anything, but you must be responsible for all your paperwork and get them done on time. I was assigned to the south so you have to make sure you are aware of the rentals of your area. Many advantages of Cadiz are the weather, the people, the food and the beaches. The rentals are kind of difficult due to the inflation of prices for summer vacations. Groceries and bills are cheap and cannot forget that you can travel all around for cheap as well. The school schedule is a perfect mix where you can work and travel. The students and the teachers have been amazing as well. Other than that, I don't regret my decision and I have applied for a second year. They have been a great help!

  • Exploring new cities
  • Easy travel
  • Meeting great people and creating memories
  • Rental situation of each city
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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching in small town in Murcia

I am so grateful for this experience teaching in a small summer town in Murcia. It's funny because everyone says "Why are you in Murcia?!" It's not a popular region and I'm in a small town, but I love it! The teachers at my school are so welcoming and have invited me to participate in events and go on field trips. I've been very impressed with my students and their level of English. Everyone knows each other and is always willing to lend a helping hand or put me in conact with someone who can help. The community is small, but kind and I feel very safe. The weather and food are amazing and I live so close to the Mediterranean, it's literally a dream come true for me. I am very into nature and there are plenty of hikes and beaches to visit. There are many school breaks where I have been able to travel. For the first long weekend (puente) in December I went to the Christmas markets in Belgium. During Christmas, I went to Madrid and Barcelona. For spring break I was able to go to Paris and Switzerland. It's amazing to be able to travel so easily with how many breaks there are and how easy European travel is. It always makes me appreciate how cheap it is here in Spain too.

There are a couple of downsides to living in a small summer town though. I do wish there were more young people in my town, it's been a challenge to make friends. The town I am in is a summer town, so during winter only 1/4 the population stays here - many businesses close and the bus schedule is limited. I would say I am friendly with the teachers, but rarely see them outside of school as many of them have families or commute to work. This region is quite disconnected, so I was very limited about where I could travel before getting a car - now that I have one it's not a problem but I know not everyone is in the position to buy a car.

Even with all of that, I still feel very happy being here and am excited to go to work at the schools each day. I applied for a second year through RVF. They have been so helpful and made the process seemless. I saw many students in the group chats with so many issues with their visa or TIE, but RVF I had no problems at all and it went very smoothly. There was no question that I would go through them for my renewal process and I'm happy that I did!

  • Living near beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean Sea
  • Small, kind, safe community
  • Sunny all winter long
  • Living in a summer town in winter it's hard to make friends
  • Murcia is challenging to get around without a car
  • First paycheck didn't come for 2.5 months
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Yes, I recommend this program

Program Review

I highly recommend RVF internacional as they made the visa process for Spain approachable by breaking it down and offering clear, timely, and accessible communication. I highly recommend them for a smooth transition to living abroad. Making appointments is easy and they are always willing and eager to help and to check in. The program support team is friendly and empathetic. They have a straight forward and honest approach that I really appreciated. When processes did feel unclear they were always willing to meet outside and even before scheduled webinars to assist on a case by case basis. Thank you!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching in Spain Review

I lived and taught in Valencia for two years, and I had a great experience. The RVF staff was supportive with everything administrative and was always there to answer my questions. The school I worked at was warm and welcoming to me. The schedule is also extremely flexible which is great for traveling. A few difficulties to be aware of: making friends, localized language barriers (Valenciano, Catalan), finding housing, and having fun travel experiences on the auxiliar paycheck (recommend bringing savings).

  • Flexible Hours
  • Great Opportunity for Travel
  • Great Responsiveness from Program Advisors
  • Can be difficult to make friends
  • Much of the job depends on the attitude and openness of the teachers you are working with. Lucky for me I had wonderful teachers who were very welcoming, but this is definitely something you can't control
  • Issues with late payment in the Valencia region
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Yes, I recommend this program

RVF International Review

High quality assistance, smooth process and I love how they keep you informed and updated on all information. 1 one 1 video calls to answer any questions or doubts. They can help you with housing and important specific cultural cues / manners before arriving to the country. Information on the country and area that you will be living in. I will be renewing with RVF International as it continued to be a smooth process. I recommend it to people who wish you travel independently. I don’t recommend it to individuals who aren’t ready to leave home and experience living alone for the first time.

  • Great help with choosing an autonomous community
  • Providing social groups with other language assistants
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Yes, I recommend this program

Moved to Spain with the Help of RVF International in 2022!

I've always wanted to live in Spain, so once I began searching programs to help with process, I knew RVF was the right fit for me. The program itself is quite affordable, and they make the bureaucratic paperwork and processes very easy to understand. They also host informational webinars throughout the preparation period for your move to answer any questions you may need and to make the process as smooth as possible. In addition, once you arrive to Spain, they continue to support and assist with any issue you may have, and ensure you get settled into your respective region and school. I've had such a good time here in Spain and feel confident with RVF's guidance, which is why I've decided to renew for yet another year! There are many programs out there, but RVF is one that is professional and personable, and you can trust them to help make your move easier and as stress-free as possible.

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Yes, I recommend this program

First Year Review, 10/10!

My first year in Spain has been nothing short of amazing! Aside from the benefits of living in Spain and travelling, I am also working with the sweetest kids and the kindest colleagues. RVF International has been so helpful throughout this entire process and I am extremely grateful for them. They have been up front about the requirements and have been helpful whenever I have needed them. Their detailed instructions and guidelines have helped alleviate a lot of stress throughout this process. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in teaching English abroad in Spain.

  • Flexible work schedule
  • Plenty of free time to travel
  • Immersion into Spain's rich culture
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Yes, I recommend this program

RVF review

If you go to Spain to teach English you will probably have the time of your life. What is great about RVF is that it is much cheaper than other companies that charge you a lot more to do basically the same thing, minus a hotel for your first week upon arrival. Companies like CIEE charge three times as much. You can just book a hotel (or hostel) for yourself in advance for when you arrive and save a lot of money. RVF also will give you a quick response when you have any doubt about the process, before and when you’re in Spain. These teach abroad programs are life changing, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves adventure, travel, and living their best life.

  • Travel
  • Experience
  • Adventure
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Questions & Answers

Hello Jeremy, Thank you for your question! Housing is independent and is not included in the program. However, our program has a very comprehensive housing assistance plan that helps our program participants find housing in Spain. On average, on average those in our program who follow our housing plan move into a fully furnished apartment in Spain within the first 48-72 hours of arriving in Spain...

It's very exciting to embark on this sort of Teach Abroad adventure with family! Currently at RVF International, we don't handle the visa process or transition process for family members. However, for anyone in the program coming to Spain with family, we are more than happy to get them in touch with English-speaking immigration lawyers in Spain who would be able to help answer all family member...

Yes! Please contact us today at https://rvfinternational.com/contact/ by filling out the contact form so we can get in touch with you this week to schedule a call. Thanks for your interest in coming to Spain with RVF International!

Hello Richard, Thank you for your question! You will earn anywhere between €700 EUR to €1000 EUR depending on where in Spain you'll be teaching as your monthly salary will be relative to the standard cost of living of where you'll be teaching. Doesn't sound like much? Don't worry, it is! Spain is one of the least expensive countries in all of Western Europe to live in, and you'll earn more than...