• Spain
    • Madrid
    • Seville
    • Valencia
    • Bilbao
    • Canary Islands
    • Granada
    • Alicante
    • Barcelona
    • Mallorca
    • Córdoba
26 - 52 weeks
Classroom Audience
Pre-School Middle School High School

Program Details

  • American Passport
  • Canadian Passport
  • Australian Passport
  • New Zealand Passport
  • Bachelor's Degree
Job Type
Classroom Audience
Pre-School Middle School High School
Weekly Classroom Hours
Age Min.
Age Max


Salary / Benefits
RVF International Teaching English in Spain Program participants will earn between €700 EUR to €1000 EUR per month depending on the region as the salary is relative to the cost of living of the location where you are placed. The salary is a very competitive Spanish wage.
Starting Price
Price Details
Don't worry, we got you!

🇪🇸 Guaranteed Placement at a School in Spain (fully managed by regional government)
🇪🇸 Personalized Support with Entirety of Visa Process
🇪🇸 Personalized Support with Entirety of Required Spanish Legal Residency Process
🇪🇸 Personalized Support with All Required Bureaucratic Procedures After Arriving to Spain
🇪🇸 Scheduling of Visa Appointment
🇪🇸 Certified Translations of Required Visa Documents
🇪🇸 Access to Exclusive RVF ‘Spanish from Spain’ Spanish Language Course
🇪🇸 Spanish Bank Account & Working Phone
🇪🇸 Program Excursion Opportunity
🇪🇸 Unlimited Email Support & 1-1 Phone & Video Calls with Program Specialist
🇪🇸 Continued Support While Teaching in Spain
What's Included
Activities Visa
What's Not Included
Accommodation Airfare
Nov 15, 2021
Dec 02, 2021
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About Program

Reasons to not come and teach English in beautiful, sunny Spain? Zero!

Through the RVF International Teach English in Spain Program, we will connect you with a Language Assistant positions in a Spanish public school, and will then assist you with every facet of the process to get you there!

Our promise to you:

🇪🇸 Guaranteed job placement as a Language Assistant in Spain.
🇪🇸 Personalized Support with Entirety of Visa Process, required Spanish Legal Residency Process, & all Required Bureaucratic Procedures After Arriving to Spain.
🇪🇸 Cultural Immersion opportunities & travel excursions throughout Spain.
🇪🇸 Want to teach again for a 2nd or 3rd year? No problem!

Don't worry, we've got you covered!

🇪🇸 Typically Four-Day work week
🇪🇸 Competitive Spanish salary
🇪🇸 Long weekends - perfect for traveling & exploring Spain and Europe
🇪🇸 Health Insurance
🇪🇸 Travel & Language Immersion Opportunities

No prior teaching experience of any kind is required! Contact us today!

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Program Highlights

  • Visit Madrid, Valencia, Seville, and many other cities all throughout Spain!
  • Earn a competitive salary as you gain unique ESL experience!
  • Travel all throughout Spain and Europe during your three-day weekends!
  • Embrace a new culture and diverse environment!
  • Become fluent in another language!

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Program Reviews

9.88 Rating
based on 56 reviews
  • 9-10 rating 96.43%
  • 7-8 rating 3.57%
  • 5-6 rating 0%
  • 3-4 rating 0%
  • 1-2 rating 0%
  • Benefits 9.6
  • Support 10
  • Fun 9.6
  • Facilities 9.7
  • Safety 10
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Yes, I recommend this program

RVF was amazing!

When I first signed up with RVF, I couldn't believe that it was real because the experience just seemed too good to be true. However, after more research and after talking with the super helpful staff, I realized that the opportunity was absolutely amazing and I didn't want to miss it. RVF helped me with EVERYTHING, including the application, the visa process, and setting up once I arrived in Spain. Looking back, I don't think I could've done all of that on my own. It's intimidating to move to a new country, especially on your own, but I felt completely comfortable with RVF, and I trusted them to help me with all my questions and concerns. I knew I was in good hands. They always responded very quickly and made me feel very excited about going to Spain. Spending a year (or possibly more) in Spain has been a dream of mine for the past few years, and I'm truly grateful that RVF helped me achieve this dream.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
My most nerve-wracking moments were walking into stores or the bank when I first arrived in Spain, because I knew very little Spanish. I always had to mentally prepare myself and practise my lines in my head. After spending several months here, I learned a lot of Spanish and feel much more comfortable communicating with people in different circumstances. I would highly recommend trying to learn some Spanish before arriving. It really goes a long way. People are so appreciative when you speak Spanish with them, and they are always willing to help. It also allows you to socialize and build relationships with more people in the town/city, and that always makes me feel like I fit in more.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Would recommend this program! It will help you make your dreams come true!

RVF International is with you throughout the entire process of moving abroad, from start to finish, and beyond. They provide you with the most up to date and thorough information. They are kind, supportive, and knowledgeable. I recently got to meet one of the program coordinators in person at a complimentary walking tour of Madrid for RVF participants. It is a huge bonus to feel part of a community when moving abroad. RVF provides this experience for you. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to anyone looking for assistance in their journey.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Use the facebook/meta and whatsapp groups to connect with other language assistants.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Program to Teach in Spain with!

RVF has been very helpful with every step of the process! I chose Valencia city and Harrison found me a great school to teach at. I have really enjoyed working with the teachers and students at my school. It is also worth noting that I was originally planning to go to Spain and figure everything out on my own but it would have been a mess to deal with COVID-19, the language barrier, and the bureaucracy... So I am happy I chose RVF! Thank you Harrison and the rest of the RVF team for dealing with so much and being supportive.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Do It!! Spain is a wonderful, laid back country with a lot to offer in terms of lifestyle. It will be a great experience!
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Experience With RVF

They were extremely helpful and informative. Even though I was one of many they helped, their extremely prompt responses and helpful service still seemed individualized. They took every question I had seriously and responded very quickly. I definitely couldn’t have gone through the visa and application process without them. Even now that I’m in Spain they still are extremely helpful, ensuring I go through all the (perplexing) bureaucratic processes as smoothly as possible. I recommend RVF to everyone who would like to live and work in Spain.

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Yes, I recommend this program

RVF International

RVF was very helpful in this entire process, especially through the complicated visa process. While it was months of hard work and could be very stressful at times, I am so happy to now be in Spain and could not have done it without the help of the RVF team. They are excellent about replying to emails in a timely manner, so that helped ease a lot of my nerves. Now I am enjoying a wonderful, life changing adventure in Valencia. I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and made the decision to travel abroad.

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Yes, I recommend this program

RVF International - Spain

RVF was professional and welcoming from the start.
If you are thinking about teaching in Spain, RVF is the way to go!
The application process was easy to figure out and the program specialists walk you through it each step of the way.
Unfortunately, I am unable to participate next year, but I will most definitely be recommending RFV to my friends and family. When given the next opportunity, this will be the program I choose.
RVF is there to guide you through and their response time is quick.
I am glad I found RVF and you will be too!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Set up a meeting with them and they will make you feel at ease.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Superb Experience with RVF International

I started with RVF, with a curiosity in mind. For one, as someone who has never been to Spain, I immediately wanted to know everything about Spain. RVF eased my mind, and immediately provided an easy blueprint, as to how to get there. Perhaps what struck me as the best aspect about RVF, however, was the caring and compassionate nature of the RVF team. Everyone on the team went above and beyond to make sure that any concerns we had were addressed and conquered! They truly are an amazing team!!!!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

RVF: really as great as they claim to be!

Moving abroad was simultaneously an exhilarating and terrifying idea. After all, I already had the American dream: great house, stable career, safe and happy community. However, I felt stuck, and I wanted to be able to see the world! The problem: how do my husband and I move overseas when all we have to offer is that we both are licensed English teachers? RVF solved that for us right away! Not only did they make getting a visa really simple, but they were always an email away if I had questions. I know it seems too good to be true--I was really hesitant to join their program because how could they do all this work and place me AND my spouse in the same city in a foreign country AND ensure we both would get jobs? I know it seems impossible and like a scam, but this company is legit and they were so helpful. I never could have done all this on my own--all the bureaucracy and paperwork and legal stuff was just too overwhelming to think about while I also needed to sell and pack up my entire life in the states. Not to worry, RVF babied me with constant reminder emails, quick responses to my questions, and plenty of communication when I arrived to Spain to help me transition. I don't regret working with them AT ALL!!

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
STOP WORRYING! I am always so anxious and a total perfectionist. Moving to Spain changed my life and made me chill out. I've learned that as long as you follow the directions, everything will work out. RVF had me in good hands the whole time, so I wish I would have stopped worrying and doubting and just enjoyed the excitement every step of the way. At least I get to do that now in Spain, every day, while sitting on my balcony looking at the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean :)
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Questions & Answers

Hello Jeremy, Thank you for your question! Housing is independent and is not included in the program. However, our program has a very comprehensive housing assistance plan that helps our program participants find housing in Spain. On average, on average those in our program who follow our housing plan move into a fully furnished apartment in Spain within the first 48-72 hours of arriving in Spain...

It's very exciting to embark on this sort of Teach Abroad adventure with family! Currently at RVF International, we don't handle the visa process or transition process for family members. However, for anyone in the program coming to Spain with family, we are more than happy to get them in touch with English-speaking immigration lawyers in Spain who would be able to help answer all family member...

Yes! Please contact us today at https://rvfinternational.com/contact/ by filling out the contact form so we can get in touch with you this week to schedule a call. Thanks for your interest in coming to Spain with RVF International!

Hello Richard, Thank you for your question! You will earn anywhere between €700 EUR to €1000 EUR depending on where in Spain you'll be teaching as your monthly salary will be relative to the standard cost of living of where you'll be teaching. Doesn't sound like much? Don't worry, it is! Spain is one of the least expensive countries in all of Western Europe to live in, and you'll earn more than...