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Travel to three of Southeast Asia's most sought-after destinations; Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Engage in the community as well as help with conservation efforts. Some highlights include, wandering around Bangkok & Chiang Mai, helping out at an elephant sanctuary, watching sunsets over the temples of Angkor Wat and take boat rides around the famous rivers.

  • Explore Bangkok & Chiang Mai
  • Volunteer at an elephant sanctuary
  • Relax on paradise Thai beaches
  • Watch the sunset over amazing temples of Angkor Wat
  • Assist on a vital house-building project in Cambodia

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  • Housing 8.6
  • Support 9.6
  • Fun 9.4
  • Value 9.4
  • Safety 9.2
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4 Weeks in Thailand

This program was an extremely fulfilling experience, in which I was able to learn about a different culture, enjoy exciting activities, and make a large group of friends. There were ups and downs, as there is with any trip, but the positives that the trip provided far outweighed the negatives that I personally experienced. The only thing that I wish was different was that we spent some time in the jungle as was advertised on the website. Despite this, there was still a good variety in terms of what we did; we visited cultural landmarks, participated in high energy activities, and also had time to relax. There is something for everyone. Overall, I believe my 4 weeks away was a character-building life experience, and I would recommend this program to others who are unsure, or lack the confidence to travel independently for the first time.

How can this program be improved?
It could stick more closely to the itinerary summary that is provided on the website.
Yes, I recommend this program
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I've wanted to go travelling on my own or just without family for the past 10 or so years.
Mental illness has played a big part in stopping me from following that dream. A friend of mine told me she was going on this trip with a company called Gapforce to Thailand, Vietnam + Cambodia. In the time I had, I worked out I had enough money to go to Thailand for the first 4 weeks of this adventure.
Skip forward to now. I'm packed and ready for my flights home tomorrow. The one thing I'm not ready for are the goodbyes. This trip has helped me in ways I couldn't have imagined. I've met a lot of beautiful people. I've eaten a lot of amazing food and I've toured around such a stunning country.
The kindness shown by the companies employees, from the manager right the way down to our team leaders has been such an uplifting experience! Honestly couldn't have asked for better leaders!!
Nothing but positivity has stemmed from this trip and I'm all the better for it.
Thank you helping me find a better me.

How can this program be improved?
Not really sure, I'll let you know more when I have enough money to book and go on another adventure with you guys!
Yes, I recommend this program
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This trip exceeded my expectations more than I could’ve imagined. If you have any doubts about a trip like this, look past them and sign up anyway! It is so incredible, and you will have the time of your life. Southeast Asia is absolutely breathtaking, it will feel surreal to see the landscapes you’ll encounter, like you’re in a movie. I was unsure about traveling with a group of people I’d never met, but I ended up making connections with people that I hope will last a lifetime. This trip has changed me immensely, and made me more sure of myself both as a traveler and in my day to day life. The only bad thing that will come out of this trip is when you have to go home! I made some of the best memories in my life on this amazing trip, and it gave me a better perspective on my goals and who I want to be. Don’t let uncertainty or fear keep you from experiencing this life changing adventure. And when you get there, give the trip your all. Make the most of every day there, go explore, take hikes, wake up early some days and stay up late to see how the city changes when the sun goes down. Fully immerse yourself in wherever you are, and I promise you’ll have the best time. Don’t forget to journal, or at least take some time to reflect to yourself and take a moment to appreciate where you are. You’ll want to remember how you felt when you get home. To sum it all up even though it’s hard to put how great this trip is into words: do it. Thailand is incredible, Gapforce is incredible, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to look forward to!

How can this program be improved?
Some items on the itinerary could be changed or made optional, such as less time in Kanchanaburi or more planned activities there. Also the kit list could use an update, I packed a lot of camping items and such that I didn’t need.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Say Yes

I've learned much more on this 6 week trip about myself and the world then I did in four years of higher education. This trip has showed me alot about myself and what really makes me happy. I am already planning my second trip because of how amazing this one was. This trip gave enough freedom to where I would feel comfortable traveling by myself, but the structure it did have made it less stressful for a first time traveler. The volunteer groups made me so excited to get out and try to help the community some more. The experiences and lessons from them are indescribable! I really can not see myself traveling without finding at least one volunteer program. really couldn't reccomend this trip enough! The sights and learning experience will be something you carry with you forever. If you do decide to come on this trip the biggest thing I could advise is to always say yes with a smile! Take risks and put yourself in positions you wouldnt normally put yourself in. Say yes to hikes even if you do not do it at home. Say yes to getting a little messy and learning a new task. You learn so much about yourself and what you really can do when putting yourself in those situations. If you dont you will miss out on some golden opportunities. The leaders are very helpful and amazing people. They will help make you feel as comfortable as you can in those new situations, so just know you are never alone. There are too many amazing memories to really pick one favorite. Some being all the laughs and experiences shared with the people I can now call some of my best friends. I think one memory that does stand out would building a house in just three days. To see what our group was capable of when working together and even the things I noticed about just myself were unexplainable. To finally hand it over to the family and see just how much this act had changed their lives. The feeling is something that could never be beat. Please to all who are thinking about doing this program say yes! Go for it and I promise you you will never forget it.

How can this program be improved?
An updated kitlist from the office. Did not use alot of stuff on the kitlist which was apparently an old list. It also would have been nice to have more contact with the leaders before hand because there were questions the office would try to answer that could have been better answered by the leader.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Gapforce Thailand Adventure Program

I cannot recommend this program enough. I'm 19 years old and had never left the United States before this trip. This experience opened my mind to not only Thai culture, but culture from all around the world. In my program alone, we had people from America, England, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and Wales. These are people that I now call some of my best friends, and that now give me a place to stay in 5 countries in the world. That in itself is amazing when reflecting upon the experience. This trip gives you opportunities to step out of your comfort zone, emerge yourself in nature, and try hundreds of new things. I highly recommend this program for anyone who feels stuck in a rut, or just wants to get out there. Gapforce provides opportunities to travel spontaneously, but also with structure. Having leaders to make reservations for you, ensure safety, and be there for anything you need is extremely reassuring when in a new place. Pack light, turn your phone off, and make it happen. Its now or never (:

Yes, I recommend this program

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