Gapforce is a leading provider of structured Gap Year programs and summer opportunities overseas. The wide range of global adventures includes marine conservation, wildlife protection, community volunteering & healthcare, extreme expeditions, leadership training, working holidays, internships, sport coaching, ski instructor and leadership training.

For over twenty years, Gapforce has been running safe, unique and rewarding programs to some of the world’s most exciting and exotic locations. Our overseas staff are some of the most experienced in the industry and look after you every step of the way. You have a choice of group start dates throughout the year – your adventure starts here!


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I cannot recommend this program enough. I'm 19 years old and had never left the United States before this trip. This experience opened my mind to not only Thai culture, but culture from all around the world. In my program alone, we had people from America, England, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and Wales. These are people that I now call some of my best friends, and that now give me a place to stay in 5 countries in the world. That in itself is amazing when reflecting upon the experience. This trip gives you opportunities to step out of your comfort zone, emerge yourself in nature, and try hundreds of new things. I highly recommend this program for anyone who feels stuck in a rut, or just wants to get out there. Gapforce provides opportunities to travel spontaneously, but also with structure. Having leaders to make reservations for you, ensure safety, and be there for anything you need is extremely reassuring when in a new place. Pack light, turn your phone off, and make it happen. Its now or never (:

Yes, I recommend

i was really freaked out to travel by myself (without my family or friends) but ive always wanted to and this trip was literally worth the two years of waitressing i did to save up for it. EVERY DAMN PENNY. so worth it! the lugging around backpacks is a bit naff but thats really about it.
The people i met were incredible and it was my favourite trip i have ever been on:)
You can party, you can sightsee, you can do both! its pretty laid back!
Thank you so much!

How can this program be improved?
i guess the only thing id say is the amount of time spent in some places is a bit off (rome for 3 days florence for only 1). but most of the places we went were enough time just once or twice!
Yes, I recommend
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The Expedition Leader program has been one of the biggest highlights of my life. Trekking jungles in Costa Rica, hiking mountains in Wales and diving in Volcanoes of Nicaragua. It wasn't all fun and games. There were hardships and pressure to perform. All lessons were taught on a hands on basis and every aspect of your performance will be graded and reviewed. It was comprehensive but achievable with the right attitude.

I would like to praise the program for the in-depth interpersonal leadership skills and soft-skills. I believe this was the best skill to take back from the course as the program emphasized on the mental training of a leader which by far is the most important and transferable skill thought throughout the program.

However, I would like to mention that I would personally like the in-house training we've received to be certified on an international basis; cave rescue training, river rescue training and remote first aid.

With everything being said, the program has proved itself to be a 'Leader competent' type of training with the technical skills to compliment.

How can this program be improved?
Certification on technical skills on international level.
Yes, I recommend

I stumbled across this course a month before the departure date. To sign up would require quitting my job, letting my house out and a few other boring real world problems, so after 3 days of trying to talk myself out of it I bit the bullet and booked my place.

I’m writing this review sat in my office - a beach in Thailand, or at least that’s today’s view. This is my first contract working with Gapforce having graduated the Expedition Leader Training Course and it’s reaffiriming my decision to do it every day.

If you have an adventurous spirit and fancy the idea of being paid to travel to exotic locations, inspiring like-minded people in the world of adventure travel and exercising invaluable skills in leadership, logistics and interpersonal relationships then this is for you.

The course itself is fantastic in every way. Even if you have no aspiration to be an expedition leader, as an experience and for the transferable leadership skills you learn that could be taken just as easily into the field as into any corporate environment, it is a worthy investment.

For any outdoors enthusiast with a penchant for travel, a thirst for adventure and a need for a challenge I cannot recommend this course highly enough!

How can this program be improved?
Another trek added into the itinerary instead of one of the volunteer projects would have made it feel more balanced.
Yes, I recommend

I volunteered with Gapforce for 4 weeks over the summer of 2017. I had the most amazing experience and it had major impact on my life. It was definitely a minimalist lifestyle but nothing compares to waking up on the beach every day. The food was also pretty basic but I learned how to be creative in the kitchen and ended up making a lot of great memories cooking with friends. As for the diving, I learned so much from diving almost every day and the reefs were stunning. It's really cool to learn how to take surveys and contribute to necessary research on the reef health. The staff and other volunteers were all such amazing people and we all bonded over a shared passion for the environment and reefs. I learned so much from our marine scientist and gained new perspectives on environmentalism that impacted my career aspirations. I would not recommend this program if you are looking for a beach resort type of holiday. The conditions are very basic and that’s honestly part of what made the experience so great. I realized how few materials I really need in my life while also learning about the amazing reef ecosystem and how to protect it.

How can this program be improved?
Maybe more accurate information on the kit list but in the end I had more than I needed with me.
Yes, I recommend


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