Experience Cultural Diversity in South Philadelphia

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Live with immigrant or refugee family in South Philadelphia. Listen to their story. Learn about their life. Then, embark on a global journey following their migration route home, meet their family and friends and live in the culture where they grew up.

At Taproot, we take a deep look at the marvelous diversity that gives the U.S. so much of it's beauty and strength, and journey to the remote places where so many of our neighbors have called home. You will live with families you will come to trust and even love; families deeply connected to each other from around the world. You will also explore the power of story telling, using a "theology of story" to listen to, record, and co-produce the stories of your hosts. And, with over 600 internship hours, you will get a very well rounded yearlong experience.

At Taproot, we believe the world needs more locally rooted and globally minded citizens.

Leave the classroom. Step onto the streets. Live with the people. Be changed for good.

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