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Includes everything: tuition, room & board, books, journals, unlimited marshmallows. Note: the fee does not include travel to/from Maine.
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Includes everything: tuition, room & board, books, journals, unlimited marshmallows. Note: the fee does not include travel to/from Maine.

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Nov 22, 2023
Mar 06, 2024
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About Program

Wintering at Seguinland Institute in Maine is an invitation to embody this season of fire and ice - and to write from the hearth of your soul. This immersive program includes reflective writing time around the big stone fireplace, writing workshops with mentors and peers, mindfulness practice in a gathering space up in the trees and outdoor adventures in the snow (think hikes along the beech, ice fishing, dogsledding and snow angels). Most importantly you'll be part of an intentional community of fellow students who like you are setting aside time to hone their writing craft, build friendships based on the deeper things, and contemplate questions of the good life. Along the way you'll complete a 4-credit college-level English course. Wintering 2023 will be led by Jenny O'Connell, MFA. Jenny is an award-winning writer and outdoor guide.

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Diversity & Inclusion

BIPOC Support

At Seguinland Institute, we are intentional about creating positive and respectful educational opportunities within a growth-oriented environment. As a student, you can expect an inclusive learning environment that is free from discrimination or favoritism. You are entitled to freedom from physical or verbal harassment of any shape or form. We agree with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's idea of "the danger of the single story." We thus create a multi-perspective, multi-narrative approach to all discussions.

LGBTQIA+ Support

At Seguinland Institute, we are intentional about creating positive and respectful educational opportunities within a growth-oriented environment. As a student, you can expect an inclusive learning environment that is free from discrimination or favoritism. You are entitled to freedom from physical or verbal harassment of any shape or form. We agree with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's idea of "the danger of the single story." We thus create a multi-perspective, multi-narrative approach to all discussions.

Program Highlights

  • Explore Connections between the Writing Life & the Good Life
  • Hone Writing Skills: workshops, writing exercises around the fireplace, conversations with great writers, create a Zine.
  • Winter Nature Immersion: adventures in the snow with expert guides - cross country ski, ice fish, dog sled, snow angels.
  • 4 College Credits in Writing: experiential learning, taught by award-winning professors, not academics as usual
  • Cultivate Mindfulness Skills: knit together your attention span, calm and focus the mind, deepen your creative capacities

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Truly Incredible Experience - Seguinland is everything and more I was looking for

If you'd like to get out of your shell, meet genuine people, and experience the beauty of nature, then Seguinland is your place! I did the May 2023 term and came back in January 2024 for the Wintering program. Don't let the idea of winter deter you from this term, It was truly one of the best three weeks of my life. The outdoor activities were just as fun as the indoor ones. Our cohort bonded through some amazing trips. We got to dog sled, go ice fishing, and skiing. We built a fire in the snow, ate incredible meals prepared by staff and students, and even had a dance party on the last day. Before I came here I had never shared my writing with anyone, but the guidance and support I received was truly a gift. It gave me the confidence to call myself a writer, and the mindset to love and enjoy my cohort's writing as well. Everyone's experience at Seguinland is different, but I can confidently say that everyone leaves this place with a new outlook on life.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
My advice would be to just go for it! Take risks, be yourself, and go into this program with an open mind and a sense of adventure! If you want to get out of your comfort zone, be more independent, and find yourself, this program is a cozy fit. I have made life-long friendships with the students from this program, and the staff is more than just leaders, they're family. Seguinland Institute highly values community-building, and allows for students to co-create the program, which truly brings everyone together. I also suggest reaching out to the Staff if you're considering attending. They're incredibly friendly and will answer any questions you have! (there is also a good handful of alumni who would be happy to email/call to talk about their experiences/answer questions.)
  • Wonderful people
  • So SO much laughter and joy
  • Amazing food
  • Somewhat unreliable laundry facilities
  • Weather can change plans (in winter)
  • Program does not provide bedding/towels for students (can be a little inconvenient for those traveling by plane)
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Yes, I recommend this program

Wintering: A Good Life Writer's Retreat

Seguinland Institute is an unmatched transcendent experience, and the Good Life Writer's Retreat proves furthermore. In addition to the many literary and writing skills I obtained, this program quickly became a family, supporting one another day after day. Being able to utilize the great room, the gathering space and other locations throughout the campus, provided me with the headroom and drive to produce some of the best writing I've done. Truly an exceptionally special and grounding dwelling.

What was your funniest moment?
One of my fondest moments from the program that makes me laugh, was the night our cohort undertook a grilled cheese making competition. Despite how simplistic the challenge sounded, my team's result was anything but conventional. Somehow we ended up with multiple partially burnt pieces of toast, and an arbitrary accompaniment of ham, strawberries and chocolate chips.
  • The Writer's Retreat never felt like homework, but rather an opportunity to discover a new passion for creative writing.
  • The housing accommodations provide a cozy space for gatherings, house meals, quiet time and even weekend writing sessions.
  • The Wintering schedule is not only flexible, but it also never seems boring. Writing and discussion sessions are integrated with exciting activities on, and off campus.
  • Laundry is doable, but could be more supplementary.
  • The program length felt slightly short, as many of us by the end, had just only started getting into one or multiple pieces of writing.
  • Much like the Good Life Fall Semester, I would've loved to have another student lead feast that celebrated the theme of the program and all of our creativity.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Wintering at Seguinland Institute

Ahh, Seguinland, my favorite place in the world!! Wintering was the second program I did with them because one trip around Back River Bend just wasn't enough!
The Wintering retreat consists of three weeks of writing, rewriting, community building, laughing, and adventuring. From dog sledding to visiting the Maine Botanical Gardens, inspiration for our prose was around every corner. When we weren't buried in our work, us students were making friendship bracelets, sharing stories from our past, and singing Tom Petty in the cottages. A purposeful choice to keep technology away in group settings helps facilitate amazing memories.
If you are a writer, come to Wintering. If you want to become a writer, come to Wintering. If you want to explore a quiet, slower way of life tucked away on the coast of Maine, come to Wintering. If you want to make memories to last a lifetime, come to Wintering. I promise it'll be the best decision you'll make.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
The first time I ever cross country skied was on this trip and I'll be honest, I was pretty nervous. I didn't think I was in the best of shape and I didn't know how big the hills were gonna be (surprise they were tiny it's literally cross country skiing), but the friends I'd made in the past two weeks hyped me up, and I soon found myself in love with this sport after only a few minutes on the trails.
  • Awesome food made with love
  • Friends are so easy to make
  • Staff becomes family in a matter of days
  • Three weeks is short, things get crunched in to fit into the schedule so it's go go go
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Yes, I recommend this program

Wintering 2023

It has been 10 months since the Wintering 2023 program at Seguinland, and I find myself thinking often about how truly grateful I am for the experience & the ways I grew from it (especially by learning to tap into intuitive awe and wonder). Beyond finding a new sense of grounding in my identity as a writer and poet (thank you, Jenny and Hallie!), the open-hearted, curious, and welcoming community at Seguinland has already become a blueprint for communities I've found in the past 10 months & those I hope to find in the future.

I am endlessly thankful for the ways in which my time "Wintering" in Maine has seeped into my life beyond Seguinland.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Wintering January 2023

Nestled on an island on the coast of Maine, covered in beautiful landscapes of tree, surrounded by marshes. Seguinland's programs introduce a new sense of academics while allowing opportunities to find new ways to be objective about life. As a returning alumni, I was more than excited to come back and participate in this new program. The Wintering program leans into winter while simultaneously allowing you to find your narrative through experiential learning. Throughout the program, I had the time to engage in sourcing my narrative and understanding its importance. In just a short amount of time, I began to grow a strong love for writing and have continued it even after months of the program's exit.

My newfound love of writing was inspired by leaning into the winter but also through the support of the staff. The love and support that comes from Seguinland's staff grows only stronger when I've returned. I have yet to find a community that is more loving and accepting than this one.

What's even better is the friendships I've made over the years and continue to make throughout the programs. From cooking, rooming, and learning with others the friendships I've built can last an entire lifetime.

To Philip, Jenny, Halle, and all the staff who helped create this community, thank you ♡.

Much love,


  • Cooking in community
  • Dog sledding
  • Mindfulness
  • Only 3 weeks.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing program with strong community

This program is absolutely amazing. It has a very, very, very strong community aspect to it, and students are encouraged every day to be their fullest and best selves. Expect adventure and trying things you’ve never tried before, whether it be going straight from a sauna to a frozen pond to dog sledding to cooking on a fire. This was my second time at Seguinland, but it was still the experience of a lifetime. The staff are extremely extremely supportive and they manage to make every single program new so returning students and new students experience brand new programming. The food is also good, and food that is made in the program is very, very healthy. expect to be immersed day after day in nature, and to embrace a lifestyle of minimal technology, as phones and computers are expected to be left in the cabins if students are not using them for educational purposes (which is a relatively rare occurrence). Expect to embrace mindfulness, and to learn how to embrace new perspectives, and journey in word, as well as outward. Philosophical and very otherwise deep discussions are an undeniable facet of this program and everyone, students and staff alike, are ready to talk about anything. The environment is extremely inclusive and every single day there’s more and more things to learn. The campus is in the woods and is extremely extremely beautiful. The main gathering space is a treehouse. For photographers, get ready to take some amazing, amazing photos in your free time. This program was an intensive writing program, and so students were diving deep into various forms of writing. For any writer, this program is so amazing. Whether your writing style is poetry, songwriting, fiction, or something else, the staff embrace all of it.

  • Community and family feel to the entire program
  • In-depth writing education and support by staff who are passionate and experienced writers.
  • Setting is absolutely beautiful
  • It can feel like a lot is crammed into 3 weeks. We do a lot of awesome stuff but the length can seem very constraining.
  • Sometimes it be hard to walk across certain parts of campus because of icy surfaces
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Yes, I recommend this program


Living at Seguinland helped me connect with the earth, introduced me to some seriously good humans, strengthened my writing, and better equipped me with everyday skills.

We lived on the marsh and hurled our voices into its echo, greeted the days with yoga, slid down the snowy bridge at night, took walks beneath a starry sky, cared for our own house and home, spent each day writing and reading, left our doors entirely open for conversations when the going got tough, hiked, skied, sled, and simply were.

  • Family envrionment: the staff is so supportive, present, and warm
  • Amazing campus!!
  • Great adventuring activities and unique opportunities
  • Cozy communal quarters and cold outdoors limit opportunities for alone time
  • Majority of the writing time is short and generative--workshopping and longer periods of writing only begin in the last week
  • Wish it was longer so we could've spent more time deepening relationships
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