Seamester Abroad At Sea: 40 Day Summer Voyage

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Crewing a yacht on a transatlantic voyage is not something many can say they have achieved, yet members of our crew will also earn up to 3 college credits in Nautical Science and Oceanography and visit Caribbean, Portuguese, British, Spanish and French ports along the way.

As a team, your sense of accomplishment will be profound, and as an individual, the experience will set you apart. The skills you'll develop and challenges you'll overcome are uncommon. Not only a perfect subject for any job interview, this voyage is likely to contribute long after you have departed the vessel. After all, we are the sum of our experiences and this one will be indexing.

  • Sail Across The Atlantic
  • Earn 3 College Credits
  • Stops In 5 Different Countries

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  • Academics 9
  • Support 10
  • Fun 9.5
  • Housing 9.8
  • Safety 10
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What a trip!!!

This summer I spent 40 days crossing the Atlantic ocean with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. The passion and energy that the Sea|Mester crew brought to S/Y Argo is what made my trip so special. I highly recommend any Sea|Mester program to anyone who loves to explore, sail, or wants to push themselves to do something simply extraordinary. I will never forget the time on board or the friends I made.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Summer 2016

Seamester is an amazing program. Not only do you experience the world in a unique way, you connect with incredible staff and students from a huge variety of backgrounds. No matter your level of experience you feel accepted and valued.

You learn so much, not just about the tangible activities such as sailing, diving, or navigation but about yourself. You open up and become authentic. Truly life changing.

Recommended 100%.

Yes, I recommend this program
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My Argo Adventure

I came onto this voyage, excited but not really knowing what to expect, I came out of it with a better understanding and new sense of the world. The trip was phenomenal and I am 100% glad I did it.

Ever since I was little, my big dream was to do an Ocean Crossing, and this trip allowed me to follow my dreams. The smell of the fresh ocean air mixed with the sight of nothing but ocean for miles in any direction is incredible, but also very hard to describe to people who have not experienced it.

We started out in the BVIs with stops along the way to eventually get to our final destination of France. Along the way, we were doing everything on board. We took turns helming, going on watch, cooking our meals, cleaning up and more. You were a full member of the crew, and had the responsibilities as such. On top of that, we were also taking an oceanography class, which you may be able to get college credit for. It sounds like a lot, but it is completely manageable and you will never be bored.

This was an experience that I will never forget and I hope you get the opportunity to as experience it as well.

How can this program be improved?
At times, all of the class projects got a little hard to handle, especially towards the end of the trip when were hitting new ports more frequently. A more layed out class schedule would be better.
Yes, I recommend this program
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50-Day Atlantic Crossing

The review prompt asks me to tell a story about my voyage. The entire trip was a series of stories; I'm not sure how to choose. I steered a schooner off the dock before losing sight of land for over two weeks. I and my shipmates took Argo through a squall (with following seas) on a moonless night. I have dozens of pictures of sunrise over the Iberian Peninsula as we transited the Strait of Gibraltar. In the Mediterranean, we saw a tall ship which looked like an illuminated floating mountain. I ate 5 kinds of ice cream in one day in the Azores. This trip was life-changing and produced many of my favorite memories. A top-notch crew and interesting group of shipmates, along with a beautiful ship, made the experience possible. I cannot recommend this program highly enough.

How can this program be improved?
This program was more nearly perfect than any I have seen. That said, some students embarked primarily for college credit, and others joined primarily for sailing experience. The uniformity of classes on board meant that some students did more classwork than they needed to.
Yes, I recommend this program

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