Between the rolling hills of Austria's countryside, Vienna's classical opera scene, and Salzburg's castles, a high school abroad trip in Austria is an enchanting experience.

For students who want to dive deeper into Austria's music, history, or culture, sign up for a teen travel tour or summer study abroad program. More interested in perfecting your German skills? Enroll in a language immersion program or truly challenge yourself with a full year or semester attending high school in Austria as an exchange students.

Spending high school abroad in Austria will open up students to hundreds of years of history while learning German and enjoying schnitzel, open-air markets, and the opera.

Austria is great for students who are interested in architecture, history, and learning German. It's also wonderful for first time travelers.

High school exchange programs

Live with a host family, eat traditional, homemade meals, learn German, and really know what it is like to live in Austria. By living with a host family, you're able to practice German every day and fully immerse yourself into the Austrian culture.

You will attend school at a local Austrian high school and get to make new Austrian friends.

Language immersion programs

Language immersion programs aim to give students an intensive introduction to or improvement on their German language skills. Students will attend German language courses several times a week and live with a host family. Immersion programs are available to German speakers of all levels and aim to send students home practically fluent in German.


For Americans and Canadians, a student visa is required for stays longer than 90 days. If your program is shorter than that, no visa is required. You can apply through an online application and submit your passport to receive your visa 4 to 6 months before you leave for Austria. Most programs assist in any visa process.


Students will stay with host families throughout their time studying in Austria. This type of housing is called a homestay. Each family went through a rigorous application and screening process to be willing to open their homes to foreign students who are just as excited to learn about their culture as they are to share it. Living with a host family, they will truly feel and care for you like family making moving away from home a little easier. Although most families will speak English they will help you practice your German every day.


Austria can get a little pricey in urban areas, but it's considerably more affordable outside the cities. Typically, host families will provide 2-3 meals per day and the costs of those are included in your program fee.

After airfare and program fees, students should have a daily budget of about 30 - 50 Euros per day to cover any personal expenses such as travel, shopping, and souvenirs. Program costs will depend on your length of stay but average between $9,000 to $15,000.

Packing tips

The fall and spring in Austria can be quite cool, especially in the evenings, so be sure to bring a few good jackets, good layers, and a good pair of boots if you'll be there around that time.

Winter can be cold and rainy and even have a chance of snow. Different regions have different weather but the average in the winter can be anywhere from 0 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit so pack a nice, warm winter coat and sweaters and don't forget a scarf!

During the summer, Austria can average in the high 70s but get as high as the 90s in July and beginning of August. Because the Danube river runs right through Austria, and through Vienna, there are cool beaches set up for hanging out and studying, be sure to pack sunscreen and a hat and you can soak up the rays on the beach of the second longest rivers in Europe.

Austria has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe and parents should rest assured that their students will be very safe spending high school abroad here. Even in the cities crime rates are very low and incredibly safe.

That said, it's always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings, particularly in crowded areas, and to avoid illegal drug or alcohol use.

Avoid walking alone at night.

There are no vaccinations required to visit Austria.

High School Abroad Programs in Austria

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IPSL Global Institute at NUNM (National University of Natural Medicine)
IPSL Austria: German Language

This completely customizable German Language program in Vienna...

Live Languages Abroad
Learn German in Germany and Austria with Live Languages Abroad
Multiple Countries

If you want to learn German, Germany and Austria are your places to go...

Learn German in Austria - Language, Lifestyle and Culture

To learn a foreign language is much more than just vocabularies and...

Apple Language Courses
Apple Language Courses: Learn German in Austria

Our school is located in two campuses - one in Vienna and the other in...

IPSA - International Partners for Study Abroad
IPSA: Learn German in Austria

Our German program consists of two schools - one in Vienna and the...

Alingua Concordis
Conversational German Course in Small Groups (1-5 Students)

Smaller classes give every participant the opportunity to talk more...

TravelEdventures Language Courses in Vienna

Located in the heart of the city center of Vienna, our language school...

Languages Abroad
Learn German with Languages Abroad
Multiple Countries

Studying German abroad is a valuable asset and one that can give you a...

ActiLingua Academy
ActiLingua Academy: Learn German in Vienna

If you're interested in learning German and immersing yourself in a...

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