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The Czech Republic is home to the enchanting fairytale city of Prague. This city is steadily becoming one of the hottest destinations in Europe and TFT will show you why! With its castles, cobblestone streets, and old school charm, you are sure to find your happy ending on any of our trips that visit here!

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Eastern Europe: Budapest, Krakow and Prague: These incredibly elegant cities have been reborn after the devastations of the 20th century (WWII and the Cold War). Our Eastern Europe program delves into the fascinating modern histories of these three amazingly rich and diverse cultures.

Munich, Prague and Berlin: Discover Bavarian culture in Munich, become enchanted by the fairytale city of Prague, and delve into German history in Berlin.

Europe for Older Teens: Prague, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia: This program designed especially for older teens is the perfect blend of exploring cities and experiencing outdoor adventures. Get ready for the summer of a lifetime as you discover some of Europe's best-kept secrets!

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Unbelievable Experience

Last summer, I went on the Eastern Europe trip with Travel for Teens. I was immediately drawn to it because most tourists do not go to Budapest, Krakow, or Prague, and theses countries offered so much culture and history. All three places were so amazing. My highlight of Budapest was when we went caving underneath the city. It was such an unreal experience, crawling through holes and making jokes about whether or not we were going to get stuck in the holes. Of course, I only packed my white converse sneakers (needless to say they were no longer white after we emerged from the cave). In Krakow, we visited Auschwitz- Birkenau, which was extremely humbling and haunting. Just imagining the horrors that went on there still send chills up my spine. In Prague, I just loved exploring the city. We had a lot of free time to wander with a group of friends, take pictures, eat amazing treats, and just absorb everything that Prague had to offer. It was so great to get away from all of the stereotypical European tourist spots and really experience what it is like to be a true traveler. I could not recommend this trip enough because of its unique destinations and amazing experiences.

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