High School Summer Abroad Program in Paris France

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High School Students
High School Students
Summer in Paris
Summer in Paris
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower


World Class Programs is a study abroad program that focuses on giving high school students educational, safe and worldly experiences.This summer study abroad program is designed for students of all academic backgrounds who are excited about immersing themselves in French culture and lifestyle. In this pre-college program, students will have an array of options for course study, including Art History, Fine Arts, and Philosophy, in addition to courses in French language and cuisine.

Our unique experiential learning method allows students to truly explore French culture in a safe and engaging way! We encourage students to immerse themselves in the language no matter what level they are at and our knowledgeable and passionate staff are there to help them along the way! Explore France by living in the heart of Paris, taking classes with our World Class Programs instructors and taking day trips to Normandy, Mont Saint-Michel, Lyon, Orleans, Monaco, Tours, Grenoble, and more!

  • Our “Night Photography” adventure activity!
  • Fashion workshop with French fashion designers.
  • Admiring the legendary archaeological finds and Renaissance masterpieces (like the Mona Lisa!) at the Louvre!
  • Taking the time to sketch the Façade of Notre Dame as part of the art class taught by our faculty!
  • Playing an evening soccer match in Parc du Chap de Mars!

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World Class Programs offers high school students the opportunity to study abroad and experience cultures from around the world. We hope to prepare students for an ever more globalized world while allowing them independence and exciting experiences...