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Take a pledge to speak only in French, then immerse yourself in authentic French language and culture as you explore villages and cities in several distinct regions. Visit Normandy's D-day beaches, explore the Alps, see Roman ruins in Provence, zip-line, and swim...all while practicing French. Putney's French language programs combine high culture in cosmopolitan places like Paris and Aix-en-Provence with authentic, in-depth interaction with French people in the countryside. Learn from art historians who share the work of the French Impressionists at the Musee d'Orsay and the French Masters at the Louvre in Paris, then travel to the countryside to surf, hike, cook, and spend a week with a French host family. Enjoy short internships in small villages, make a bonfire or play soccer on the beach with local young people, and watch your language skills improve on a daily basis.

Putney offers French programs for high school and middle school students.

  • Enjoy the museums, architecture and music of Paris
  • Pursue a short village internship with a farmer or fisherman
  • Enjoy the warm welcome of your own French family for a short stay
  • Enjoy the company of young French people eager to share their lives
  • Ride horses, hike, surf, cook, and eat!

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