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We know that younger teens have different needs than older travelers, so we have designed several programs to reflect this! All of our itineraries for these programs have been designed specifically with younger teens in mind. So whether you want a slightly slower paced schedule, are keen to learn more about becoming a better traveler, or are simply ready for your first parent-free trip, each of these programs is sure to inspire wanderlust in every young traveler!


Hello California: Pack your bags for a summer of West Coast sun and fun as we hit the road for the ultimate California experience! Discover the best of both SoCal and NorCal as you immerse yourself in famous coastal cities, explore stunning beaches and nature, and give back to the community on this adventure of a lifetime!

Aloha Hawaii: This island adventure is made just for younger teens who want to explore the Hawaiian islands while enjoying the laid-back beach life while also participating in service work with sea turtles and local school kids. So pack your bags, grab your lei, and say "aloha" to the summer of a lifetime!

South America

Hola Costa Rica: Join us for a summer of valuable volunteer work and unforgettable memories in Costa Rica! This laid-back itinerary is perfect for younger teens interested in working alongside the community while exploring all that this amazing country has to offer!


Ciao Italy: Immerse yourself in "la bella vita" this summer on our program designed especially for younger teens who want to discover the best of Italy!

Hola Spain: Join us on this perfect introduction to Europe for younger travelers as you discover the best of Spain on this program designed especially for younger teens! Experience four diverse regions, metropolitan Madrid, Mediterranean Andalucía, medieval Segovia, and Catalan Barcelona on the summer of a lifetime!

Sláinte Ireland: Discover the best that the Emerald Isle has to offer on this program designed just for younger teens. Experience the cosmopolitan vibes of Dublin, dive into adrenaline-pumping activities on Achill Island, and soak in the sights of historic Galway on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

Paris and London for Younger Teens: Join us this summer on the perfect introduction to Europe for younger travelers on this amazing journey to London and Paris! On this program designed specifically for younger teens, you will take in the iconic sites of both cities and learn about these two distinctly classic cultures first-hand!

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Ciao Italy!

This past summer, at fourteen years old, I had the opportunity to travel to Italy with 13 other strangers. In any case, this sounds a bit odd, but I can honestly say now, that this trip was life changing.
Every day felt like a new adventure. Our trip leader Hunt kept us in a bit of mystery the whole time, which in hindsight, was the best way to conduct the trip. On our travels, I saw the most once-in-a-lifetime places, including the Vatican, the Colosseum, David’s Statue, and my favorite, the Tuscan town, Montalcino. The views were breathtaking. We did things like riding in a gondola in Venice, and wine tasting in Montalcino, to even swimming in the salty Mediterranean Sea at Cinque Terre. On our own, we even found some secret passage ways to squeeze through and explore little hidden-gem neighborhoods. I took lots of interesting photos.
But most importantly, along the way to these amazing places, I met the most amazing friends. We danced in our hotel rooms, and ate breakfast together every morning. There was never a dull moment.
I feel like I came back from this trip with a whole different mindset. I was visibly a more energetic and bubbly person. The world seemed a little bit brighter. My counselors had the most positive outlook that I now aspire to possess. Travel For Teens is my gateway to seeing the world, and this trip was well beyond worth it.

-Evelina Ogrodniczuk
Stroudsburg Pennsylvania
Ciao Italy for Younger Teens

How can this program be improved?
Maybe more choice in roomates? I wish I could have changed it up more between hotels.
Yes, I recommend this program
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TFT is my teacher

TFT has taught me much more than school ever did on values, cultural enrichment, traveling, and the importance of community service. It has been an essential part of my life, and I’m so grateful to have had the chance to be part of something so great. I’ve done two trips so far, and I always arrive back home satisfied - yet still wanting more. This is why I plan on continuing my adventures with Travel for teens. Their trips are well planned, extremely fun, eye-opening, and a great place to make lifetime friendships! Thank you, TFT!

Yes, I recommend this program

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