By Global Routes   Reviews (4)   100% Rating

Global Routes High School Volunteer Program in Ecuador

By Global Routes   Reviews (4)   100% Rating

This is the most immersive and spectacular South American program you will find. The Ecuador and Galapagos volunteer trip begins in Quito followed by an exploration of the Andean peaks, and the high altitude mountain town of Otavalo. After the first 6 days of in-country orientation, participants engage in community service and cultural exchange in the western lowlands in the most friendly welcoming community you can imagine.

You and a friend will stay with a local host family to give you the full immersion experience of living abroad. Volunteers practice their Spanish by working and playing with the members of their host community.

You celebrate all you've accomplished during the final travel in the glorious Galapagos Islands. This awe-inspiring center of bio-diversity is heavenly. From snorkeling with turtles and sea lions to witnessing the blue-footed booby! Join us!

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Program Reviews (4)

22 years old
Freeport, ME
Middlebury College

Amazing experience, opportunity for personal growth

Overall 10

My Global Routes trip to Ecuador had a very big impact on me. Not only did the trip help me improve my Spanish and provide a great cultural exchange & community service experience, but it also gave me more confidence and independence. I went on the program the summer before I went to college, and the confidence I gained on my Global Routes trip helped me a lot during that transition. Part of the reason why my trip was so successful was that my leaders were awesome. They were fun, supportive, and led great group discussions and activities. I still think back to my trip with fond memories-- it was a very positive and formative experience. I would absolutely recommend the program!

19 years old
Mountain Lakes, NJ
Brown University

Amazing experience, so grateful!

Overall 10

I would definitely recommend Global Routes to anyone looking to go abroad for the summer. Before I went, I looked into a TON of programs, and decided that Global Routes was the best option, and I'm happy to say that it exceeded my expectations. My homestay family was kind, warm, welcoming, and accommodating, my leaders were fantastic, and the places we visited were amazing. The program enabled me to have an authentic experience while feeling very safe and supported. I have wanted to go back to Ecuador since the day I got home. Global Routes definitely knows what they are doing!

18 years old
Providence, Rhode Island

Life Changing

Overall 10

I had the time of my life in Ecuador. I talk about my trip every single day and think about it constantly. I still see my friends that I made there and they are some of my closest friends. It was life changing and I will never forget the experience I had during my four weeks. I wish I could go back every day.

18 years old
San Francisco

Best Decision of My Life

Overall 10

I would totally recommend Global Routes to a friend because the experience abroad is life changing. I am so glad that I made the bold move to go to Ecuador. I experienced things that I have never experienced before and probably will not experience them again, such as eating guinea pig and teaching english in the local school. Our days started off in the field, where we constructed bleachers and a bathroom at the communal soccer field. Some of us would then help at the school or help out at home, allowing us all to have different experiences. This trip to Ecuador honestly changed the way I view the world, and I am very thankful for that.

About The Provider

Be more than a traveler with Global Routes.

Global Routes seeks to foster personal development in our students through cross-cultural experiences that encourage them to step outside of their boundaries and open their hearts and minds to new and diverse people, cultures and ideas. Service to the global community, cultural immersion and adventure allow students to better understand the world around them and grow into more compassionate, dynamic and self-aware individuals. By enriching each student in this way, Global Routes deepens the global community by promoting mutual respect, consideration and understanding for all citizens of the world.

Come and join us for the experience of a lifetime on summer programs for High School students and Gap Semester programs for students that have completed 12th grade and beyond!

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