Sol Abroad High School Program in Mexico
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Sol Abroad High School Program in Mexico

Learn Spanish in the fascinating colonial city of Oaxaca, Mexico. Experience the colonial charms of this highland city surrounded by lush mountains and indigenous villages. Oaxaca is one of the most unique cities in Mexico. It is an ideal location for language immersion and exploring the pre-Hispanic past of the area. Study at an accredited Mexican university in Oaxaca City and earn university credit. Take Spanish classes and electives in the colonial section of Oaxaca or for advanced-level Spanish students enroll in courses with local students. Sol Abroad high school programs provides quality academic support and assistance while you are on your study abroad program.

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Oaxaca HS Program!

Oaxaca is an exceptional region to explore with so many cultural contrasts, highlighting a rich Zapoteca and Mixteca confluence, evident in all the places we visited. Our HS students enjoyed each unique activity, ranging from the Archaeological sites at Monte Alban and Zaachila, to the local history at Santo Domingo and San Pablo Cultural Center; while also volunteering at a local children's library, salsa dancing and cooking a delicious meal together with local market ingredients! Perahps more importantly, they accomplished all of this while not exactly feeling like tourists. This was due in great deal to the local knowledge and coordination displayed by our Program Director, Eva. She was a patient, knowledgable, and caring guide that made our journey in Oaxaca extra special! Our students responded really well to her, as well as their host mothers and families. It was inspiring to observe each day unravel, while some of the more timid students from our traditional classroom settings lost their fear of speaking and gained confidence with vital aspects of Spanish communication! My colleague and I are very thankful and honored to have been able to work with Sol Abroad and our HS students at this level- A very special thank you to Sol Abroad, Eva, and our Host Families... Compañeros y anfitriones de viaje!

How can this program be improved?
Keep up the great work, perhaps adding a volunteer trip to indigenous village?
Yes, I recommend
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Summer in Oaxaca

I stayed in Oaxaca for 2 weeks and I learned a lot. I learned about their culture and everyday lives. This program also improved my Spanish speaking by giving me real life conversations. I think Oaxaca is the perfect place for this program to be held because there is so much culture and not a lot of tourists, which encourages you to use your Spanish more, such as if u were at a restaurant and you had o order something. Oaxaca is a lot filled with many activities and amazing sights that make me want to go back. Overall I had an amazing time and can't wait to visit Oaxaca again!

Yes, I recommend
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Don't skip the opportunity to travel with Sol Abroad. It is a great experience. It provides the means to study at a local university with people from around the world and professors native to Spanish-speaking countries, live with a family and have one-on-one conversations to utilize your new Spanish skills, immerse yourself in the culture as well as the city, and still have free time to explore on your own! If you are looking to become more independent and explore with new people, join Sol Abroad. They also have beginners classes, so even if you haven't studied Spanish, they have a level you belong to. It is overall a truly wonderful experience and I would suggest Sol Education Abroad to everyone of all ages and skills!

Yes, I recommend
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A Month Long Surreal Adventure

Oaxaca was almost a blur. I had to take breaks from whatever I was doing to really take in what was going on around me. The city is so full of color and people who are willing to help a lost American kid find his way. The excursion to the beach really stuck with me because of their awe-inspiring beauty. Every beach was so picture perfect that you felt like you might be looking at a screensaver that might suddenly change because what you were seeing was too flawless to be real. Not only was Mexico gorgeous it was also the perfect place to practice and learn Spanish because of the genuinely kind and caring people.

How can this program be improved?
If I could change anything I would have liked to see more art museums.
Yes, I recommend
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AMAZING time in Oaxaca!!

I had so much fun with Sol Abroad. The housing was wonderful—my host mother was so sweet and lovely and really made me feel comfortable. She cooked so much food, and it was fantastic! Everything is so cheap in Oaxaca as well so I was able to buy so much good food for not much money. I in particular enjoyed learning about the art scene in Oaxaca: we visited the house of a street artist to learn about the political art in Oaxaca, which was fascinating. The artist and his wife also helped us make really cool stencil art on t-shirtst. I also was able to visit another artist's studio with two friends, and the woman who ran it was very accomadating and let us just hang out and make prints with all the artists there. Oaxaca is a beautiful city, and I cannot wait to visit again.

How can this program be improved?
I would want to spend more time learning about current events in Oaxaca, and what was happening with the government.
Yes, I recommend
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Sol Abroad in Oaxaca

My experience with Sol Abroad was unlike anything I've ever done. I spent 4 weeks in Oaxaca, Mexico with a host family, doing activities and taking classes every day. Although I did not have an english-speaking roommate from the same program, or any host siblings remotely close to my age, (all the others in my program did have an english-speaking roommate) I still managed to have a good time with my host family, and they were very welcoming and accommodating. The food was absolutely amazing. I don't think I was ever served anything I didn't like. The classes very intensive, 2 2-hour classes every week-day morning, which at times was a little much, but it definitely paid off in improving my spanish. The cultural activities were either a hit or miss for me. The cooking class was a lot of fun, as were the trips to neighboring small villages for often artesanal activities. However, some of the activities, such as the yoga class and the movie night, seemed to be not very connected to Mexican culture and just there to fill up space on the calendar. The curfew was 11:00 for everyone in the high school program, which I felt limited freedom and possibilities for experiencing the nightlife of Oaxaca, especially as many festivals and parades started around that time. However, me and my group still managed to have a great time exploring Oaxaca and doing all kinds of different activities in the city. We were definitely given plenty of freedom on days when there weren't cultural activities scheduled. The excursions were the best part of Sol Abroad for me. After a magnificent 7-hour trek through the mountains, we arrived in the beach of Hualtulco, which was beautiful. We surfed, paddleboarded, snorkeled, and went three different beaches during the weekend that we stayed there. Hierve El Agua was another fun excursion where we hiked to a cold spring in the mountains, enjoying the views and the weather. As awesome as these excursions were, I could've used at least one more, such as a trip to Sierra Norte, which was cut out of the schedule for some reason. Anyhow, it was a great program, I feel like I'm now the best at spanish in my class at my high school, I learned a lot about Oaxacan culture and had great times exploring the city with my friends. I will value this experience for the rest of my life.

Yes, I recommend

Best decision I have ever made

Sol Abroad is a program that changed my life, a study abroad program that I will never forget and always be able to thank for an introduction into a different lifestyle, an incredible new culture and another language. My time in Mexico taught me not only how to try new things and accept new ideas, but also how to experience everything to its fullest potential and truly treasure every moment. Not one negative thought passed my mind the entirety of my trip. I learned the importance of bridging cultural divides and I was able to experience the amazing satisfaction of having a conversation in a language foreign to my own. The people that I met introduced me to a whole new side of life and they brought out the best version of myself. I do not have words to explain the overwhelming generosity and hospitality of my host family. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to be able to say that I got to have this experience.

How can this program be improved?
Update the high school website and re write the handbook. Some of the things that were in it I did not find to be accurate.
Yes, I recommend

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Sol Abroad is an affordable high school study abroad, Gap Year and Spanish immersion program for students 14 - 18 years of age. There are programs offered during the summer and semester. Sol students live with local families, take Spanish classes on...