CIEE High School Summer Abroad in Cape Town, South Africa – Leadership Through Mandela's Example

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high school summer abroad south africa cape town service
high school summer abroad south africa cape town service


Mandela lived his life according to the African philosophy Ubuntu, which teaches that all humans share a common bond, and it is through our interactions that we discover that bond and our own humanity.

Under the guidance of CIEE staff in cooperation with a local NGO partner, you’ll have opportunities to experience Ubuntu while working on projects to expand access to education and resources for people in need. You will pair up routinely with local youth to help to make a difference in the lives of others—from creating a more conducive learning environment at a library to assisting a service group in its mission to house, teach, and support homeless people.

Best of all, your program is held during the nationally recognized Mandela Month of Service, and you’ll serve on the official Mandela Day of Service as well.

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