Travel for Teens: Spain
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Travel for Teens: Spain

Spain evokes images of Flamenco dancers, mouth watering tapas, pristine beaches, and unique architecture. Discover the best of Spain with us this summer as we show you everything this amazing country has to offer! All of our trips to Spain provide an authentic Spanish experience, whether it be delving deep into the country's culture or improving your Spanish skills in real life situations, so there is a little bit of something for everyone!

Adventure & Culture

Discover Europe: Let us show you the best of Italy, Spain, and France on this amazing program that will take you to some of the most beloved parts of Europe!

Barcelona and Paris: Explore fun and funky Barcelona and chic and classic Paris on our program that perfectly pairs these two European gems.

Barcelona Explorer: Add some fun to your summer with this quintessentially Spanish program to one of the hippest cities in Europe as you experience all things Barcelona!

Spain Adventure and Discovery: Join us this summer to find out why Spain remains one of the most popular destinations in Europe! Explore the bustling city of Madrid, enjoy the pristine beaches of the Costa del Sol, discover the gems of the Basque country and much more on this adventure of a lifetime!

Ultimate Europe 1: Prepare yourself for the ultimate European adventure as you explore nine different countries this summer! Immerse yourself in the exciting cultures of every destination and learn to live like a local while travelling like a pro!

Ultimate Europe 2: Join us on the ultimate 21 day version of our 30 day program to experience the unique cultures of six amazing European countries!

Europe for Older Teens: Spain, Portugal and Morocco: These three complementary countries that are on the top of any traveler's list. Ride a camel in the Sahara desert, sample tapas in Spain, and explore the thriving city of Lisbon in Portugal. This exciting 18 day program is also designed just for older teens!

Language & Culture

Spanish Language Immersion and Discovery 1: Join us this summer for the ultimate Spanish language and cultural experience as we travel throughout the diverse regions this amazing county for 28 days! Take Spanish classes in the mornings and practice your skills in real-life situations as you explore the best that Spain has to offer!

Spanish Language Immersion and Discovery 2: For students wanting to improve their Spanish language skills while exploring everything that makes Spain one of the top destinations in Europe, this perfectly paced 21 day program will leave you loving Spain as much as we do!

Spanish Language Immersion and Discovery 3: Get ready for the summer of a lifetime as you travel to Spain for 14 days to learn the Spanish language not only in the classroom, but also in your everyday activities as you explore the bustling cities and relaxing beaches of this diverse country.

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19 years old
Franklin, Tennessee

A True Escape


I was standing on top of Gaudi’s La Pedrera looking in awe at the city in front of me. The skyline was one like no other. Glancing to my right I saw my Travel for Teens counselors watching all of the Barcelona and Paris program participants making sure that they were happy, safe, and one with the city. Turning back to the view it felt like time had stopped: no distractions, only the view holding my absolute attention. Being one of the first days in Barcelona, Spain, I was fully prepared for the trip ahead of me. The sites, smells, and activities were yet to be experienced. The Spanish culture was one that I had never experienced before and I was excited for the journey ahead.

After the conclusion of the program, I realize now how lucky I am to have chosen such a trip. It opened my eyes to what the true meaning of life is: to live in the present. Do all that you can in the day and live like it is your last. Take all opportunities available and live your life. The TFT Barcelona and Paris trip allowed me to do this by shaking me into reality and showing me how important traveling is and the growth of knowledge for other cultures.

How can this program be improved?

The Travel for Teens Barcelona and Paris trip was phenomenal with its tasty treats, evening strolls, and cultural immersion. However, one thing that I would change would be the free time. On this trip I did not feel as if the participants were allowed to explore on their own as much due to the tightly packed day. If I could change one thing I would add some optional free time either in the early morning or late afternoon for those interested in exploring more.

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