Medical Experience in West Virginia for High School Students

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Participants in our programs are delivering healthcare and health education, hands-on every day. They are not watching, shadowing or observing and they are not conducting research. They’re making a difference!

Participants travel to the remote area of Williamson, West Virginia, USA. Williamson is a town of about 3000 inhabitants deep in the beautiful Appalachian mountains. The primary patients are the uninsured and those covered by government poverty programs, including those who are unable to leave their home due to lack of transportation. Activities will include educational programming with local schools, home visits and working at the local clinic.

For their clinical service, participants are divided into teams led by trained college graduates (premeds from Duke, Johns Hopkins or similar universities) or faculty. Participants learn to facilitate several medical interventions and screenings, and complete an introductory cultural training.

  • Work alongside community health workers and deliver healthcare related to the issues found in the targeted communities.
  • Learn to facilitate medical interventions and screenings (how to measure infant height and weight, how to measure blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate, etc.).
  • Learn about Appalachian culture, participate in cultural activities and learn about the mining industry.
  • You may visit Duke University and enrich your academic experience.
  • Programs are offered in the summer and winter time.

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