Cultural Exchange and Internship in China: Creative, Business, and Engineering Internships in Beijing & Taipei

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Having fun!
Having fun!
Me and My coworker
Me and My coworker
MCO Internship Program - Placement Companies
MCO Internship Program - Placement Companies
MCO Internship Program - Social/Cultural Event
MCO Internship Program - Social/Cultural Event
MCO Internship Program - Networking Event
MCO Internship Program - Networking Event
MCO Internship Program - Social Activity Hiking the Great Wall
MCO Internship Program - Social Activity Hiking the Great Wall
MCO internship program - Camping at the Great Wall
MCO internship program - Camping at the Great Wall


Have you considered gaining international experience, while going on a travel adventure? MCO provides an out-of-the-box experience paired with a cultural exchange and a real-world learning opportunity.

MCO is a trusted program provider used and recommended by Northeastern University, Drexel University, Philadelphia University, and Simon Fraser University.

We work with high performing students and pair them with top companies such as Volkswagen and Ogilvy, start-ups, and studios.

Our host companies are looking for international talent to fill positions. As a recent graduate, there is also opportunity for long-term employment.

Why MCO?
With the difference in language and culture, coming to China may feel like a daunting task. MCO is there to guide and make sure the transition is smooth.
Through personal consultation, we get to know applicants and identify internship opportunities based on each candidate’s background and goals.

  • We get to know students on a one-to-one level and connect them with internships based on their goals, interests, and expectations.
  • We help students and young professionals kick-start their careers.
  • From the moment you apply, to your interview, your arrival in the country, your first day of work, to your last day of work. We make sure everything goes smoothly.

Confirm your placement before March 1 & receive $300 off

During your career counseling session, be sure to let us know you would like the Go Overseas discount.

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Yes, I recommend this program

When an opportunity comes knocking..

I've always been the typical teenager. The one whose dreams and aspirations blinded her reality. At that time, my reality consisted of school, home, sleep rinse and repeat. I'd always beg God, the universe or whoever is in charge up there to get me out of the boring life that I once knew. Sure I had good times, but I've always strived to do something bigger.

I've always had a wide range of interests. From medicine to business to fashion, I never truly knew exactly what I wanted to do. I was stuck in a state of oblivion when it came to future plans and a future career. That is until Miranda Mullet messaged me. Working with Miranda and going to Beijing has truly been one of the best experiences I'll ever have. She personally made the whole process work out smoothly. From a quick visa process to unpacking my bags in my new apartment in China, she's always taken time out of her busy schedule to help me with everything and anything I needed.
Upon arrival, she sent a driver to pick me up from the airport to my new apartment, where I met up with her. She welcomed me with a hug, a warm smile and my room key. The following day she gave me an orientation where she took me to my internship, showed me how to take the metro and introduced me to other interns who later became good friends of mine.
Coming from a city, NYC, I never found myself worried about transitioning to Beijing. It's a fast-paced city with bright lights and gorgeous skyscrapers. However, for someone who is not from a big city, I think they'd adjust pretty well by the way Miranda caters to their needs.

I worked as an entrepreneurial and design intern at a company called "PAPP’S Tea". My main job consisted of writing franchise agreements, managing the company's social media accounts, writing articles about the company teas and editing some of the company's photos for various websites. PAPPS Tea is a tea company that's famous for their tea blends. The working environment there was warm and altogether very fun! I believe that Miranda is a bit picky when it comes to which companies she'll send interns to because she wants them to get the best out of the job and overall enjoy the experience.

China was an amazing experience. Every now and again, I'd always reminisce about ordering actual delicious Chinese food and traveling to the temples. I'd do it all over again! I truly recommend this program to everybody because working in Beijing in a once in a lifetime experience. It definitely gave me an insight on what I want to do in the future. Thank you, Miranda, for everything!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Finally a foot in the door

After a long and fruitless period of trying to garner experience in the UK I stumbled across the idea of internships overseas.

I had a wholly positive experience in China and would definitely recommend it to anyone like myself who was just struggling to get onto that first rung of the career ladder.

The internships provided by MCO were certainly more engaging, enriching and educating than any of the other financial based programs (with a different company) which was operating out of the same accomodation.

The product design consultancy that I worked for was small, but I felt like my opinions and knowledge were respected and taken on board. This certainly alleviated some fears I had before leaving for China that I'd just be doing menial grunt work.

Beijing is a whole different beast of a city compared to what I've experienced before. It was always fun to point out to people there that I had come from a country (Scotland) with a quarter of population of Beijing!

You can muscle by without much of the language, but a little goes a long way. The weekly classes certainly help you get on the horse, but trying to use it with random people as much as possible is definitely the fastest way to learn.
On one of my last nights out travelling in the Huangshan area, I had a very memorable experience where I was being served in a restaurant by two ~8 year old sisters and their amicable mother. They thought my Lonely Planet phrasebook was the greatest text they'd ever laid eyes on, and kept offering to buy it. I probably learned more Mandarin laughing and flicking through that book with them that evening than I had in my last 2 weeks in Beijing just working.

I chose China as my destination for an internship as I set out wanting to get outside of my travel comfort zone. I certainly got that and I think I will definitely return in the future.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Truly Creating Opportunities

From the moment you land in Beijing to your last day at work, Miranda makes sure you make the most out of your time with MCO.
She facilitated a smooth visa process, even with my non-US passport, and ensured I was well equipped for my time here in Beijing.
Additionally, her network expands far beyond the employer you get paired with. I met people from a vast array of industries, and made connections crucial to my career development. Furthermore, I got to go to a lot of interesting events, ranging from gallery openings, to fashion shows to tech talks.
In times of distress, Miranda also makes sure you're well taken care of, and when she couldn't take care of stuff personally, she always had referrals that could.
The program also provides weekly Mandarin classes, which were enough to get me comfortable enough to explore the city on my own.
The accommodation was in an accessible area; right across the street from a Subway station. It also housed the other MCO interns, and interns from other programs, which helped with making friends from all over the world.
Being immersed in Beijing was unlike anything else I have ever experienced, and my time here has undoubtedly helped shape my future career plan.
I would recommend this program to anyone interested in expressing their creative side in in one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

What would you improve about this program?
More interns, more fun!
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No, I don't recommend this program

One step closer to another industry...

Growing up in one of the biggest and most culturally diverse cities in the US, I didn’t get as big a culture shock from Beijing as I thought I would. English is incorporated as a second language into a lot of public signage, similar to how Spanish is in the States. I studied Chinese for four years in high school, so I came with a pretty strong background with the language. Improving my language skills was a primary reason for me coming to China.
As for my internship experience, it was a mixed bag, partly due to the nature of the industry. My background is in 3D animation and visual effects. I got a great opportunity to work at an animation studio, but they were at a down period and I didn’t have a lot of work to do. Although it wasn’t a great professional development situation, all of my coworkers spoke almost exclusively Chinese and taught me a lot about the language and culture (we eat a lot of hot pot). They truly welcomed me to China and demonstrated the generosity of the Chinese. I’ve had many jobs and internships in the past - the feeling of working is the same. Work fast, please the client. Little room for creative, personal, and professional development, which seems the point of an internship. My advice to past me is that if I want to experience a country, not to come for work.
If anything I can take away from this experience, it’s that China’s ad agencies and animation studios are no different than the State's’ small studios. I’ve more confidently confirmed that maybe I should be taking my career in another direction.

-Picked up from airport
-A lot of notifications about local/networking events
-Given a train card (it's cheap anyway, but it's one less thing to worry about)
-Wifi included
- Sometimes entrance fees to events are paid for, if Miranda is also going.
- Subway is SUPER convenient, one of my favorite things about Beijing.

- Chinese classes were a bit too basic for me. No textbooks or advanced study material. If you have a background in Chinese, the most convenient way to learn is to go out and talk to people. Eavesdrop on the subway. Attend embassy events or quiz nights (that aren’t exclusively foreigners!) Ask the street vendors what things are called before you buy them. Be inquisitive, make mistakes, and learn from them. And stay out of the foreigner bubble - if you came to experience another culture, get out into the world (but of course, have movie night with your foreign friends).
- The company is currently going through some changes, which leaves room for mistakes that can be stressful to deal with when trying to adapt to a new environment.

Response from MCO Internships

Thank you for your understanding with the housing. Sorry we had to move you around and you ended up separated from the other interns. This was our first time at Fulicheng. Our original housing provider uses local style/older apartments but it was easier to organize as they have a massive quantity. But I think a nicer/gated community is definitely preferable to a local building, which is why we made the change even though it's much more expensive.

When working with students, I have found that both animation and architecture interns are in the same boat and share similar complaints. In these positions, interns are executing the ideas and visions of art directors and clients; so there is not much room for creative input. But if you love the work enough, I am sure it is possible to be in a position to give creative direction after a few years of experience.

After attending a Global Education conference and speaking to you, we will be integrating a buddy system that we've thought about for awhile but haven't established. You are right that it is easy to get trapped in the expat bubble and not get a full immersion. With the buddy system, interns will be matched with local students to participate in a cross cultural exchange.

If I remember correctly, you attended class with Candace who has no Mandarin foundation as an introduction. I asked you again about scheduling classes but you were always busy.

Thank you for your feedback! It is really appreciated : )

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Yes, I recommend this program

From USA to Beijing!

Thanks to MCO I was able to work abroad in Beijing's hottest place, Sanlitun! There I was able to work at a wonderful marketing job and meet tons of new people. It was a wonderful experience for my first time outside the country.

MCO helped me adjust to life in the bustling city of Beijing, with helpful and professional advice, as well as the opportunity of attended many different and unique events. I got to try a lot of new things and see a totally different culture. As an international business and marketing, this experience was very helpful into finding out what I want to do in life and with my major.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Internship in Beijing with MCO

As a marketing student i thought China was the place to be, so with the help of MCO i got a marketing internship in the hottest area of Beijing - Sanlitun!
It was a very learning experience as I gained inside knowledge on hands-on tasks about marketing in such a different yet very interesting culture. MCO not only helped me find a company in which I saw myself interning in, but they also provided a lot of information and help. Frankly, without it, it would have been a very longsome and frustrating affair, since the Chinese run things very differently.

All in all a great experience and yes, I would love to do it again!

What would you improve about this program?
More social gatherings!
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Yes, I recommend this program

A World Of Opportunity with MCO

My China Opportunity is a perfect fit for anyone with an open and ambitious mind that wants to succeed in Asia. Chris and Miranda were extremely helpful in finding me an internship that suited me for the present and future!

When I arrived in China I was given transportation from the airport to my apartment and graciously welcomed to China. Miranda and Chris through their program have created a network of young working individuals that are motivated and excited to be in China. The energy of the people in MCO is great and there is always something new and fun going on. MCO worked to place me in an apartment with a fellow MCO intern, that was also very close to my internship.

The internship I was given couldn't have been a better fit. I was given lots of work and challenging assignments and was able to network and make lifelong connections with people in Beijing.

MCO always made sure I was safe and healthy and gave me advice whenever it was necessary. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to intern in Beijing. Chris and Miranda know the city and people of Beijing very well and make sure you get the experience you want!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Working and living in Beijing

Working and living in Beijing can be hard at times, but it's completely worth it to have tried such an experience. Not only because of the great opportunities, both in a proffesional and personal way, but because of the contrasts seen every day compared with the western culture.
One of the trickiest tasks was to make myself understood during the first weeks, however I found learning chinese so interesting and fulfilling that language problems soon didn't become a barrier for me to communicate daily.
However there is a very big expats community living in Beijing, some are around just temporarily, however others have settled, making China their new home, attracted mainly to the different lifestyle they have compared to their native countries.
Living in Beijing is all about getting used to being in a vibrant atmosphere, full of rapid changes. I would recommend spending some time travelling around China or even settling for a couple of months or even longer!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Marketing Internship with MCO

My name is Nora, I'm a master's degree student at NYU. I participated in My China Opportunity's internship program last summer in 2013. It was an awesome experience being able to meet new people from the program and to also work in a dynamic company.

During my stay, I was living in Shuangjing. It was convenient for me because I was able to walk to work and be extremely close to all the western amenities. My apartment was gated and had a guard watching at all times. I never once had a problem with the safety of my apartment. Beijing is a really big city, so it's important to make sure you feel comfortable as you can be. MCO definitely helped in making sure I was comfortable during the duration of my internship.

The public transportation around my accommodation was really good, although it was a little crowded. I can't really complain because Beijing has a huge population. No matter where I went on the Subway, it only cost me 2 yuan (25 cents). Walking to the subway only took five minutes as well. There was also easy access to buses. And if I was ever lazy, I could always take a taxi. They were always outside the apartment and quite cheap as well (13 yuan or $2 for the first 3 kilometers). Overall, China has a really efficient public transportation system.

During my internship, I was able to get exposure to marketing and PR projects. I was able to manage some of the social media and create strategies that would be later implemented. I was also able to learn the basics of social media marketing and search engine optimization. By participating in the internship, I was able to improve upon my existing communication skills, and creative writing. Overall, I feel that the internship I did in Beijing really helped me to find out what I want to do for a career.

MCO help some interesting events during the program. I would say that the best social event was being able to camp on the Great Wall of China. Not the refurbished part of the wall, but the wild untouched part. Another great event that MCO hosted was a guest speaking event with the digital editor of Vogue. We got to hear his perspectives of the industry and learn more about Vogue's challenges in the China market. We also got to attend many networking opportunities to develop a professional network.

Overall, I have to say that interning in China with MCO is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not only do they help you find an awesome internship, but they also make sure you're having a good time and excelling in China.I definitely recommend this program to anyone who is interested in getting a taste if China.

What would you improve about this program?
Having more guest speaking opportunities would have made the program even better.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Experience with My China Opportunity

I decided to join My China Opportunity's internship program back in 2012. Overall, I had great experiences with MCO and China in general. When I had a problem, Chris & Miranda were always there to provide support. My housing was super close to work, only one subway stop away which was super convenient. During the program, I got to meet tons of new people from all over the world, network with other professionals and learn the basics of a new language. I had a wonderful experience in China with MCO and would highly recommend it to anyone looking come to China.

What would you improve about this program?
I'm really not sure how I would change the program, but at the time it was very small. There was only a group of 6 of us. So, I guess increasing the size of the program would have made it better.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My China Opportunity Experience

Chris and Miranda the co-founders of MCO provided me with an invaluable experience in Beijing. After meeting them in San Diego, California it was two months later that I moved to Beijing. I was picked up at the airport and driven straight to the apartment that they had already arranged for me. While meeting them in San Diego I was explaining my current business I was starting using Himalayan coffee beans and how I needed more business experience in general. On top of that, I was not a typical business student but a sociology major who has a deep passion for Social Entrepreneurship. MCO immediately saw a great fit for me at Shangrila Farms. Shangrila Farms is a social enterprise that focuses on coffee and honey, two products that I am very passionate about. My experience with MCO and Shangrila Farms has extended far beyond an internship. I received a full-time job from them and continue to get great personal and professional advice from Chris and Miranda. The skills I have gained include sales, channel management, marketing, event organization, contract negotiation, and beginner to intermediate Mandarin.

What would you improve about this program?
For my internship placement I could not have asked for anything better. My experience with Chris and Miranda has been very well-rounded and they were always there for me when I needed help. Possibly they could add some more cultural activities to do as a group. That being said, Chris and Miranda are always there for you but encourage you to be independent and learn how to network effectively on your own. Miranda would frequently forward me great events going on in Beijing and it was always up to me if I wanted to go or not.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Life-Changing Experiences

I spent last summer working in Beijing through this internship while living in the Shuangjing district of Beijing - I had an overwhelmingly positive and safe experience during my time there. I am an American and have visited China twice before via study abroad programs through my university before applying for this internship, so I did have some knowledge of what to expect. Nonetheless, most of my fellow interns had never been to China before and it was an extremely smooth and accommodating experience for them too.

If you haven't been to Beijing yet, you'll quickly learn that it's a metropolitan area not unlike many places you'd find in the west. The apartment complex I lived in had installed a key-card system at the front doors and there was a 24-hour gatekeeper who monitors all foot-traffic -- it's about as safe as I could have asked for. There is a constant flow of taxi cabs (which are extremely affordable) right as you exit the buildings, so it's very convenient to get anywhere in the city. Personally, however, I preferred to take the subway everywhere, which is cheaper still and allows you to avoid the road traffic. The subway station is just a ~5 minute walk away and you don't even need to cross the street to enter it. The agent who maintained the apartment through the internship was a British native whose number I always had on hand in case I got locked out, the wifi was down, etc. etc... it was convenient not being forced to use Chinese if little issues like that arose. In addition to this, there are many foreigners living in and around the area to befriend and for a network with.

During work, I would routinely arrive back in the evenings and read/relax/eat at the shopping malls which are located a stone-throw away. They have western-style supermarkets with virtually any imported food you could desire, Starbucks, 7-11, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Dairy Queen, and a Costa Coffee just to name a few... not mentioning the (much more delicious) Chinese restaurants. I'd also go to the gym virtually every day, which was akin to anything you'd find in the States. The Walmart is a subway stop away too. Basically, it's a very great and safe area to live in... and very westernized if you're afraid of the culture shock.

My apartment-mates were all very respectful and interesting people. I would look forward to hanging out with them on weekends and evenings and had no reservations keeping my bedroom door unlocked with them around, although each door has locks/keys if you'd like to be extra safe.

The group programs organized by the internship coordinators included wonderful and memorable events that will stay with me for life. Perhaps my favorite among them was a camping trip to a more-secluded section of the Great Wall where we could avoid the crowds and spend an entire night in a guard tower! We also had a game night, BBQ, Chinese hot-pot dinner, a Chinese-style group massage day, and others, in addition to frequent invitations to attend various events with Beijing-area expats (i.e. professional mixers, a TED talk). The networking opportunities with like-minded individuals and experts is enormous.

Overall, my experience last summer was one of the greatest of my life and I couldn't imagine a better or more convenient way to have spent it than through this program!

What would you improve about this program?
It's very difficult to think of what I would have liked to see differently, but I suppose an even larger group of interns would have allowed yet more opportunities to connect and form a lasting network with.