Paid Legal and Law Internship in Renowned Law Firms in China

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Experience the complex field of law in China, which is currently undergoing gradual reform as many elements inside and outside the country emphasize the need to strengthen the rule of law in China, especially regarding international trade. Globalization has spurred transformations in various areas of Chinese domestic law. For most of the history of China, its legal system has been based on the Confucian philosophy of social control through moral education, as well as the Legalist emphasis on codified law and criminal sanction. Following the Revolution of 1911, the Republic of China adopted a largely Western-style legal code in the civil law tradition. Many international companies operating in China seek legal advice to help protect their brand and navigate the intricacies of the Chinese legal system.

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  • Tailored career advice: one-to-one mentoring and coaching from industry professionals- CV, application, interview, workplace advice, etc
  • Guaranteed paid internship positions chosen from 2000+ vacancies in 1000+ well-known enterprises- all at your choice
  • All-round practical experiences in a real career world (Fortune 500, multinational corporations & Start-ups, etc.)
  • One-stop & all-inclusive service package with 24/7 support to assure a worry-free life & work in a whole new career field as well as a foreign country

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I gained experience in the areas of law in which I want to practice!

I applied for a legal internship with Go Abroad China last year because I'd decided to focus on Chinese law, specifically in relation to foreign direct investment and contract law. GAC found the right firm for me. The company specialized in international law and trade law which was a perfect chance for me to get involved in the areas of Chinese law I'm interested in. It was great being an intern there and I gained experience in commercial law and how contracts differ from country to country. I also got a realistic look at case management, legal research and even financial regulations. The entire experience was an eye-opener and I have come away with a well-rounded, global resume that I can present with a strong sense of pride. 

Thank you, Go Abroad China, for showing me all that I can look forward to, professionally and personally.

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