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Go Abroad China as the leading internship abroad provider in China, over 10000 talented undergraduates, graduates and young professionals from over 50 countries have joined GAC China Internship program.

Go Abroad China provide in a wide range of sectors that include hospitality, business, trade, technology, marketing, consulting, finance, etc. Enjoy a great internship abroad in the top cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou.

Our comprehensive China Internship Program offers Chinese language courses, Chinese cultural activities, business networking events and social networking as well as a variety of other support services. GAC takes the uncertainty and difficulty out of coming to China. We take care of all the necessities before you arrive and continue to provide wide-ranging services after arrival, leaving you to do internship work, explore the culture and have fun interacting with local people and other foreigners living abroad.


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I visited Beijing last summer and studied at ICLCC (Tsinghua University International Chinese Language and Culture Center). Prior to my visit I had no knowledge about mandarin but I was really eager to learn.

In my classes there were a total of 20 students. My subjects were Reading, Speaking, and Listening. I enjoyed the grammar class more as the classes were really beneficial and engaging with weekly dictations, homeworks, and quizzes. Before our classes began we were provided with materials such as textbooks, audio CD, flashcards, chinese songs and slides which were used during our classes.

My only issue was that though most of us were just beginners, the teachers assumed we all had some knowledge about Chinese language and would tend to rush through our lessons. But the text books and ads we received were easy to understand and read which helped a lot.

In conclusion classes were great, I had a great time and i was able to improve my Chinese Language especially during my stay in China.

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When I arrived in China, my main goal was to improve my chinese and BLCU helped me a lot on progressing my Chinese ability. The teachers were all friendly and enthusiastic.

When i arrived the language barrier really hit me. Everything sounded strange, but through attending classes at BLCU i was able to speak more than "Ni Hao"

Classes were well organised and the teachers were really experienced and made me feel confident and at ease in my new Chinese environment. Learning the Chinese characters proved difficult, but the teachers were able to make the lessons fun and engaging and this was really beneficial.

Apart from learning chinese, i did a lot of travelling which i really enjoyed.
I also had so much fun during the weekends with GAC going on trips and activities. I had so much fun and I would highly recommend this program to anyone.

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I had the opportunity of a lifetime and got to study abroad in BLCU in Beijing China, through Go Abroad China I always knew I wanted to study abroad, but it was an overwhelming thought with all of the options of places to go, figuring out how to make it work with my university and all the little details in between. GAC helped make the entire process smooth and enjoyable. I had an advisor the whole way through who helped me make sure I was as ready as possible for my trip abroad. Once I was there, I had the most amazing 2 months of my life.

At BLCU University Classes began soon after registration and the pace of learning was definitely not what I was used to before. Back at home, sentence structures and phrases that would take me at least a month to fully master, at BLCU University it was just a week’s task. Although in the beginning I felt a bit overwhelmed, after a while, though, things got much better and I adjusted comfortably. One thing I am still reeling about even now is the amount of homework that the Chinese teachers assigned! Now I understand why they say at least six months of serious Mandarin/ Chinese study will lead to accelerated results. The good thing about BLCU University is that they will place you in a class of people who have a similar Chinese ability to you. Learning was fun, interactive and it’s relatively simple to feel motivated if everyone around you is also determined

I had different teachers for each aspect of Chinese study: listening, speaking, reading and comprehensive Chinese. I particularly enjoyed the speaking lessons as they were about group work and small oral presentations in a class of approximately 10 people. It was fun interacting with my classmates coming from different countries, yet all trying our best to communicate in Chinese. One important tip that was surprisingly effective for me was surrounding myself with friends whose English wasn’t so good, this was good in that we were forced to communicate in Chinese and practice everything we learnt.  

I created life long friendships, got to see the most spectacular views and most of all I got to experience a different culture and truly appreciate what they had to offer. I highly encourage everyone to study abroad!

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Before I come to China I was so frustrated, and I contacted with several internships in china provides, after I compare with the services and the prices, I decided to choose Go abroad China. I had lots of problems and fears in the beginning: Will I like the food? How will my internship be? How are the people in China? Can I find friends? Can I learn the language?
Go Abroad China one of the program assistants named Nadia helped me a lot. Right after I applied on the website, I got contacted by a program coordinator from the GAC and she guided me through every step on the way and she will continue to do so until I return back home.

I decided to do an internship from Jan 2017 to May 2017. After I applied, I got had an interview with GAC and with my CV, I got matched with an internship which matches my interest and my skillset at a finance company named AR Capital.

A couple of weeks after that I had the interview with the HR of my internship company. As soon I got accepted, GAC helped me with the preparation for the trip like the pre-departure and helped me got my visa also with my apartment in China. Everything went through very smooth and soon after that I started my trip to Shanghai.

I arrived Saturday morning and i took a rest for the first day, then on Sunday the program assistant Robert came to my place gave an orientation and set up everything here for me…he explained to me the Chinese culture, the food and the city itself, my first week was truly awful. I felt like quitting many times, was always tired, did not want to eat anything, and could not really get work done. But every time when I called him, he is always here to help me.

After I survived the first week though, things just got better every week. Not only because I got used to everything, During the weekend, I start to meet other participants from GAC, they are very nice to me and we always hang out together.

If you have any problems or concerns, you can also contact people from GAC– it really does not matter what kind of problems – and you will get help very fast. Chinese problems? Problems in the apartment? Problems in the job? Everything will get sorted out.

For my internship program. It really depends on your luck and on yourself. It definitely takes time to adapt to the Chinese working mentality, but it really can benefit you as a person for the future. I can only recommend you to do an internship with Go Abroad China !

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When I think about my internship in China with Go Abroad China Internship program, one word comes to my mind: lucky.

I am a first year law student in United States and had never had a working experience before.

I was placed at the top 1 law firm and my supervisor was kind to me and was open to answer to each and every one of my questions. He believed I was dependable and trusted my work and instinct. I was given more challenging tasks as the days went by and even got to interview a client myself on the spot, with no preparation beforehand.
I felt fulfilled and grateful for the opportunity that Go Abroad China found for me.

Regarding to the accommodation I was provided was central and close to my internship company but most importantly my host family were super nice to me, every weekend we have plans to do something together such as BBQ, hiking, visit his realities and learned lots of Chinese culture. I never felt alone both thanks to the GAC customer service department organizes social events and visited the tourisms. I definitely recommend using their services!

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