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Why choose Go Abroad China?

Go Abroad China, the leading provider of Internship Abroad and Chinese Learning in China with 15-year experience, has satisfied 4000+ talented youths from 50 countries with our tailor-made summer, winter, gap-year, high-school & volunteer programs to enjoy language Immersion and enhance their global employability.

With 1000+ established partnerships from Fortune 500 organizations to big Chinese companies, International organizations and start-ups, we guarantee 2000+ high-level paid internship positions in 20+ important industry sectors such as Business development, Finance, Consultancy, Marketing, etc. in fast-growing Chinese cities.

Our Learn Chinese program offers a variety of customizable options on the universities, program level and intensity, duration of the study term, and courses from classes, intensive small-group or one to one tutoring leveled from total beginners to advanced students.


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My Internship in Japan

An internship in Japan was always on my bucket list, and I’m so glad I took the opportunity to go abroad and make it happen! Although it didn’t turn out exactly how I had imagined, it was the perfect experience, which really taught me more about myself and my career path than any other internship could have. Here are 5 lessons I learned about going abroad from my internship in Japan!

Final Thoughts on Going Abroad To Do An Internship
When I first decided to take a leap and go abroad to do an internship, I was met with hesitation from friends and family. They wanted me to think it through because they didn’t want me getting scammed. But what they failed to realize is that people are good at heart. Ultimately, all that matters is if you feel like you’re making a positive difference in your experience and if you truly feel like it was worthwhile for both you personally and professionally.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Come and participate, it will be fun.
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Adinda puspita
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1)My Incredible Experience Interning in Japan

How many times have you gone on vacation and been struck by the beauty of the place? For me, it was the first time I visited Japan, the land of cherry blossoms, neon lights, and amazing food—in other words, my dream vacation spot! While visiting Japan, I took part in an internship with a local architecture firm where I got to witness firsthand how amazing Japanese architecture is.

For My internship experience with Go Abroad China internship in Japan which is an absolute dream come true. I had been looking into study abroad programs for a while before deciding to apply from Go Abroad China. Now, after living here for two months, I'm starting to understand why so many people are sold on studying abroad with GAC: not only did GAC help me grow as a person and gain a new perspective on life, but it helped me learn how working in another country can be incredibly beneficial. This is where studying abroad really shines—when you truly immerse yourself in another culture and try your best to adapt.

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My Summer Internship in Vietnam: A Real Estate Success Story

My name is Maria and I’m 24 years old. This past semester, I decided to take part in the Go abroad China Vietnam Internship Program, I’d been wanting to live abroad for quite some time and after talking it over with my family, I booked my ticket to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon) and prepared myself for the best experience of my life.

The goabroadchina team player communicate with me so much and, the most common questions I was asked were about my personal development, including what I saw myself doing after college. The interviewer wanted to make sure that studying abroad would not be a distraction from my studies and future goals, but an experience that will help me grow as a person. He also asked me questions about Vietnam, and why I thought it would be beneficial for me to intern there. Having never been there before, I had to do some research about living conditions in Ho Chi Minh City so that I could provide specific details about what you can find on campus and around town.

The most memorable moments for me were my interactions with people. I had to make a lot of small talk and get along with people I might not normally interact with. The goal was to be friendly and make connections that could help me throughout my internship, but it wasn’t always easy. It forced me to open up and get out of my comfort zone which was definitely an important personal development experience.

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How this internship changed me

A few months ago, I interned in Japan with GoAbroadChina and it completely changed my life. Not only did I learn a new language, but I was also able to travel throughout Asia, met some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met and made lifelong friends along the way. While being in Japan was an incredible experience, you don’t have to travel halfway around the world to have an internship that helps you grow as a person and expands your cultural horizons.
There was a part of me that was, to put it mildly, very nervous to go to Japan on my own. While I had studied Japanese in school and had visited the country before, nothing could compare to living there full-time and having to navigate the world by myself. And yet, this fear has been one of the best things that could have happened to me because it forced me to step outside my comfort zone and grow as an individual—and I’m so glad I did!

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Unforgettable Internship in South Korea

I’m Elena , and I interned in South Korea during the summer of 2021. My company was one of the first to start internships abroad in Asia, so I was lucky enough to be one of the pioneers in what was a very exciting new trend at the time. Although I was an international student and didn’t speak Korean, my coworkers made me feel very welcome and taught me many things about Korean culture and their country. The internship itself taught me valuable business skills and helped give me an edge over other job candidates when applying for jobs after graduation!


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Alumni Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with verified alumni.

Ollie Lennon

Oliver is currently living in Newcastle, he loves traveling, spending time with friends, and now enjoys learning Chinese because he looks forward to the day he speaks in fluently.
Go Abroad China

Why did you choose this program?

I had to go abroad as per university course requirements. I first started my research and involved my career advisor who is also on campus, and helped a lot with finalizing the formalities of going abroad from my school.

What did your program provider assist you with, and what did you have to organize on your own?

Go Abroad China did manage to give me all the important things: getting my study visa didn't present any problems, I got picked up at the airport in Shanghai since it was my first time there anyway. I think the weekend activities can be even more organized.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to someone going on your program?

Not to be scared and enjoy China because once you are there and studying everyday, time tends to go by very quickly. Within no time you will realize you are already preparing to go back to your original school after the summer holidays.

What does an average day/week look like as a participant of this program?

I had around 20 hours of class time per week, which was definitely a lot since I went to summer school and expected it to be a little less strict. But actually, it was fine in the end and I had a blast learning Chinese with 20 something other classmates from a lot of different countries.

Going into your experience abroad, what was your biggest fear, and how did you overcome it and/or how did your views on the issue change?

Going to China for the first time was of course something I really thought about and got nervous about, but strangely enough I wasn't shocked as I had predicted. I was worried about life since I didn't speak Chinese, but actually Shanghai is so modern, the Chinese there speak English.

What is your favorite memory from your time abroad?

Being in Shanghai and learning about the city, its hang outs, history, new locations and other little nooks in the city with new friends was a great experience for me.

Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Serena Chang

Job Title
Internship Placement Manager
Serena is a hardworking young lady that relocated to Beijing a few years ago. When she is not working, she usually spends time with friends, and likes watching movies, music and traveling.

What is your favorite travel memory?

One of the best places I have visited here in China is Yunnan Province. Yunnan is a special place occupied by different minority groups, these people usually speak a different language to the Mandarin Chinese that we are used to, their food is different but they have preserved their cultural heritage very well, so much that their way of life attracts lots of Chinese and foreign tourists. I think it is amazing that we can all be in China but still have groups of people who haven't gone mainstream; they still have their unique traditions that people travel many miles to go see.

Which destination is most underrated? Conversely, which is most overrated?

When I first joined Go Abroad China, our main cities of operations were Beijing and Shanghai. Having branched out to southern China, Chengdu city in Sichuan Province is actually becoming quite popular, this is a great thing because people can still have great experiences even if they are not in Beijing or Shanghai. Chengdu seems to be getting some spotlight now especially from foreigners who are looking for language learning and work opportunities. Many firms are also relocating there because the average cost of living and production is still quite low, meaning better profits compared to if they were located in Shanghai.

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

Yes, I think the top thing I still continue to learn even today is maintaining good working relationships with our partner companies. In our go abroad and education sector, we have collaborations with many different companies inside China, and schools too. I feel like my people skills are always being put to the test because part of my job duties involves communicating directly with them. And during the busiest months when we have many clients, our communication is even more frequent. So keeping a good connection and relationship with such companies is the most important thing that I have learned and have to keep doing.

What unique qualities does your company possess?

I have seen that a large portion of our clients are usually happy with how we arrange placements for them, it makes me feel proud of our company's service delivery department, their job is very important as our company is judged based on that. With the company doing well, we are able to help even the clients/applicants who have a limited budget to customize our services so that at least we can reach a satisfactory agreement. For a few lucky ones, they might even get a partial scholarship if they prove that they are hard-workers and fit the requirements.

What is the best story you've heard from a return student?

We had a young student from Australia who joined the language program in Beijing, when her program came to an end, like many others she was saying how much she would miss Beijing and that she would come back. At the time, of course, I thought it was a polite conversation, but a year later I was surprised when she called us back as said this time she wants to do an internship! I thought it was special because due to the expenses of traveling to China, it takes a lot of time to save up and have a new budget to travel again. Our management over here was so impressed that she got herself a sweet discount, she is now considered a friend here at our GAC offices!