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Internship in an international hotel
Internship in an international hotel
Host companies accomadation when you intern in China
Host companies accomadation when you intern in China
Former Intern preparing for a conference at an international hotel
Former Intern preparing for a conference at an international hotel
Having fun at work as well :)
ImmerQi interns meeting, party time!!!
Another meeting with lovely Jodi and Amanda:)


The ImmerQi Hospitality Internship Program provides students and recent tourism and hospitality graduates a professional pathway for their career by undertaking an internship at some of Beijing and Shanghai’s most renowned hotels and high-end restaurants.

With Chinese tourists spending more on international travel than any other country, boost your CV by gaining practical experience in this non-traditional destination, learning mandarin, and enhancing your awareness of the world’s most dynamic economy.

These internships are tailored for international students, so prior mandarin knowledge is not necessary and you will have an English speaking supervisor. You also may be eligible for full time employment once you have completed your internship.

Positions include front office, Food & Beverage and rotational. You’ll receive a generous monthly stipend to cover your expenses, accommodation and all meals, plus 3 hours of mandarin lessons per week.

  • Build your CV With a network of over 100 host companies, well match you with the company and internship that you're looking for. Whether it's for a Fortune 500, SME's or NGO, your experience in China will give you that extra edge you need to land.
  • Our Network Exclusive Internship Opportunities which cannot be found anywhere else thanks to the close relationships we hold with our host companies, including medical, finance, engineering, hospitality and lots more!
  • Our Passion More than 3000 students have completed internships with ImmerQi in China. We understand the challenges of cultural immersion and the needs of international students. Well ensure you'll have an amazing experience in China!
  • Enhance your Employability Attend social and professional networking events, and mentoring sessions with professionals from your industry. Our self-evaluation process will allow you to reflect on your time in China, and help you articulate!
  • 24/7 Support We know that it can be a big step to intern in China. Our intern management team supports you on the ground in China. Whether you need help with your internship, navigating a new country, or just someone to talk to you - we'll be there.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Challenging but at the same lovely stay in the vibrant Beijing

I stayed in Beijing for 6 months and it was an amazing experience. Totally different culture, people and their approach to others. It was a big challenge which is not easy, but nothing is easy in life, right? During the work in the hotel, my colleagues was mainly Chinese and it was challenging not only because of language, but also because of their way of thinking. I knew that it will be tough, but on the other hand I will be more flexible in working with different people.
The ImmerQi is doing a great job with providing the assistance in any kind of situations, anytime you need. It is the example how the company suppose to work for the customers. I feel like I am not only the customer, but the being among friends. Everyone is willing, even they ask me why I don't need so much support from them, hehehe :) We are going often to meet with other interns as well as staff from ImmerQi, so it makes me feel as much comfortable as I can. If I feel lonely I just call Jodi ( hahaha). :)
The Beijing and life in here is remarkable, people are very straightforward, if they like you they will smile to you and say hi, if not they are not going even to look at you. It is very cosmopolitan city where I find many different kinds of restaurants, bars, clubs. I feel it is becoming more western city, which is good and bad. On one way, sometimes I don't feel it is truly China and Asia, but on the other hand, the cultural shock is easier to handle.
Totally, the program assisted me in everything, they provided me with anything I need to settle in China and get used to it as soon as possible. Also, it is a good opportunity to get experience professionally and as a tourist, dealing with diverse people, travelling around, experiencing China and participating in the events I like. I found here everything I need to live and reach my career goals and ImmerQi was one of the main supporters and advisers deciding my future. I will be always thankful to them.