Pre-med & Medical Program: Shadow Neurosurgeons in Central Europe

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Is there a more prestigious specialty in medicine than neurosurgery? The Department of Neurosurgery specializes in treating the most complex device in the universe – the human brain. Our neurosurgeons perform the most advanced surgeries and treat all age groups from newborns to elderly patients. That is a unique chance for you to observe and compare different approaches towards children and adults starting from planning the surgery till post operative checks.

Neurosurgery specialized center is a top-notch surgical facility. You have to be extremely motivated and passionate about this specialty for two reasons, the operations that we perform are often very long and difficult and we require from you responsibility and discipline as our mentors are under a lot of pressure.

Shadow our neurosurgeons during their daily job tasks, you have the detailed overview on our website. Only with CHP Program you know all about your department and the mentoring team even before you apply.

  • Know everything before you arrive, including your department and mentoring team.
  • Be ready to get the most out of your placement with exclusive study materials.
  • Get to know all about the daily work tasks of Neurosurgeons to boost your university application and excel during interviews.
  • Gain the CHP Program Certificate and Personal Recommendation from the best specialists.
  • Network and connect with young students from around the globe who already took part in the CHP Program.

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