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Internship Programs in the Czech Republic

Internships in Czech Republic


Formerly known for its turbulent political history, the Czech Republic has since become one of the most industrialized countries in Eastern Europe.

Landlocked by neighboring nations, the Czech Republic not only offers a stunning landscape of mountains, but also serves as a gateway to other European countries. Interns in the Czech Republic will have the chance to gain valuable professional experience while living abroad in a beautiful, dynamic country. Whether travelers make an excuse to stop by and try its famous beer or survey its rich history and culture, there is no doubt that completing an internship in the Czech Republic is the way to go!

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Top Industries

The Czech Republic’s tumultuous political history as a Communist state in the Eastern Bloc has impacted its major industries today. In addition to experiencing major developments in engineering, the Czech Republic is home to several international business offices and news organizations. To anyone interested in exploring any fields related to electronics, heavy industry, business administration, journalism, take an internship in the Czech Republic!

Business:Why not intern abroad in the Czech Republic at your dream company? International organizations have established offices in the Czech Republic and boast a number of opportunities available for interns who are fluent in English. Depending on the company you intern at, opportunities in various areas of finance, marketing, and consulting can give you a kick start in your business career.

Industrial and Electrical Engineering: The Czech Republic now boasts a new major industry in electrical engineering that is being increasingly integrated into its traditional industrial sectors. Due to a flood of multinational organizations, this sector is literally changing the country’s economy and has huge potential for further growth. In fact, the turnover in the electronics industry has more than doubled in the last ten years! Take advantage of this great opportunity to intern in the Czech Republic and see what it’s like to be a part of a major development.

Art/History/Journalism: If you are interested in any form of artistic design or media, Prague is the place to be! Home to multiple major museums, theaters, galleries, and other historical and cultural attractions, the city is filled with opportunities. A diverse range of internships are offered in these areas, including museum work, historical research, and media journalism and photography. While most opportunities in journalism and history remain in Prague, feel free to travel elsewhere in the Czech Republic to get a true cultural immersion.

Planning Your Trip

When and Where to Look for an Internship

Most international interns decide to work in the Czech Republic over the summer; however, that is not to say that there are no internships offered throughout the rest of the year. Most internship opportunities will be available in the Czech Republic’s capital and largest city, Prague. The political, economic, and cultural center of Eastern Europe, Prague is home to numerous businesses and museums. If you are interested in getting a deeper look into the electronics industry, there may be more opportunities the Brno-City District. It may be difficult to contact an organization directly about internship opportunities. However, there are several internship program providers that have established relationships with companies in the Czech Republic and are looking to fill those spots. Make sure you begin researching opportunities months in advance, as the application deadlines for internship programs may vary.

Cost of Living in the Czech Republic

The cost of living in the Czech Republic may vary depending on the location you decide to live in. Most international interns decide to reside in the city center of Prague, one of the best places to experience the urban European life and access all the city has to offer. Although the Czech Republic is a part of the European Union, it has not adopted the Euro currency and still utilizes the Czech Crown (koruna). Note that 1 Czech koruna is equivalent to 0.05 U.S. dollars. Numbeo offers more information about the cost of living in the Czech Republic.

Work Culture in the Czech Republic
  • Etiquette: Keep in mind that Czechs are traditionally more private and reserved people, so do not be alarmed if you notice co-workers acting more formally. The Czech people are extremely polite and often do not feel comfortable addressing others on a first-name basis unless they are family or close friends. The concept of trust in the business environment is still reflective of the Soviet-style business system. Pay attention to the differing attitudes of different generations and be patient! With that said, the work culture at international companies in the Czech Republic may be heavily influenced by western business culture and thinking.
  • Language: The official language in the Czech Republic is Czech. Similar to Slavic, the Czech language is predominantly spoken in the country. Companies hiring international interns typically expect interns to use English during work; however, it can be a great advantage to learn basic Czech for daily life.
  • Networking: Business networking is built around a system of trust. In any case, take the opportunity to get to know your fellow interns and co-workers! This is the time to learn and experience a different business culture. Some internship program may provide special opportunities to network with professionals in certain industries or organize intern mixers—look out for these and take advantage of them!
Work and Labor Laws in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is extremely open to recruiting interns from abroad, and encourages its organizations to seek international talent. However, a job permit is required if foreign interns are to be paid. Read the Czech Republic's labor laws for more details.

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