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Working as a medical intern in Ethiopia will provide you with excellent insight into the hospital environment in a developing country. There is a shortage of medical and physical therapy interns, therefore qualified interns are encouraged to apply for Projects Abroad medical internships in Ethiopia. Visit the Projects Abroad website for more information!

Program Highlights
  • A medical internship just for you! Enjoy a customized placement in Ethiopia; when applicants provide a resume, Projects Abroad works closely with individuals to customize an internship that fits their needs.
  • Pick when you want to start and finish your internships in Ethiopia! Dates are flexible, so talk an adviser about your ideal start date.
  • Living in Ethiopia will expose you to a completely new culture, and for the duration of your internship, Ethiopia will your home away from home. Learn about the new culture and pick up some language skills!
  • Meet interns from around the world. Projects Abroad makes sure you meet other interns and learn from each-others experiences.
  • All in one price. Prices include all of your major in-country expenses in Ethiopia and pre-departure guidance. You just have to worry about getting yourself to Ethiopia. We will book that for you too if you want.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Isabella Good Morning

For 5 weeks I lived in Ethiopia, immersing myself in Ethiopia culture and hoping to teach english and American culture to young Ethiopians. In addition to coming up with class activities and curriculums, getting a grasp of the complicated city and the taxi routes, embracing Ethiopian food, I formed a wonderful bond with my host family which proved to be among the most rewarding aspects of my trip.

Although the weather was rainy and cold, having my host brother greet me each morning saying cheerfully, "Isabella, good morning", was the most wonderful way to start the day. Each morning we all woke up early to get ready for our respective days. One of my host moms prepared herself for work at a clinic, Linda, my host sister would get ready for her day at summer school, my other host mother tended to the household chores and I would prepare myself to teach classes for the day. Every other day I would eat fresh bread made in the special Ethiopian oven, another added bonus. Each evening I would eat dinner with the family. When there was electricity we would watch TV or a movie, though I much preferred the nights when there was no electricity and we would play endless hours of cards and listen to the radio playing both american pop songs and traditional Ethiopian music. One weekend my host sister and I went on a day trip together outside of the city to visit a beautiful lake and go boating among beautiful scenery.

One of the most touching moments of my trip was when the sixth graders and I were acting out the Greek Myth about Icarus. After our first class on the myth, I wasn't entirely sure the students had enjoyed it, so the next day I came in with an Ethiopian folk story. Upon hearing that we would no longer be acting out Icarus' fall from the sky the students protested in outrage. Two of the boys got out of their seats and ran through the pouring rain to retrieve the book of greek myths. It was at that moment that I realized that the students enjoyed and appreciated their time with me. I also understood how much my students valued and cared about their time in school and how much they wanted to learn. This not only inspired me to teach them with as much energy and creativity as I could, but it also encouraged me to be as passionate about learning as they were and also as curious.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Life Changing Experience

I had a great time when I went to Ethiopia. I was very unsure of what Ethiopia or what Africa held for me as I have never travelled to that part of the world before. The Projects Abroad staff both in Canada and Ethiopia were there for me whenever I had a question and are even still there for me since I have gotten back.

I left Ethiopia feeling that I impacted myself more so then the people around me. I feel like there needs to be a bit more volunteer assistance at some of the placements instead of having the volunteers just sit and monitor the class. I remain forever changed by my experience of going down there and seeing how they live and how optimistic they are about everything.

The Ethiopian food staple is injera which takes some time to get used too as well as how spicy the food is. You can expect that 2 of your 3 meals are Western style foods while your 3rd meal is there style.

I would definitely do a volunteer placement with Projects Abroad again somewhere in the near future. A great thing about Projects Abroad is that after you finish your placement abroad, you become an Alumni member and can help represent the organization and help them with marketing. Also, Alumni members get discount on there next volunteer placement if they go with Projects Abroad. Something you wouldn't find with any other organization like this.

The support staff addressed my needs and I felt like there also could have been better communication with the support staff in the country. I would definitely volunteer abroad again with Projects Abroad and have recommended them to all my friends. It was actually through a recommendation that I first heard about Projects Abroad.

I felt like the program did a significant change with me and that I have looked at life differently and in another perspective. Another volunteer and I stayed in the school's compound and it felt very safe to us. There was always a guard all the time with a AK47 and you can get back late at night from a volunteer dinner and you would be greeted by the guard. Very friendly guy. Felt very safe.

The local community we're very friendly with us white people and would welcome us to a lot of gatherings and people's homes. I felt welcomed everywhere I went. Although there are times when you have to realize that you are outside of your own country and have to respect there way of life by making sure you are not carrying valuables on you.

I don't regret anything from this trip and there was nothing I would of wished I brought with me. A recommendation I have is if you are going down for Christmas time, on Christmas day, go to the orphanage and just sit down for a few hours and play with the children. It is so rewarding to have that experience with children in an orphanage on Christmas Day then to be opening up presents like the rest of the world.

The French volunteer and I stayed at the school which was in a compound. There were rooms for both of us and it was nice to have someone to talk to who was also volunteering abroad and doing the same thing you were. And were there for the same reason you were. I suggest waking up a bit early every morning just before your placement starts and going out into the community and just talking to locals and taking pictures and gathering there scene. I wish that I would have done that instead of sleeping until my placement started every day. Next time I go, I will be sure to do that for myself. It's a life changing and eye opening experience. Social scene is somewhat like ours in the Western World. It was great to go out with other volunteers and meet locals.

Overall, a very good program that will change your life and help you see how others are living in different parts of the world all the while being optimistic about their situation.

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