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Jul 09, 2018
Mar 23, 2013
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About Program

Our partner hosting organizations offer experience in the following industries:

* Tourism - hotels and travel agencies (Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok)
* Production and trade facilities - furniture, handicraft, silver (Java)
* Education and science, schools and universities (Java, Bali, Papua)
* Construction, property trading and development (Bali)
* Trading and consulting (Java)
* IT and e-marketing (Java)

Being a team member of your hosting organization will give you more self-development opportunities than any others. Do you seek HR experience? Believe us, interaction with a new culture, foreign customs and different people will give you more human skills than any other experience gained within four walls and in front of a computer. Are you a marketer? Participation in various promotional events will become a real life-situation test for you skills and limits! These are just examples. We expose you to the ultimate challenge that supports your career and progress - life.

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Program Highlights

  • All internships offer financial remuneration sufficient to cover living expenses in Indonesia. Additional benefits like food, accommodation, trips etc. are usually offered.
  • Internships in local hosting organizations based in one of the most amazing and diversified places in the world. Intern on Bali, Java, Sumatra or exotic Papua, if you are up for the challenge!
  • This special experience in emerging South-East Asian leader will grant you confidence and elevate your career aspirations to a new level - international exposure will not be an empty slogan anymore.
  • Visit top touristic destinations, like famous Island of Gods - Bali, but also open to diversity, understand new people and their ways, get off the popular beaten tracks.
  • As long as you follow the common sense and local rules, you are free to be independent. Whenever you are in a village or in Jakarta, a small or big city, on the beach or at work - live your life and enjoy your time.

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  • 4 rating 25%
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  • Growth 4.25
  • Support 5
  • Fun 4.5
  • Housing 4.9
  • Safety 4.5
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Yes, I recommend this program

Valuable experience

I was working in Jakarta, Indonesia, as an English teacher, teaching English to adults and children of all ages. My day would start at 8am and usually finish at 5pm. I had one to three classes a day and sometimes my day also included updating the company's website and checking essays. The schedule wasn't too tight, so I still had time to relax and have lunch and coffee with my awesome colleagues.

This was my first time in Asia, and I think joining this internship was a great decision. Not only did I get to travel around and see different places, but I also got to know the local culture the way you never do if you are just visiting a country for a few days. I learned some Indonesian language and got used to the local customs. I would say this was a valuable and exciting experience I will never forget.

What would you improve about this program?
My company could have organized more leisure activity.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Experience in Malang

I really enjoyed myself during those months I spent in Eas Java. Before I started to teach, the school staff got me familiar with all the materials, syllables and environment so I felt more accustomised for my first classes. The support staff were helping me with any problems – small or big. They really took care of me. For me this experience was really enriching. I would like to continue in teaching English for at least another year. It is a great opportunity how to travel and know the culture not only from hotel room, because in class you definitely get know better the people. I would recommend this program to other people I know, who want to go abroad to a exotic country – and Indonesia has lots to offer: culture, nature and food (yummee). I felt really safe during my stay, the only thing I had to get used to was traffic and driving motorbike, but Indonesians are really friendly and nice. I felt welcomed when I came to the school. My colleagues and students were nice to me. As to what to prepare for going to Indonesia – it is good to check what vaccinations ar recommended, but from my experience I know that I didnt need any antimalarics; it did more harm than help, but that i sup to you. It is also good to learn a few phrases in Indonesian – that is what opens locals to you. And it is not that complicated language to speak. The climate in Malang is moderate – like summer in Europe, but the nights might be cold and the places higher in the mountain as well. So thats it for now. I hope this review may help someone to decide. I am definitely considering going back.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Internship

The best part about this internship were the relationships I was able to develop. Some of them I know I'm going to keep for a lifetime. These relationships have taught me how to talk with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

What would you improve about this program?
The length of my stay. I stayed for only 7 weeks. The program would have even been better had I stayed longer.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Highly recommended!

Internship Indonesia is a great occassion to gain new professional experience, make unforgettable friendships and experience truly amazing beauty of one of the greatest asian country. I would recommend it to anyone, who is eager for new challenges, cross - cultural cooperation and good fun with inspiring people around from all over the world. Just do it! :)

What would you improve about this program?
To create a possibility of changing your placement place during the internship (in case of longer stay).
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Yes, I recommend this program

Very nice project!

Had a great time in Indonesia working as a teacher at an Indonesian university. Directly a lot of responsibility to make the courses a success, which was very interesting. Also nice contact with the students.

My internship was located in Malang, a very nice city with a lot of activities nearby like the Bromo vulcano, Yogyakarta, Ijen vulcano and ofcourse Bali.

So just go!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing time in Indonesia!

I had the most amazing journey when I visited Indonesia! You get the chance to be placed in such a unique setting, which is the most invaluable experience you could ever have. I learned so much about people, culture, language, and myself (!!) from my travels to Indonesia. The kind of worldly experience you gain from such an opportunity is something most people will never get to experience. To any highly adventurous, open-minded, easily adaptable people--I would strongly encourage taking such an opportunity!

What would you improve about this program?
I think its very important to do some research before you go and know what kind of culture and religious environment you'll be submerged in. That way, you can have a heads up on any social norms you wouldn't know about.
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Yes, I recommend this program

One of the best days in my life so far

So, where should I start? :) Let’s begin with a professional part. Since I was a small child, I have always heard many issues regarding the Southeast Asian countries. Some of them stimulated me to admire hard work and educational attitudes, some – wonder about all the issues regarding whether these countries pertain to necessities of life or population growth. So, whenever I thought about the SA countries, a very diverse picture came into my mind.

Therefore, last year I was so delighted to find an opportunity to participate in students’ exchange program in South Korea and after that – internship program in Indonesia. I have decided to apply through “Internship Indonesia”, because this organization looked trustworthy and I was sure this internship would strongly enrich my future studies, adjust my settled approach to various problems prevailing at the SA countries and help me in my prospective career choice. Also, I considered this internship as a great opportunity to get in touch with Indonesian culture, traditions, people, and at the same time – get a professional work experience.

My placement lasted for 3 months in a small construction, architecture, interior design services company “Mahesa Company Group”. The individual assignment of the placement was getting to know Mahesa’s services, analyzing the processes inside and outside the company and deliberating the possibilities to expand. During the whole internship period besides the activities within a company related with marketing and accounting I was also writing an internship report which included information about the company, its organizational structure, internal / external analysis, current situation, perspectives and econometric analysis about what influences the construction work projects' profit and answers to a question how to allocate the expenses in order to achieve the maximum profit. The assistance from my supervisor wasn’t very helpful, because he was busy almost all the time, but I appreciate that he encouraged me to show the initiative and become totally involved in a team. And, although, I didn’t learn something completely new in my professional field, I did improved skills and most importantly – a way of thinking.

Furthermore, living in a multicultural environment, mostly surrounded by local Balinese citizens gave me a heavily narrated life experience and was full of challenges. I was given a chance to become totally involved in the community I have lived in: I was staying in a Balinese house, my housemates were only Balinese people, I was working in an office were all the employees except me and my colleague Marlinde were Indonesians, I was eating Indonesian food in local “Warungs” all the time, I was driving a scooter, although from the first moment I learnt that none of the “normal” traffic regulations are working here… And believe me – it was much more I could have asked for! I not only learnt about new and rich culture, traditions, people, their relations, but my palate of experiences, thoughts, emotions, possibilities expanded too.

Moreover, I had free weekends which I mostly spent for travelling and exploring Bali and East Java. Although Bali is only a small Indonesian island, but it is so diverse and full of everything that I cannot easily find words to describe it! Imagine: hot weather and sunshine all the time, friendly and interesting people, beautiful and charming Hindu temples, wonderful beaches with incredibly high waves, rice terraces with mountains in the background, cheap and super-delicious food… Oh, God, I’ve already missed it so much! :)

What would you improve about this program?
Do not think that everything was perfect… To be honest, within 3 months time I had so many various bad accidents that some of them reminded me a horrible nightmare and I was emotionally frustrated… I was robbed, got sick 3 times (I got a tooth’s infection, caught a cold and got sick from Dengue fever), had a scooter accident on the last day, had serious problems with my visa (almost was taken to prison because of it) and so on. But it was like series of challenges for me and I not only survived it, but, for sure, got better to know myself and started to appreciate everything in my life much more, especially health.

So, what’s the point of this feedback? Do I want to scary you? Do I want to persuade you that this program is awesome? No, not at all. I just want to say that it is your choice to decide whether you want to go to Indonesia or not, but if I were you – I would go for it. These 3 months were like a wonderful dream for me! And although I experienced many differences among the cultures, food, lifestyles, had various accidents, but I successfully dealt with most of them. I learned a lot. I became stronger, braver and more self-confident than before. And all of my new friends, impressions, unforgettable memories are priceless…I will never ever forget them, because it’s just impossible!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Pos. vs Neg.

Beautiful house and neighbourhood were I stayed, wonderful nature, great trips, delicious food, cheap, for adreline junkies motorbike rides, great and supportive people

Got food poisoning, could have had more trip with other interns - perhaps after every 2 weekend, mosques, hot weather

What would you improve about this program?
Coordinatiors should organize more trips
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No, there is no qualification required to apply, but applicants with certificate might be given preference by the hosting organization.

Could you tell me how to apply?