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Our interns come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are all diverse. However, in order to succeed, they all need to have a few common traits: enthusiasm, a love for working with kids, flexibility and eagerness to adapt to other/new cultures, comfortable social skills, independence, dependability and initiative.

There are many different projects running in all Learning Centers. You can determine in advance, together with the local education manager, whether your internship is in line with the WINS vision and goals and also if your activities will meet the requirements of your internship.

You will use the WINS curriculum, however you can also help the children in doing activities in matters that you are good at, e.g. photography, yoga, drawing, painting, sports, music, and anything that will enrich the children’s knowledge and skills.

  • You can make a valuable contribution in supporting the children to build their own future.
  • You can combine your studies with actual experiences in a different environment and culture.
  • A local education manager can help you putting the goals of your internship into activities to achieve your goals.
  • Coaching on the job is possible.
  • Evaluation report is possible.

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Bali, Seraya

Together with a friend I was looking for a volunteer project in Bali. We got in contact with WINS foundation, VIP-International. Through this foundation we could teach children in Bali English. Before we left, the foundation helped us arranging everything, our visa, transport, place to sleep, etc. We stayed in Bali for 2 months. It was the best experience ever. We were teaching in Seraya, a village in the east of Bali. We stayed at a wonderful family and had our own rooms including bathroom. The family brought us to different ceremonies and explained us everything about the culture of Bali. The learning centre in Seraya has one big outside classroom, an inside classroom and a computerroom. You're free to choose what you want to teach and how you are going to do it. The experience of teaching the children and getting to know each other, is amazing. We did not experience difficulties, because we could always call people from WINS or our own Balinese family. They will always help.

Yes, I recommend this program

About VIP- International

VIP- International welcomes volunteers who have the desire to make a difference, and who want to do voluntary work in Indonesia.

If you, who have the passion, drive, enthusiasm and an open mind, and are eager to help the children in Indonesia build...