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Sep 29, 2023
Aug 24, 2018
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Omprakash facilitates beneficial & educational relationships between social grassroots organizations and interns who wish to volunteer in Africa. As a volunteer, Omprakash will assist you in connecting directly with our network of 200+ vetted Partner organizations working in 50+ countries on a wide range of projects.

Our award-winning online training and mentorship program, Widening Circles EdGE (Education through Global Engagement), is designed to increase learning, critical reflection, and overall impact before, during, and after volunteers' international experiences. While you don't need to participate in the Widening Circles EdGE program to find a volunteer position through our network, we highly recommend volunteers participate to gain mentorship, training, support, and more throughout their volunteering or Gap Year journey.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Omprakash EDGE Program

Omprakash is truly a one of a kind organization whose main goal is to first educate volunteers going abroad so that they will have not only a real authentic experience, but at the same time, learn about the ethics, proper awareness, and appropriate ways of helping those in need.

I highly recommend taking their EDGE program as it's truly educational (even for a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer) and will help volunteer travelers have the right perspective, knowledge, and attitude that will help prepare them for their work or projects that they will go into.

Omprakash's fees are also very affordable, transparent, and really mostly goes towards their partners. They even provide scholarships to applicants that might need them.

I'm really thankful for Omprakash and for the wonderful and educational experience I've had with one of their partner organization. I wish many others will also have the same opportunity.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Really Amazing Organization

Omprakash employs some of the most amazing people. Throughout my entire experience in the EDgE program, I always had someone supporting me, guiding me, and encouraging me to look at the world in new ways. The online course content provided a range of topics from good intentions vs. unintended consequences, inequality vs. globalization, environmental justice, confronting our context, and praxis: reflection, dialogue, and action. Each week I was challenged to think deeply on each subject, and I finished the course feeling very knowledgeable about the world of international volunteerism. Through the Omprakash network of international partners, I decided to focus on education and social change and coordinated an internship in Uganda as an English teacher and outreach volunteer at an organization serving local street youth. While I was there, I truly felt immersed in a completely different world. Everyday I was learning new things about local tribes, cultural practices, the history of poverty in the area, and so much more. Even better, I could see how topics in the EDgE course related to inequality and education in the area. I ran into some very difficult, unpredictable situations while there. However, despite being on a completely different continent with an 8 hour time difference, the Omprakash team helped me every bit of the way. I felt like I always had someone to rely on who was knowledgeable and willing to go to any length to make sure that I was comfortable. Throughout my experience abroad, I was studying the perception of street youth in the area to write a paper on the topic for my EDgE capstone. Had I not done EDgE or volunteered through Omprakash, I don't think I would have had the knowledge or skills to create a thoughtful research paper like I did. My experience was been a wonderful opportunity for learning valuable skills and personal growth (and I know that I am not unique in that! EdGE rocks and my friends that went through the program with me have equally positive stories). I am very excited to volunteer abroad next summer and to see how my perspective of social change grows and shifts.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Supportive, Informed, Flexable, Diverse - Well Rounded Educational and Professional Experience

I first came across Omprakash in 2012 while preparing for what in hindsight, became my "gap year" between my bachelors and my masters. I was immediately impressed with Omprakash's plethora of organizations to work with around the world. I knew I wanted to go to Cameroon and work with youth and/or community development - the website was easy to navigate and I was able to find many options that fit my needs. I was awarded a travel grant and became part of the pilot-EdGE program.

For 6 months I worked for two different NGOs in Buea, Cameroon and ended up doing my EdGE capstone comparing the two grassroots organizations. This opportunity not only built my resume, gave my priceless experience on the ground but it also allowed me to make connections and find a paid job to continue my stay in Cameroon. While abroad, I felt immense support from all Omprakash members and both of my mentors. When I had problems or questions - they were right by my side.

Additionally, I visited other Omprakash affiliated organizations during my time in Cameroon which was really exciting to learn about other projects in the country. I highly recommend seeking and internship or study abroad opportunity with them. Their staff is knowledgeable, compassionate and reliable - they have a wide variety of partners around the world so you are bound to find a good match!

What would you improve about this program?
More training and now just for EdGE participants.
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