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volunteer changing toddler's socks
volunteer changing toddler's socks
medical volunteers examine a patient
medical volunteers examine a patient


Projects Abroad offers Medicine & Healthcare internships in Peru for qualified interns looking to gain international work experience.
Volunteer in specific areas such as Nursing, Midwifery, Dentistry, Nutrition, or General Medicine. You can even take an Elective course if you would like! In order to qualify for this internship program, participants must have at least an intermediate level of Spanish understanding.
Visit the Projects Abroad website for more details on this program.

  • Interns will get hands on medical experience working with professionals in the medical field. Internships are available in a variety of fields, including midwifery, dentistry, nursing, and more.
  • This internships is customizable to fit your time frame, let Projects Abroad design you ideal internship experience in Peru!
  • Interns will likely stay with a host family in Peru, giving them the opportunity to learn about Peruvian history and culture.
  • This internship placement gives you the opportunity meet interns from around the world, traveling to Peru in order to gain international experience.
  • Interns can also add language classes while they complete their internship abroad. Learn more about this program by visiting the Projects Abroad website.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Life Changing Experience

I lived in Peru for 3 months while interning as a nutritionist. This experience was absolutely wonderful in every single aspect. The Projects Abroad team does a fantastic job at bringing all the volunteers together. If it wasn’t for the Wednesday socials, I would not have met the amazing, lifelong friends I made during my stay. We all became one family and it made staying away from home for such a long time that much easier.
Working as a nutritionist was the most rewarding work I have ever done. The locals were so open to all I had to teach them and really applied what they learned to their everyday lives. Working among locals completely immerged me into Peruvian culture. Throughout my work experience I learned traditional Quechuan dances and how to cook traditional cuisine. My Spanish also greatly improved throughout this experience!
The Projects Abroad team worked very closely with my school and gave me all the hours I needed in order for me to graduate college while still being abroad. I needed a total of 40 hours a week and even though that was unusual for them, they made sure to extend hours and find extra work for me to do in order to fulfill my 40 hours.
Today, I am currently working for a Non-Profit as a Community Educator. If it wasn't for all the presentations I had to do during my internship, I would have not been able to work my current job being it is all public speaking.

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Yes, I recommend this program


When I first touched down in Peru for my placement with Projects Abroad, I arrived with the understanding that I would be taking on a mostly observational role in the clinic with few hands-on responsibilities. Once I began working, however, my level of involvement far exceeded my expectations as I was given multiple duties involving patient care. In a typical day I arrive at 8:00 am and help weigh and measure patients in “Triage”, which typically lasts until 10:00. I then return to “Topico” to assist the nurse there where I have learned proper would cleaning techniques and how to administer intramuscular injections. I at times take blood pressure and temperature of patients, and assist with the general maintenance of the clinic by cleaning equipment and folding gauze. The day flies by and 1:00 always arrives quickly. This experience has been transformative in my understanding of the medical profession as I have been given hands-on experience treating patients, and have developed relationships with the patients and staff, all while in a foreign language. I have learned the importance of communication and collaboration in a medical environment, and have marvelled at the trusting relationships between health care workers and patients in the Centro de Salud de San Sebastian. This experience has certainly strengthened my resolve to pursue a career in medicine, and inspired me to pursue more medically-related volunteer missions in the future.

What would you improve about this program?
Additional health and safety training prior to clinical work.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Medical Volunteering in Peru

Volunteering in Cusco, Peru at the government run hospital was a very great opportunity to immerse myself in medical Spanish and interact with patients on a day to day basis. Physicians at the hospital were open to teaching and made our time there interactive and purposeful. My homestay family was a very sweet couple, interested in all our activities and enjoyed our presence in their home. They cooked very traditional foods and even took us out on the weekends with them to restaurants/stores to make sure we knew which ones had the best deals. The projects abroad program was overall extremely helpful in the transition from the US to Peru and made sure we had the resources to make the best out of our time there. The office also provided workshops and social events to allow us to meet others also participating in the program. I had a great experience with this program and defiantly recommend it to others to take advantage of in the future!

What would you improve about this program?
Having an assigned physician would have been better in the learning aspect of things.


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Peru is treasured for its gastronomy, Incan history, and stunning Andes mountains. As you travel, you will notice the pride the Peruvians have for their heritage of having been not only the Incan empire but Spain's South American empire. Peru's eco-tourism is growing the quickest of any South American country. If you are looking to tap into a currently less-frequented travel destination, pick Peru.

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