Medical Internships Abroad in the Philippines

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Global Electives Port specializes in making your internship abroad in 2020 more meaningful through plenty of hands-on experience in a specific medical field and adequate time to enjoy local cultures.

As a medical intern, you’ll handle exciting tasks including (but not limited to):
Assisting the surgeon in an operation
Performing drug administration
Accompanying hospital staff members during their healthcare programs in rural communities
Performing medical procedures with the guidance of licensed doctors

GEP offers highly affordable fees for our programs. You can register for only $150. Our prices range from $1300-$2900, depending on your internship duration. Plus, pay only $350 for an extra week.

  • Receive supervision from professional and licensed hospital doctors.
  • Gain hands-on experience you can apply in the real-world medical field.
  • Become more skillful and learn techniques from your experience.
  • Enjoy the local cultures, and learn more about their norms and beliefs.
  • Visit the nearest tourist spots in your free time.

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