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Aug 22, 2023
Oct 04, 2021
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About Program

If you are interested in a law internship in South Africa, our program offers some excellent opportunities within this field. Many of our finest legal internship opportunities involve human rights law in South Africa, though we also offer more traditional law internships in startup, corporate, and environmental sectors too. Our human rights law internships in Cape Town are arguably our most unique internship offerings within the legal field because many firms and NGOs work directly with the South Africa Parliament to promote human rights causes.

Our law internships are available to students in both pre-law and law school. Although our program minimum is 4 weeks, our legal internship sites tend to prefer students who can commit to a minimum of 6 weeks in Cape Town.

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  • Tailored internship placement
  • 24/7 On-the-Ground Support
  • Weekly Cultural Excursions
  • Program Housing
  • Weekly Culture Series

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No, I don't recommend this program

A nice holiday but not more - not at all worth the money

I was interested in Human Rights, and was asking for a placement where it would be incorporated with law. One of my other goals was to get to know the people and culture. Unfortunately, my internship was remote only - and I would totally understand that, due to Covid and the lockdowns.

But: 1 - I asked for an internship where I could be on site. I was fine with some remote work, but I really wanted to get to know people here. As a result, the only South Africans I got to know where those who worked with VAC and Uber drivers. I had interesting chats, but I wanted to meet South Africans, ideally some who work in the legal/human rights field and get to know them and their lives and motivations.
And 2 - I'm pretty sure the internship is always remote work, I don't think there even was a work place for interns. We did go to court a couple times, but once it was closed, the other time was to drop off papers, and then it was just to ask for a rescheduling. So no real cases or true legal insight.

I realized quickly that this internship placement wasn't for me - there were about 8 other interns, almost all of them working remotely, all doing the same tasks. It was boring, and one of the interns I spoke to even considered studying something else, because it didn't appeal to her at all and she was really worried that law was the wrong choice. I would have been too, if I hadn't done an internship right before I came to Cape Town. So, two weeks in I asked for another internship. Unfortunately, it was not possible to find another placement, so I spent 2 months doing almost nothing and having a holiday. It was nice, but far too expensive - if I wanted a holiday, I could have had a far better trip for much less money.

I met a lot of people though, and learned a lot about the US - far more than I learned about South Africa. The staff at VAC were great, and always there to assist or just for a very nice chat. Of the other interns some had great and amazing internships, others not so much - and some didn't care because really, they just came to party. So it is quite a toss up whether you land a good internship or not, and for that amount of money I wouldn't risk it. So unfortunately, I cannot recomment VACorps.

I was looking for professional experience, and I wanted to know if human rights was a field I'd want to work in in the future. I wanted to experience South Africa and get to truly know the people, their problems and the good things. I was very disappointed that none of those goals were met after spending 2 months and a small fortune there.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Be certain of what you want, and ask VACorps for very detailed information on your placement. Ask for other options and the informations on those too. Talk to the interns who did the intership the year before, but be aware that the contacts they give you are most likely to be of people who gave good reviews. And really think twice if you want to spend all that money - what are your expectations? How would you feel if they weren't met?
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Yes, I recommend this program

From Kenya to Cape Town

VAC presented me with an opportunity to look at the world from a new angle. Academically and socially, I was able to become a better version of me. The services provided by the programme are very student-friendly, especially because the staff holds your hand every step of the way. Transitioning into a new place may be hard, but with VAC ensuring that you hit the ground while running you are sure to have an easy time. The city is beautiful and so are the people once you meet them. I could not be more pleased to say that I got what was on my list of objectives.

In terms of my internship, I found it very fulfilling to have written a submission (first submission) for the South African Parliament with the help of the other interns and our supervisor! Helping in the general draft of a submission for courts and doing research work in support of cases was also an achievement.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
The internship requires self-drive, especially because you work remotely often.
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Yes, I recommend this program

South African's

I have been in Cape Town for almost 2 months now and I am totally in love with the city and its people. Everyone has been so welcoming, specially at my internship. They all welcomed me so well since day one. I am also thankful for my amazing VAC advisor, Carmen, she has been great in every way! The vibe in this city is so different from the rest, sure it has its problems but it is a city that really makes you fall in love with it, so many things to do, so many places to visit. When I was looking for a place to do my internship I started looking in Europe because it was something familiar for me since I did my LLM there, then somehow I found VAC and started looking at what Cape Town had to offer and I did not think it twice to apply! It was something totally new for me, really far from home (Mexico), it was just out of my comfort zone, I did not know anyone here but I decided to take the risk and I do not regret it! So much culture and amazing people in one place!! Love it and I will miss so much!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Just to enjoy every single personality in this place, they are all so different from each other but they really make you feel welcome!
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