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Find a remote internship abroad and contribute to a meaningful project in South Africa. Acquire invaluable professional experience that represents the future of employment. Discover South Africa’s vibrant culture, build your international professional network, and make new friends without needing a passport or a plane ticket!

VACorps will find you a remote internship abroad with a South African company, startup, nonprofit, or NGO. During this unique international work opportunity, you will receive a career-relevant internship and work on projects that benefit your host organization. If you are unable to find time to travel to South Africa, yet want to engage with local organizations in a meaningful way, a remote internship experience is your ideal solution.

VACorps is famous for delivering a program experience that makes our participants feel like an honorary member of our South African family. We proudly continue this tradition through our remote internship programming!

  • Gain invaluable international work experience and make new friends without needing a passport or a plane ticket!
  • Receive a remote internship placement that is customized to your academic and professional needs.
  • Gain an advantage over your peers during future job interviews by taking on a remote internship, which is one of the new norms in today’s world.
  • Discover South Africa's vibrant culture through the VACorps Virtual Culture Series
  • Have an insider’s look into the local South African culture through regular one-on-one conversations with our team of some of the friendliest individuals!

Popular Programs

Remote human rights internship program in South Africa

The VACorps Remote Human Rights Internship program is a structured internship that is facilitated by Human Rights Program Coordinator, Kelly Stone, who is a qualified lawyer in the USA and is currently a human rights policy advocate in South Africa. The program delivers an immersive Human Rights internship in South Africa through active mentorship. You will develop practical skills while acquiring a deep understanding of the human impact of right’s violations and challenges in South Africa.

Remote public health internships in Cape Town

During a remote public health internship with VACorps, you will work alongside qualified healthcare professionals in conducting epidemiological research, assessing access to care in South Africa, research, data collection, and education outreach programs in the community. South Africa faces many serious healthcare issues, including high rates of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and more recently, COVID-19.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Making a difference during my remote internship in South Africa

I have just finished my remote internship where I was working on putting together a sports program design with a soccer academy for a group of underprivileged girls based in South Africa. Although I would have liked to visit Cape Town in person, I have still been able to meet some incredible people and truly experience the South African culture within the comfort of my own home. I feel I have made a difference in these girls lives whilst they have changed mine.

While participating in fun cultural workshops and weekly buddy chats with my new friend in South Africa, I was able to learn and experience as much of South Africa as possible remotely. The buddy chats were always the highlight of my week and are something I will truly miss. This experience has helped me gain perspective, think creatively, and explore my interests. I have had a great experience with Kaya Volunteer and VACorps from the very beginning of my program and can’t wait to visit South Africa in the near future!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Be as involved as possible and really take in this experience. Really try and put yourself into their shoes
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Yes, I recommend this program

Journey before Destination

If there was one phrase that described my remote internship experience in South Africa through VACorps and Kaya Responsible Travel, it would be “journey before destination.” While the end product (in my case a framework for a new sports development programme) was well worth the many weeks of hard work, it was the relationships that I formed along the way with people within and around the communities I was serving that set this experience apart.

I originally chose South Africa as a destination for an internship because even remotely, it is an ideal place to see the fruits of both domestic and international public health development programmes in action. What I was not aware of (and what ended up being one of my favorite parts of the experience) was just how rich and diverse South Africa is culturally while still maintaining a fairly universal workplace culture structured around familial relationships. From the moment I first interacted with my supervisor at my internship site and my “buddy” through VACorps, I felt known, valued, and appreciated in a way that I had not anticipated and very much appreciated. Specifically within VACorps, I was able to develop a close bond with my “buddy” Kuselwa Webu; she not only did an amazing enhancing the cultural learning experience but also provided a weekly opportunity to relax and chat informally about all things South Africa.

If I had to choose one thing that I liked the most about my internship, it would be the workplace culture. Somehow, my supervisor and my fellow interns and I created and maintained a workplace dynamic that always felt laid-back and non-intrusive while still pushing us to maintain the deadlines that we set for ourselves. This aspect of a workplace culture was quite unique for me, as it is quite different than anything that I have experienced in America. In terms of things that I will miss the most, I think that the unique workplace dynamics in place will be one of the most prominent.

Overall, I had an amazing experience interning through VACorps! I would highly recommend that they make an effort to continue working with my internship site in the future, and I hope that in the future, I can work with them again to visit South Africa in person!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Set specific goals for your experience right at the start of your internship and communicate them clearly with your supervisor! The people at your internship site are super keen on helping their interns take initiative and work towards their own individual goals at their own pace. Additionally, never feel afraid to reach out to ask for more work or to clarify your supervisor's intentions / image for a particular deliverable; they want to help you create something meaningful!
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Yes, I recommend this program

My remote internship in South Africa was the highlight of my year!

Interning at VACorps has been the best thing I have done all year. Speaking to their advisors made me believe interning with them would be the best thing; especially as all opportunities are in South Africa. I was drawn to SA because it has a unique culture and history which has shaped the country. As a psychology student, I liked the idea of working with people which is what interning in SA has been all about. The people are all welcoming and communicate openly. I have loved interning remotely as it is more accessible but also has allowed me to help a company that needed it and would not have gotten the help unless it was remote.

I learnt a lot in my internship including how hard I can push myself. I realised I love doing research and that I am good at getting into great detail when doing it. Additionally, I have learnt how working to help others is my true passion. Some specific highlights include meeting with my supervisor every week and working on creating a girls' module tackling real-life issues to help young women and girls in the Crossroads township.

What I loved most about my host company is that they share the same main principles as me, including an appreciation for education. For me, education is the most important resource we have and that I believe we should all have access to to reap the benefits. They were also very accommodating, kind and willing to give support at any time.

Now that my internship experience is over, I will really miss having important and interesting work to do everyday. I will also miss the weekly cultural workshops that VACorps hosted.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
My tips for future interns going into the same internship site as me would be to not be afraid to ask questions. Everyone at the organization is willing to talk and help!