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Aug 22, 2023
Nov 10, 2023
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About Program

The VACorps Gap Year Program is a transformative experience that will help prepare you for the world that awaits after you finish high school. You will gain real-world work experience, make new friends from all over the globe, and have the time of your life as you explore the most beautiful city in the world.

As a participant of our program, you will join a community that feels like a family. When you arrive in South Africa, we make it incredibly easy for you to adjust to life in Cape Town and call this city your home. From your very first day in the country will guide you through a comprehensive orientation that ensures you will take full advantage of every moment in South Africa.

You will immediately be networked with other participants so that you have a peer group to relate with as you quickly adapt to life in a new city you'll soon be calling home. Gap year students live together in the gap year house, which is another highlight of the VACorps Gap Year Program experience.

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Program Highlights

  • Gain personal and professional development through your custom internship placement at a local organization in Cape Town
  • Live abroad in one of the world’s most beautiful and adventurous cities!
  • Attend VACorps Weekly Meet-Ups and culture series and discover Cape Town's beautiful sights, attractions and culture
  • Live independently in a designated GAP year house with other like minded adventurers
  • Enjoy plenty of travel opportunities to attractions like the Garden Route, Mozambique, Kruger National Park, and Cederberg Mountains

Popular Programs

Gap Year Sustainability Internship

Make an impact, build your resume and gain valuable field experience in a professional environment during your sustainability internship in Cape Town. Intern at an organization that promotes sustainable social, economic, cultural, and environmental development. Regardless of your focus, you will gain an understanding of the challenges and triumphs of sustainability efforts in South Africa.

Film and Media Gap Year Internships in Cape Town

Gain hands-on learning opportunities during your GAP year in a culturally unique environment. Cape Town has a bustling film and media industry and is an ideal place to gain experience working within a foreign media while producing work that will help you develop your professional portfolio. If you are studying or interested in pursuing a career in film, production, media, journalism, or photography, VACorps can provide you with exciting internship options.

Gap year business or start-up internships in Cape Town

If you are interested in studying towards a business degree and are hungry for emerging market exposure, a business/start-up internship in Cape Town will provide you with an enriching professional experience. Whether you are looking for experience in a fast-paced private company or would prefer to apply your knowledge and work for an organization that helps the underprivileged, VACorps will customize an internship that will help you work towards your goals and objectives.

Refugee Internships in Cape Town

If you have an interest in human rights and social services and a desire to gain an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by refugees and asylum seekers, then a refugee internship is a great option. You will be placed in a professional organization that is committed to improving the lives of refugees in South Africa by providing them with a wide range of social services that will assist in helping them integrate and succeed in local society.

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  • Housing 5
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  • Value 5
  • Safety 4.95
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Yes, I recommend this program

I can't imagine who I would be without Cape Town or this internship!

In a word my time in Cape Town, South Africa with VACorps was incredible! This was the first chance I've really had to live independently and it helped me to figure out what I want in life and who I want to be. I can't imagine who I would be without this place or this internship. I ended up extending my stay in Cape Town well beyond the end of the gap year program. In terms of my future career, learned what working for a non-profit is actually like and how adults attempt to balance work and life.

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Yes, I recommend this program

VACorps is a magnificent program located in a magnificent city

VACorps is a magnificent program located in a magnificent city. I departed Cape Town after living there for three months. The time I have spent in Cape Town went by far too quickly, but looking back I have had so many unforgettable experiences. There is never a dull moment when living in Cape Town. Whether you like to hike, shop, skydive, scuba, or volunteer there are a million opportunities for this and infinitely more. I came expecting to only stay two months but ended up extending my trip since I couldn’t imagine leaving so soon. Through VACore I worked as a teach at a local school focused on integrating Zimbabwean students into the South African education system. On my very last day of internship, the staff put together a lovely celebration in my honor. All of the staff came together with food, drinks, and cake to wish me safe travels and to say thank you. I couldn’t express how grateful to them I was for this opportunity.

VACorps itself is a lovely program. The staff are so kind and welcoming. I was never afraid or homesick while here since I knew I had such strong support systems. The weekly activities were always a great time, getting together with all the students after a hectic week at our sites and getting to see new parts of the city. I have loved my experience with VACorps, I couldn’t have asked for a better program.

  • Such a beautiful city and culture!
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Yes, I recommend this program

A once in a lifetime experience!

Cape Town and the VACorps have provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and experience for me. I came here as part of my process of deciding where my next step in life is, and I can now say with resounding enthusiasm that I have gained priceless insight into the world and life itself through this experience. While my internship wasn't the most productive, the life lessons I've learned, continue to become exponentially more valuable as I continue to grow and shape my view of the world. Overall it was a great experience and I have made friends that I will never forget, among both interns and VACorps staff members. (I'm talking about you, Kus ;) can't wait to come back!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Exceeded all of my expectations

I didn't know what to expect before leaving for South Africa, but VACorps truly exceeded all of my expectations. I appreciate the amount of freedom that VAC grants its students while still providing some structure and support. I feel like I've grown so much as a person because of the freedom we've had here, but I appreciate the moments that we spend altogether, most commonly at the Friday VAC Activities. The VAC program also creates the perfect balance of work and play, and I credit this balance to why I have absolutely loved my time here in Cape Town. VAC paired me with the perfect internship for my interests, and this real-world experience has informed me about what I want to study in the future, and I feel confident I will return to the States with a newfound passion and drive I didn't have before. When I'm not at my internship site, I am always exploring the beautiful city, and I never run out of things to do with friends. I've done a bit of everything, from surfing to wine tasting to hiking, and I could not be happier with the time I spent here. I spent 2.5 months in Cape Town with VAC, and it doesn't feel like nearly enough time. The people here are truly indescribable; I've definitely found a family with VAC.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Gap Year Journalism Internship in Cape Town

During my gap year with VACorps in Cape Town, I've explored the unknown and stepped outside of my comfort zone. I've accomplished things that have scared me and have checked off some items on my bucket list. Cape Town's beauty is indescribable and the proximity to the mountains, beaches, and city and melting pot of cultures is like no other. While interning at a local radio station in Cape Town, I got to co-host a show with segments on health and wellness, human rights, gender, labour, and arts & culture.  I got to meet so many locals through interviews and opportunities here and as a result, I have a better understanding of South African culture. I've gained more insights into what career path I'd like to pursue, become more confident trying new things, and fostered familial relationships with my co-workers.  Most importantly, I've learned how to create a healthy work-life balance.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Overwhelming gratitude for my gap year experience in a city unlike any other

Interning in Cape Town was such a great experience! The city is incredible and there’s so much to do. I spent a lot of my free time outdoors exploring the beautiful mountains, beaches, and forests that make Cape Town so unique. I interned at a bicycle shop and had a great time learning how to build and repair bicycles while also learning valuable business lessons. The workplace environment was so much fun and made the early morning commutes worth it. Living and working in a city thousands of miles away from home came with challenges, but those experiences taught me a lot which will help me in college and beyond. I stayed in Cape Town for around 9 weeks and I think that was the perfect length. I will really miss my time here and I hope to visit again! soon!

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Yes, I recommend this program

VACorps is a special program that provides people with a once in a life-time experience in South Africa

I chose to come to Cape Town because it is the city with everything. A large exciting city, with oceans, mountains, and fascinating people, Cape Town provides a plethora of opportunities for ambitious people. Diverse and educational, South Africa has a rich history that is easily explorable. I specifically loved how much I was able to do here, I worked in an underserved clinic and witnessed a mix of cultures united under one roof, I spent weeks on a farm in the heart of the city and learned more than ill ever need to know about plants and gardening. I will miss the sheer beauty no matter where I looked during my commutes to work each day. Three months was not nearly enough time, yet I still was able to experience so many incredible things, like scenic hikes, crazy surf days, world heritage sites, and so much more. The culture here is unmatched and so unique. Like any city, Cape Town has its flaws, petty crime, load shedding, etc. It is crucial to be aware of these things before arrival, along with this, VACorps staff will do their best to prepare you for living in such a bustling place with so many types of people. I am beyond grateful for the people I met while living here, whether that be my lovely roommates or hard-working co-workers.

28 people found this review helpful.
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Yes, I recommend this program

An extraordinary gap year experience in Cape Town

It was a joy to be part of the VACorps program. My time in Cape Town was extraordinarily special, in large part due to the opportunities provided by VAC and the endless support of the VAC staff. My internship experience at a human rights NGO was transformative. I was able to immerse myself within a community and way of life, unlike anything to which I had ever been exposed. I made personal connections with the people in my internship, and I was welcomed into my internship organization with open arms. I learned and grew as a person during my time in my internship, and I was challenged to do and think about things that had never even crossed my mind. I regard my time in my internship as a true blessing. Beyond this, I was excited every week to partake in the Friday activities provided by VAC, each of which brought to my attention a new place within an aspect of Cape Town. The activities were well-planned, thrilling, and a great way to spend time with other people within the program. Additionally, as a woman navigating a new city on my own, it was comforting to know that the VAC staff would always be there, should I need anything. Because of the support provided by VAC, I was able to find a sense of independence in a new city and create a community for myself on my own, while knowing that I had people always looking out for me. VAC ensured that we would be safe during our time in Cape Town, that we would have a meaningful internship experience, and that we would be able to enjoy all the beauty and adventure that Cape Town has to offer.

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