Climate Activism in the Caribbean

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Join a 1 or 6 months intensive program with studies, courses and actions to make the small island nation St. Vincent and the Grenadines ready for Climate Change.

Global Warming and Climate Change is serious. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a “disaster prone” country. Most of our food and diesel to produce energy is imported. Hurricanes and flooding kill people and leave hundreds homeless. Climate Change has thus become a major issue and there is a need for individuals to take action for a secure and sustainable future.
During 5 years we have planted 30,000 trees, cleaned up 20 tons of trash from rivers and beaches, set up 50 organic gardens and Bio gas digesters, produced TV and Radio programs, held Open Days - taught in schools, community centers and festivals.

RVA is a climate center with solar, bio gas digester, water collection, climate smart farming, perma culture and more.

  • Learn about climate change, study, watch and discuss documentaries with your team
  • Learn to run projects bottom up by mobilizing and teaching people
  • Improve your social and practical skills
  • Live in a community of like-minded people from all over the world
  • Learn to grow organic vegetable in a tropical climate permaculture way

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Grow to the better you while doing something important

I know there are special programs and studies for personal development. But nothing can compare with experience personal development- that is true knowledge. This is what happens to you when you join a program at RVA. You learn so much about the world, the earth and what we are doing with it. We really are parasites on Mother earth in today's society. You learn a lot of things that makes you sad and angry, but you also learn that there is hope! There is a way, and you are going that way in this program where you are actually out in the communities making actions on what you believe in! You also learn how to teach others in a simple way so that they also can start doing something to save our world.

You live like you learn, along with your morals and in a nature that you thought only existed in books with photshoped pics. All people who comes to RVA are good hearted people, so prepare to make lifelong new friendships along with the challenges that comes with working in a team.

There is no way you are the same person when you first enter Richmond Vale Academy as when you leave.
You are the better you.

Do it for the world. Do it for you!!

How can this program be improved?
There can be discussions about the frames. I think there is a better way to have the frames more suitable for more people.
Yes, I recommend this program
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I have learned so much about what negative impact we are making on our climate and it is even the smallest things that contribute. Saint Vincent is a country, among so many that needs to be taught about how we can contribute, however big or small in taking action as a climate activist. One of my highlights was visiting a number of schools and giving presentations about GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). Many products are exported and imported worldwide, but yet the Vincentians have the potential to produce food on their own doorstep - eat organic, healthy food, reduce carbon emissions and support their own economy. Many of us from here and across the world need to rethink how we shop, use energy or other things that make a difference to our planet, good or bad. This experience has changed my point of view on our climate and planet. The fossil fuels, for example won't last forever, as many of us think and if we carry on doing this, we are destroying our home planet more and more. People from all walks of life can join this programme, whether they are an 18 year old student or a middle aged lawyer - it doesn't matter. What does matter is Earth is our home and we all need to take care of it because we are part of this biodiversity, therefore this is why we are alive today.

How can this program be improved?
There is always room for new ideas and projects. We need this kind of development for us to learn from and teach others.
Yes, I recommend this program


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