Paid TEFL Internship in Taiwan

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12 months teaching in Taiwan is an experience you’ll never forget. After completing our 120 hour Advanced TEFL course certification you will be fully prepared for an amazing experience. You won’t get bored day or night. The busy night markets will keep you busy, or travel between the well connected Taiwanese cities during the day.

You can expect to teach English ~26 hours weekly to your students, leaving you ample time (~15 hours) to prep new games and activities, grade papers, and provide in-class help to your co-teachers. Professional development training sessions offered throughout the year to help you continue to be the best teacher!

Exploring the mountains running along the spine of the island, visit neighboring China or spending the day at the beach will provide some serious Instagram backdrops.

Your monthly allowance is between 47,000 – 60,000 (NTD) Taiwan Dollars (US$1,550-US$2,000). You’ll be a high-paid first-time English teacher and live very comfortably.

  • 120 hour Advanced TEFL Course
  • Accommodation assistance
  • All public holidays off
  • Visa and work permit sponsorship
  • Access to in-country medical

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