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Collabriv is recruiting young professionals, ages 21-26, from around the world for 6-18 month paid internships and leadership training in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Collabriv, a social venture based in San Francisco, enables Fellows to acquire the critical skill of the 21st century—global collaboration—by offering:

- Paid Internships with a Bay Area NGO or social venture (6-12 months)
- Leadership studies and certificate from accredited Saint Mary’s College
- Mentoring from a Bay Area professional
- Access to the Impact Hub co-working space in SF (and home to many entrepreneurs)
- Access to Collabriv staff

Each Collabriv Fellow will train, in a two- to four-person team at a company or NGO in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Projects will focus on:
• Marketing
• Communications
• Business Development
• Web Design/Development
• Graphic Design

Program Highlights
  • WORK: Earn $16/hour in a team-based internship with a San Francisco Bay Area company or NGO.
  • LEADERSHIP: Study a Masters level curriculum in leadership and earn a certificate from accredited Saint Marys College of California.
  • CALIFORNIA: Visit Los Angeles, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Pt. Reyes, even Las Vegas just over the borderand much more.
  • SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: Our office is located at the San Francisco branch of Impact Hub, a global network of co-working and incubator spaces. Members come to Impact Hubs in San Francisco, nearby Berkeley and Oakland, and in 50 other locations around the world
  • TEAM: Work with a community of Fellows from around the world.

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9.5 Rating
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  • Growth 9
  • Support 9.2
  • Fun 9.5
  • Housing 9.5
  • Safety 9.5
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Yes, I recommend this program

Think internship...Think Collabriv!

There many things i enjoyed during this Collabriv internship but there are three things that are outstanding.

1)Bay Area Experience: If you are thinking of going to the USA then please stay in the Bay Area. Not only is the weather favorable, but you meet the most diverse and amazing team on the planet ever! Also you get to visit the HUB SOMA at any time of your convenience. The HUB is this amazing space in SF that has brilliant social entrepreneurs in one space. You will not regret living in the Bay Area

2) The Home stay Experience: Some might say this is a hit or miss. For me, i enjoyed the company of these amazing folks who welcomed me into their lives. And the wonderful thing is even when i left, i still feel a very much part of their lives!

3) The leadership Training program: If the Bay Area and home stay experience isn't enough to change you positively, i guarantee that this leadership program will. It will prepare you for the work you are doing and what comes next after the internship is over. The instructors are great too!!

Lastly i would like to acknowledge the staff at Collabriv who just the best cheerleaders and the people i worked with at Rising Sun who worked hard to bring out the best in me.

If you think internship in the US(or in the world for that matter) definitely think Collabriv

What would you improve about this program?
Collabriv started a mentorship program at the beginning of the internship although it kind of died out toward the end. I would love for it to be revived and fully functional as i got a lot of advice through it at the beginning.
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Yes, I recommend this program

The giant leap forward

When I arrived I was part of my home stay family, the community and the
Collabriv team right away. I explored my own limits, the limits of my team members and discovered an arsenal of new possibilities and opportunities.

Working in Berkeley, studying in San Francisco, living in the Bay Area, traveling in California and beyond, it was all part of the experience and I still dream of those days.

Nowadays I work for an international marketing and sales company, thanks to my international Collabriv experience, and coming back with my own family and live in the Bay Area again is a big dream for me.

A great family, an extraordinary team of mentors, a lasting friendship with many and an international network are only a few gifts I received and so much more will come to me in the years coming.

Collabriv gave me a once in a life time chance and I took it with two hands, and so should all of you!!! The people in San Francisco and the Bay will see me again, I hope they will see you too!!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Not an ordinary internship abroad but an amazing international experience

When I came to the San Francisco Bay Area I head my doubts about home stay, and the other people I would meet. But the great thing is that I only meet wonderfully helpful people and had many important experiences which contributed to my personal and professional growth.

The collabriv team took care about us and organized outstanding trips to the various beautiful sights in California - so was our trip to Yosemite something I will never forget.

Furthermore in this program you will make friends for a lifetime - you will work and spend your free time with people who are in the same situation as you and you learn how to act in an international and very inspiring setting.

So I can honestly recommend this program for everyone who is at least a little adventurous and wants to improve his or her social and professional skills.

Thanks Dwight for giving me this amazing opportunity!

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Yes, I recommend this program

No matter where you're from... Your dreams are valid.

This was the best decision I ever made at a personal and professional development level.

First and foremost, it is called an internship, but I found that the types of the projects we worked on are considered managerial level anywhere else in the world. Despite my position as an intern, I had the rewarding opportunity to do meaningful work that left an impact and my ideas were taken seriously - it felt like I was contributing to something big and that's really important for me.

More exciting, was the platform to grow my understanding and practice of authentic leadership in a multinational work environment. I received world-class leadership skills through the Leadership program with Saint Mary's College of California. Nowhere in the world will you get this chance to do an internship and be awarded a Leadership Certificate from a prestigious US University.

I am convinced that this part of California is one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit. You have the mountains, the beaches, world-class universities and Silicon Valley all in one place. The San Francisco Bay is the center of world innovation!!

The highest compliment I can pay this program is that my company loved me so much that they paid me to stay for an extra 1 year. Awesome!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best CEO Ever

Mr. Wilson (CEO of Collabriv) has changed my overall impression of CEO due to his kindness. Whenever I encountered a situation, he is always being there to offer the best he can, which has make the program such a joyful experience.

Beside that, Collabriv really becomes a mile stone in my career development because of its unique setting with the leadership course ,the internship, my home stay family, and the beautiful Bay Area, San Francisco. This has become a lifetime experience to me, and I am sure it will become yours too.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Just try!

I'm part of the first Collabriv's cohort, last 2013. I happy say that this experience made me grow a lot in terms of my professional career and interpersonal relations. After 6 months I came from California, I got the job of my dreams and I'm proud to say that it was, in part, because the experiencie I got there. Is proved! My supervisors here are happy about the knowledge I got and the networks I built.

If people have the chance and are interested, I'd recommend it right away! Get involved, ask, and just try... it opens plenty of doors... It opened a couple for me ;-)

BTW, the staff is just amazing, it turns in a kind of family in a very short period of time..

What would you improve about this program?
I'm part of the fisrt cohort, we all learnt they definately have a few things to improve, but if you put it in a balance.. there no chance to say no!

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