Alumni Spotlight: Eugene Lee

What originally inspired to join the TaLK program in South Korea?

Eugene: What inspired me first was an old elementary school friend of mine who wanted to go and thought it would be fun if we went together. Free round trip flight, free housing and they pay you!? come on! once in a lifetime opportunity. + free healthcare and other great incentives.

A group of interns wearing TaLK jerseys

Describe your day to day activities as a TaLK intern in South Korea.

Eugene: Well, the first month was orientation. We met people from all over the world, that was the most interesting part of the internship. The day to day orientation was also very informative and the transition into Korea was smooth. I was introduced to the students I would be teaching and I absolutely loved them, I would love the chance to go back to Korea to visit old friends and students. Since the TaLK program is part-time and takes place after school, I would simply go to school late in the afternoon and just work for a couple hours, and then come home and just maybe hit up friends and go out to eat. Usually I would stay home and work on lesson plans or read, and listen to music. I loved exploring over the weekends, meeting my friends, and spending time with my host-family.

How has this experience impacted your future?

Eugene: The internship inspired me to look at the world from a global perspective. I still keep in touch with TaLK and help them promote this great program. I am an entrepreneur, and I never thought of teaching but it opened my mind and eyes to new things. My new global perspective has set me right to do business overseas.