Staff Spotlight: Stella Cho

PR Coordinator at TaLK

Tell us a little about the TaLK program?

Our program is sponsored by the Korean government (Ministry of Education, Science and Technology) and it is managed by a government organization in charge of training and cultivating international human resources and providing scholarships for exchange students (National Institute for International Education. The government's priority is to maintain quality education for future generations. The Korean government understands the value of providing immersion education that is authentic; so while keeping a national curriculum, they support this with a program such as TaLK.

How many interns has the TaLK program had?

The TaLK program trains successful program applicants twice a year (once in February, once in August) and generally accepts about 250 new participants every time [500/year]. We have over 1,200 TaLK scholars who have successfully completed their service in Korea and have returned home with a Korean government scholarship certificate.

What growth have you seen in the need for and recruitment of English-speaking volunteers in Korea?

TaLK has become more competitive since 2008 and this is evident in the rising number of applicants that we have every semester (and the high retention rate of our current participants who want to hold on to their positions at their designated elementary schools).