Alumni Spotlight: Jonathon Maeser

Why did you decide to study abroad with AIFS at Richmond in London?

Jonathon: I chose Richmond American International University, London initially due to how lucrative the package was with meals, dormitory, schooling, and airfare all included in one price. Before learning about the pricing I chose Richmond due to the late submission for applications and how easy the application process was as well. AIFS is truly there to help in any way necessary. The location of the program was very important to me as well.

Jonathon with other AIFS students on a boat cruise

What made your study abroad experience unique and special?

Jonathon: There were so many things that made this experience well worth every second. First off, the course professors were beyond helpful in assisting our learning; secondly the location of the London campus was unbeatable. From the restaurants to various social establishments and having Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park right there as well. Thirdly the dormitory set up gave us the opportunity to meet everyone in our group and then the degree students of whom many became lifelong friends. This being just a small taste of the amazing and unique experiences it is well worth the adventure that this study abroad program entails.

Jonathon and friends enjoying their time in England

How has this experience impacted your future?

Jonathon: From a personal standpoint, this experience has given me life experiences, lifelong friends in 6 continents, and much more. I can honestly say that professionally I have connected with many individuals of who will assist me now and after I receive my degree. Academically I have received sources from professors at Richmond that I continue to use back at my home university of Iowa State University and have even received a letter of recommendation from a professor as well. My future has come to prove that the world is not that small and the travel opportunities given to me show how different cultures work in comparison to ours.