Alumni Spotlight: Chad Myers

Why did you decide to study abroad with Richmond in London?

Chad Myers - AIFS in London

Chad: AIFS offered a full service solution and a lot of guidance and their location at Richmond in London offered a great location right in the city. I choose Richmond because they had a centrally located campus in downtown London with easy access to the Tube to make getting around very easy. The staff at AIFS made the application process very easy and made themselves available to answer any questions that you had prior and during the trip. The pre-departure package they put together had everything you needed and answered all your questions. They made this whole process extremely easy which made for a much more enjoyable time abroad because they handled all the logistics and allowed you to fully appreciate your time abroad.

What made your study abroad experience unique and special?

Chad: The people in the program made this the best experience of my life. Everyone that studied at Richmond was very friendly and always wanted to make the most of being abroad. We traveled extensively through Europe as groups. The friends I made there I still stay in touch with today.

How has this experience impacted your future?

Chad: I look at the world very differently after having lived abroad. There is so much more outside of the US that happens and gives you a brand new appreciation for diversity. Being able to travel and experience new cultures and lifestyles first hand really made a difference on how I look at culture different from my own. This appreciation made a difference in my ability to interview for jobs and manage others because of this appreciation.