Alumni Spotlight: Jill Beytin

Jill and friends in Prague!

Why choose ISA?

Jill: I chose to study abroad with ISA because it was the most valuable trip. It had the best excursions, the most included in the price of the program, and the housing looked awesome online. Also, when I called up the company to inquire further about the Prague program, they were so friendly and knowledgeable! A real person answered, which I didn’t experience with other study abroad companies. I actually visited their office in Austin this summer, and got to meet all of the people that work to inform students and their parents about programs and all of the other people who work to ensure that students embark for their trip prepared and organized. They seemed very efficient, confident, and experienced, and it made me trust them, and made me feel like they were the most experienced out of all of the study abroad companies I looked into.

What made this study abroad experience unique and special?

Jill: We all became friends with the people who work in the ISA office. They were extremely friendly and personable, and often had us come into the office so they could give us mini classes about holidays, customs, and safety in Prague. Also, they took us to the doctors office when we were ill, so that they could translate for us. The staff was there to help us with every little question we or our parents had, and we were able to trust them with helping us plan our own trips. ISA gives students extra opportunities to meet Czech students and learn the language as well, with the Tandem program and by letting students volunteer to help teach English to Czech students.

The ISA staff also made the best use of our time in Prague; they often led excursions inside of the city to museums or events that we otherwise wouldn’t know about, and they were extremely organized and keen when we went on multi-day excursions. Lastly, ISA gives alumni the opportunity to work for them as a Global Ambassador, which helps you promote ISA on campus as an intern, allowing you to build your resume after returning to the states.

Jill enjoys the beautiful city!

How has this experience impacted your future?

Jill: My time in Prague is the reason I have a full, powerful resume while still a senior in college, and I know that it has made my degree much more valuable. It helped me see a tangible result of working hard in college, as well as made me rethink what I wanted to do with my life. It motivated me, giving me inspiration to work hard in order to ensure my success professionally. I’m an International Relations major, and studying abroad rendered me more knowledgeable and useful for the organizations I currently work for. Rather than thinking of things as opportunities, I now know that I would be an asset to anybody I work for. Potential bosses have realized how much studying abroad can help a person develop, gain real world experience, and have a globalized mindset.

Because I studied in Prague I became an extremely mature and dynamic person, and your resume and demeanor will show that. You’ll have countless examples of how you adapted to new situations, did things you were proud of, or worked together with others, along with all of the other benefits that come with living in a foreign country. Also, going with a program that isn’t based at your home university allows you to meet so many amazing people that you’d otherwise never know existed. I now have friends and connections all over the country, just because I went abroad, and these connections may very well lead to a job in the future. Studying abroad is an investment in your future, and yourself.