Alumni Spotlight: Julie Mills

Julie Mills, 21, is from Dartmouth, Massachusetts and is currently a senior studying psychology and Spanish at Stonehill College. She enjoys Boston, sports, and is looking to pursue a career as a children's psychologist. One day she hopes to return to Salamanca.

API Spain alumni

Why did you decide to study with API?

Julie: The program was recommended to me by my institution. However, upon looking into it I saw that it had a lot to offer me not just in terms of education but also the experiences I would have while abroad.

What made this experience unique and special?

Julie: Everything about my experience was all I wanted and more. I had the opportunity to call an amazing city my home for three and a half months, while also traveling to eight different countries throughout that time span. I was introduced to the Spanish culture, improved my Spanish immensely, and found that this allowed me the privilege of making new friends from Spain and other countries as well. Although I loved Spain and everything it had to offer, I developed a newfound appreciation for my own country and found that not only did my love grow for Spain but also for my hometown as well.

How has this experience impacted your future?

Julie: This experience has impacted my future in more ways than I would have imagined. I've developed a newfound love for traveling and look forward to my anticipated return to Spain. I've also found my acquired knowledge of Spanish to open up many doors for me academically and professionally. Whether it be the use of the language at my internship or the presence of it on my resume while applying to graduate school, it has helped me to raise the bar and participate more than I would have if I had not studied abroad. Overall, I have learned more about myself because of this experience and this in turn will help me to learn more about others as well.

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