Alumni Spotlight: Tiffany Fritz

Tiffany Fritz is a senior at Otterbein University majoring as a veterinary technician. She enjoys riding her two horses, spending quality time with friends and family, engaging in her community, helping other people, playing guitar and drawing.

Highlights: Not only did we have our classes to go to, on certain days there were planned activities where we would go places. Those days were the best times I have ever had. We went to Loch Lomond, a lake that separates the Lowlands from the Highlands. It was beautiful, words can't describe the lush green grass and trees with rolling high hills and tapered rock that looked as if it were falling into the lake.

The lake itself is black and I can see why now the Scottish believe the Lochness lives in its depths. Edinburgh castle was amazing, the history and beauty of it astounded me. I loved riding in my riding lessons,they were really fun. The most exciting part I loved was running by myself out through the countryside and smelling the grape seed oil flowers and seeing the beautiful stone walls built on both sides of the road. I ran almost everyday and that was a joy for me to be alone out there just me and nature in a place that is foreign.

Morning: In Scotland a typical morning consisted of getting up and starting your day off right by having breakfast at the cafeteria, which was served around 8. Usually it was cereal, milk, orange or apple juice and a pastry of some sort. After breakfast the Equine group and Ecology group would go their separate ways and head to their classes. The equine group only had two classes Equine Fitness and Equine Anatomy and Physiology as well as riding lessons which were splited up into two groups based on our riding experience. The style of riding was English and the instructors were fantastic.

Afternoon:There was lunch which we had little pieces of paper explaining that we can get a sandwich, drink, and some sort of treat for our meal provided by the school. For dinner we would meet around 5pm to eat and afterwards we all would hang out or do the very little homework we were assigned. The equine group seemed to enjoy the more social night life so we would go to pubs and socialize with the Scottish and participate in any activities they had planned.

Evening: They had no TV or computers in the dorms or "flats" as the Scottish would call them so the only fun we would have is socialize and hang out with each other and the Scottish. We learned a lot about their culture that way and it was nice to get away from the norm. The biggest hassle was the Internet and making phone calls. The Internet was always down so it was hard to get a hold of family and friends and face book but again in a way it was kind of nice.