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HSK (Mandarin Chinese)
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All train fares and classroom materials are included. For further prices please contact us via our website.
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May 30, 2023
Apr 20, 2024
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About Program

If you want to learn Mandarin the fastest way possible whilst also experiencing real China there is no better program to take than our Immersion Program - we can bank on that.

The Chinese Immersion Program is a combination program where you will first settle into China with a course at a school in Beijing or Shanghai and then have an intensive complete immersion experience in Chengde. People in Chengde are famous for speaking the best and most standard Mandarin of all in China.

No foreigners live in Chengde and nobody speaks English. Students are therefore completely immersed into Chinese language.

You will live with a Chinese homestay family and take classes with our certified Mandarin teachers meaning you live a truly immersive lifestyle.

Nowhere does immersion like LTL (Live The Language).

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Program Highlights

  • No English Speaking - Live and Breathe Mandarin
  • Live with a Chinese Host Family and speak Mandarin 24/7
  • No foreigners, no Starbucks, no McDonalds
  • Individual classes tailored the way you want them
  • There is no quicker way to learn Mandarin - Fact

Program Reviews

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  • Academics 4
  • Support 5
  • Fun 5
  • Housing 5
  • Safety 5
  • Instruction 5
  • Support 5
  • Fun 5
  • Housing 4.5
  • Value 4.85
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Yes, I recommend this program

F2f and online chinese clase (2on1 and 1on1)

I have been with LTL Shanghai now since mid of 2020, when I was living in Shanghai. Starting with f2f with our teacher in 2 on 1 session. Since I continued on my own, I chose to have the 1 on 1 session, which I now have online due to I moved back to Germany in August 2022. Very satisfied with my teacher, which is the same one since day one and the staff at LTL is also great. Quick feedback if you have any question. Keep going like that, LTL!
Really appreciate your program and it really helped me a lot to improve my Chinese.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Incredible experience in Beijing and Beihai

I am writing this review to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible experience I had at your Mandarin school and for the opportunity to immerse myself in the vibrant culture of your city.My time at LTLwas truly enriching. The dedication and expertise of the teachers, coupled with the engaging curriculum, made learning Mandarin a exciting journey. From mastering basic greetings to confidently holding conversations, I have acquired valuable language skills that will undoubtedly stay with me for a lifetime. The supportive environment made by the staff made my classes enjoyable and productive.

Beijing is a very beautiful city and the teachers and administrators at the Beijing campus were very professional and they helped me a lot. I was not used to Beijing at first, but Linda and Jane invited me to participate in all kinds of activities, which helped me to adapt to the life in Beijing. Beijing is definitely a city worth exploring, with many parks and attractions, all full of Beijing flavor. I especially recommend the Beijing roast duck, which is an absolute must-see when you go to Beijing.

Beyond the classroom, exploring Beihai’s beautiful scenery, savoring its delectable cuisine, and experiencing its rich history and traditions have left a mark on me. From the fascinating landmarks to the hidden gems tucked away in its alleys, every moment spent in Beihai was a delightful adventure. I am grateful for the warm hospitality extended to me throughout my stay. Your dedication to providing an amazing educational experience, combined with the warmth and friendliness of the local community, made my time in Beihai unforgettable. Please convey my deepest appreciation to the LTL team for their hard work and dedication. I am immensely grateful for the transformative experience I had, and I will cherish the memories of my time spent learning Mandarin and exploring Beihai. Thank you once again for everything.

P.S a special thank you to Savannah for all the help in Beihai.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I am in love with Beihai

My time in Beihai was simply great. I would have loved to stay longer because it was so much fun. The language school looks after you really well and you always have someone to talk to if you have any problems. If unexpected situations do arise, you can always turn to someone from the team for help. No matter whether you are trying to cancel a Didi trip or need new accommodation. No matter what language level you have, the stay is absolutely recommendable. In 4 weeks, I feel that my Chinese has already improved and I am much less afraid to speak to locals. The only thing you should take in mind is that Chinese standards are different from western culture. But you can get used to that. You will meet a lot of awesome people and will share the best time of your life with them :)
I can only recommend LTL.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
If you go out for dinner you can bring your own drinks. 😄
  • Nice Food
  • Nice Beach
  • Most of the locals can't speak english
  • Weather is very humid
  • Most of the locals can't speak english 😄
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Yes, I recommend this program

Happy life in Beihai

Although I only spent two weekends in Beihai, life here is really great. I was warmly welcomed by the Beihai team, thanks to Savannah for helping me when I needed it, and my host family brought me to meet very interesting people. I've met a lot of interesting people here and seen a lot of interesting new things.The food in Beihai was delicious and the Cantonese morning tea was very good, I loved it.I highly recommend the snacks in Beihai. Lastly, I love the beaches of Beihai, the sand is fine and soft!

What was your funniest moment?
Browsing in shopping malls
  • patience
  • nice
  • exciting
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Yes, I recommend this program

Awesome program and very responsive support team!

I started this program about 3 weeks ago, and I truly enjoy the online sessions and classes. The instructor is supportive and knowledgeable, so I learned quite a lot of slang and got opportunities to correct my pronunciations :) Sometimes I even got 1-on-1 sessions for group class price cause there's no other classmate there 😂

The time slots are quite flexible, but just sometimes might not be able to get teachers that are available during certain hours (I'm in the Asia time zone so not many classes are offered during the daytime on weekdays). The support team is SUPER responsive (I mean, they replied to me in less than 6 hours?!) to solve my technical and website issues. I also really like their Discord channel, just another good way to have extra practice and learn some cultural things every day.

Some suggestions here might be:
1. Some time slot suggestions for people in Asia (e.g. avoid certain hours or you scheduled classes might be canceled)
2. Some slides need to be updated (e.g. missing word/symbol, some conversations are grammatically correct but don't make sense 😅)

So far I really love this program and will continue learning with this platform, thank you LTL!

  • support team
  • teacher
  • flexibility
  • material
  • class schedule
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great immersive experience

This is my 4th time in China, and the 2nd studying at a language school. I came with a HSK level around 2-3 and I am very surprised to see how much my language skills developed in an immersive environment in just 1 month after me being here. In February I will attempt to pass HSK 4. LTL arranged the accommodation with a Chinese home stay family that is indeed very prepared to receive foreign students. I have just entered the second month in language program, now with 1-on-1 lessons, and I can say, from the 4 teachers I’ve had during this period, that they are very qualified and prepared. The staff is nice and very helpful, specially Jane who always arranges tours and traditional activities for the student to join, like dumpling making, calligraphy lesson, excursions to museums and as for this week a movie night. I made the right choice coming to LTL!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Chinese New Year

My name is Inge and I have been for 6 weeks in Beijing to learn Mandarin at LTL mandarin school. I learned a lot in those 6 weeks because of the good lessons of the teachers. I can talk about clothes, directions, paying and other things. During those 6 weeks I have been celebrating Chinese new year with my hostfamily and her family. I learnt in those time the culture and how a chinese family live. That was a great experience for me. Afther school the school planned nice things to do for the students. Example as going out for dinner, seeing the Great wall or a Temple. That made it nice to learn the other students and very good to learn the language. Overall I have been very happy that I choose LTL mandarin school, they made my time wonderfull.

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