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English Language Programs in Australia

English Language Schools in Australia


An eclectic melange of sun, sand, and surf, it’s no coincidence that Australia is currently ranked the second most liveable country in the world. With bustling urban hubs to rival New York, and an outback charm evocative of Paul Hogan, it is ‘the lucky country’s’ distinct and unabashed polarity that has resonated with travelers across the globe.

It's also a fantastic country to learn English abroad in. For English language learners who want to explore somewhere other than the United States or England, Australia is a fantastic alternative.

Not to mention, for students from Asian countries, Australia is much closer to home and has slightly more relaxed visa regulations for students than more typical destinations for learning English abroad.

Ready to learn English... with an Australian accent? Then read on for more details on course types, popular locations, qualifications to come learn English in Australia, and costs of living. Then, explore the list of English language courses below.

Course Types

Australia is famous for being a very welcoming country, making it easy to practice your English in and out of the classroom. But what are your options for learning English in Australia?

University courses

Australia has some great universities for international students -- all of which you should consider if you want to do a full degree in English in Australia, or for a study abroad program.

Please note, an intermediate level of English will be required before arrival, and concrete requirements and accreditations differ between institutions. You may also have to take English classes once you arrive.

Private Language Schools

For English learners who are not in university, only able to learn English for a short time (like 1 - 3 months), or who do not yet have a high level of English, you should consider taking a course at a private language academy.

All of the major cities in Australia have multiple options, and will often be able to set you up with a homestay family as well. This is a particularly good option for high school students, who are not ready to live alone.

Private Tutoring

For extra instruction, you can also purchase some private tutoring sessions. Tuition for private tutoring in Australia won’t break the bank, costing as little as $15 USD per hour!

Planning Your Trip

You know that Australia is where you want to go -- but what do you need to know about planning your trip? Where are you going to go? What qualifications do you need? What sort of cultural activities should you incorporate into your studies?

Popular Locations

Sydney -- Sydney is known for its culture, good food, and everything in between. It is Australia’s cosmopolitan capital, and one of the most popular cities for people who love cities. From looking at the view on Sydney Harbour Bridge, to attending fancy parties in Surry Hills, you can easily fall in love with Sydney.

Melbourne -- Melbourne is hip, young, and has a unique personality. For English learners who want less of a high-class urban experience in Sydney, and more of a laid-back, bohemian culture, choose Melbourne. Relax in cafés and visit art galleries.

Gold Coast and Byron Bay -- For a smaller town feel - and slightly lower cost of living - consider one of Australia's smaller coastal city, like Byron Bay or the Gold Coast.


A valid passport and visa are required to travel to Australia. Depending on your nationality, you may need to apply for a tourist visa in advance. For anyone staying longer than 90 days, you will have to apply for a student visa.

Language learners should contact their local consulate for additional information.

As mentioned before, you will have to have a good level of English to study at a university, but English learners of all levels can find a course at a private language institute.

Cultural Immersion/Extracurricular Activities

Australia has a diverse cultural heritage influenced by European and Indigenous traditions. You should definitely learn more about Australian culture while learning English.

To participate in Australian cultural events, celebrate events such as Australia Day, the Feast Festival, and Ten Days On An Island with your new Australian friends. In between English classes, make sure to check out a game of AFL, followed by a hot meat pie, explore the beaches and natural wonders, and get to know Australia as best as possible.


Check out the crowd: There are approximately 22.6 million people residing in Australia!

Did you know: In Australia, bars are required by law to stable, water and feed the horses of their patrons.

School’s out, let’s have some fun: From panoramic sunsets across the Great Ocean Road, to Penguin Parades at Phillip Island, there’s something for everyone in Australia!

Wow others with an idiom: “I'm flat out like a lizard drinking” means "I’m very busy!"

Costs & Funding

Dubbed “the most expensive country on the planet for international students,” Australia is not a budget choice for English learners. The average expat spends up to US $38,000 a year to work and play in the land down under, and if you're staying for a long time, you should budget accordingly.

While metropolitan cities such as Sydney and Melbourne offer an abundance of language programs across all linguistic levels, students pinching pennies should opt for a smaller towns, such as the Gold Coast and Byron Bay.

Course prices vary by school and location, but expect to pay several hundred dollars for a quality, several-week long English course in Australia.

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