One of the largest English-speaking countries in the world and a place where you can live a culturally rich and adventurous lifestyle, Australia is a perfect opportunity for many language students. From iconic views of the harbor to hip coffee shops in up-and-coming neighborhoods, Sydney has everything you might expect in a European capital, but gives you close access to some of the world's most unique natural environments.

Make sure Sydney is at the top of your list if you want to learn English in Australia! There are a variety of options for learning English, from large classes to private instruction, and plenty of chances to practice your new English skills outside the classroom as you explore the city.

As an English-speaking country, there is a wide range of opportunities to learn English in Australia. If your heart is set on living in Sydney while you do, there are three main types of instruction you can choose from.


All university level education in Sydney is taught primarily in English, and most major universities will offer English language classes for foreign students who are not fluent. These courses will be primarily targeted at students with an intermediate to advanced knowledge of English, as a way of perfecting existing skills, but you can find some introductory courses offered at some schools.

Language Schools

Language schools are by far the most widespread opportunity to learn English in Sydney, especially for beginners. Since Australia welcomes travelers and expats from around the world, these language schools are tailored to teaching students the basics of English necessary to succeed in daily life. Schools range in classroom size, duration and frequency of classes, and in price.

Private Instruction

A final option for English students in Sydney is to employ a personal instructor or tutor to teach you. With this model, you can find an instructor that can tailor lessons to your individual needs and goals. Given that Australia has a reasonably high cost of living, it's possible to pay a premium for private instruction as compared with a language school class though some tutors charge as little as $15 per hour.


In most cases, housing will not be provided as part of your language instruction while in Sydney. The only exception might be if you are enrolled in a degree program at a university and also take English classes as part of that program.

Otherwise, expect to search for an apartment or housing opportunity with roommates. The latter is an especially good way to ensure you have people to practice your English skills with outside the classroom.


On the whole, living in Australia is quite expensive -- it's consistently known as one of the most pricey countries in the world of international students. Travelers on a budget may want to look into applying for a working holiday in Australia, which allows holidaymakers to study for up to six months on the side while earning a wage.

Unfortunately, unless you're enrolled in a university full-time, it's unlikely you'll be eligible for scholarships to help pay for your English-language tuition. In this case, it can be helpful to consider language schools or more budget-friendly private instructors, as well as classes that occur outside of the downtown core of Sydney, as all of these may help reduce your costs.


For most people, you will need a visa to enter Australia. Most people choose to initially visit Australia on a 90-day tourist visa, and after that, you'll need to apply for a student visa. The qualifications for which visa you can apply for will depend on what kind, of course, you want to enroll in.

Australia also offers a variety of other visas that can make it possible to stay and live in Australia while you learn English, so be sure to consult your local Australian embassy to see what your options are.

Contributed by Valerie Stimac

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