Canada is a wonderfully large and diverse country with a history of welcoming travelers, students, and business people from around the world. It's also a great destination to learn English abroad. With ten provinces and three territories, there is a large variety of cities, communities, and natural environments you can surround yourself with while learning English in Canada.

Similar to its neighbor to the south, Canada has something for everyone, from the wild and mountainous west to the cultural star of Toronto and strong European influences throughout the eastern part of the country. It also has many opportunities for people to visit, travel, work, and live, especially for citizens of Commonwealth countries. Canada provides a great palette upon which you can improve your English, experience North American culture, and explore a beautiful country simultaneously.

Course Types

While there are certainly universities which offer English language classes throughout Canada, they may not be the best option for students unless you are already studying abroad in another subject at that campus. More widespread options would be to enroll at a private language school, or employ an English tutor for individual lessons.

Private Language Schools & Centers

In nearly every major city in Canada, you can find private language schools where English is taught alongside other languages of the world. From Vancouver to Toronto, Canadians take pride in being globally-minded citizens and language schools are an important part of language instruction in this officially bilingual country (French and English are the official languages, with dozens of First Nations languages also recognized).

Private Language Tutors

If you're looking for a specialized, individual option for improving your English, consider hiring a private tutor. Several websites offer resources where you can browse available tutors and compare them on knowledge, proficiency, and cost. In general, tutoring starts at a cost of $15 per hour, even in the larger cities across Canada, making it an affordable option too.

Where to Go

Canada's largest cities are the best chance for students to find a variety of English language-learning options, as well as opportunities to practice outside the classroom.


Canada's largest city is also one of its most global: many parts of Toronto take great pride in embracing the different cultural roots of its residents from around the world. This makes for a conducive environment for English students, as language schools and tutors are widespread.


Out along Canada's west coast, Vancouver has strong cultural influences from the Pacific rim, especially Asian countries like Korea, Thailand, and China. Regardless of their origin, residents embrace being in an English-speaking country and both language schools and tutoring options are available.

Planning Your Trip

If the idea of exploring "The True North" while you learn English is calling your name, there are several more considerations to make sure you'll have all the details arranged when you arrive.


Depending on what brings you to Canada, you may qualify for housing options. This is especially true if you arrive as a student enrolled in a degree program or language school that offers dorm housing. Otherwise you may be expected to find your own housing, in which case you can look for apartment rentals, short term hotel stays (depending on the length of your course), and home stays. Canadians are notoriously welcoming, so there are plenty of options for housing especially in larger cities.


English language learning programs in Canada are generally priced in one of three ways: as a total cost for the whole program, on a per-class basis, or on a per-hour basis (the latter is especially true for tutors). Be sure to research how many classes or how much instruction you will need to determine the full cost of learning English.

Canada is also one of the most expensive countries in the world, so be prepared for your cost of living to be higher than your home country.


Some students coming to Canada to learn English may qualify for student visas, though this is unlikely if you enroll in a private language school or with a tutor. Canada has quite complex entry and visa policies, and many countries require a 'visitor visa' to even enter the country. Be sure to consult the Canadian Immigration & Citizenship website to find out the specifics about your home country.

English Language Programs in Canada

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