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Intensive Standard
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Class Size
Private Lessons Small Class (1-7) Medium Class (8-15)
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Enrolment fee: 40 euros (once a year/regardless how often you will be part of our team)
For returning students: No enrollment fee (provided they’ll bring their book back with them).
Placement test (either on line or at your first day to our school)
Special discounts: -10% for 2 persons, -15% for 3 persons. For groups, send us an email to receive our latest discounts.
What's Included
Activities Some Activities Classes Wifi
What's Included (Extra)

Included in the price:
Free Wi-Fi access
Free Water access
Free daily coffee/tea and snacks
Free access to our lending library
Free access to our lending dictionaries
Free daily cultural activities
Socializing in our indoor and outdoor cultural activities

What's Not Included
Accommodation Airport Transfers Meals Transportation Travel Insurance Visa Wifi
Aug 01, 2023
Nov 14, 2023
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About Program

The Lamda (λamda) Project started in August 2019, as an effort to deliver high-quality cultural education by investing in a different understanding of what Greek culture is nowadays.

We offer Modern Greek language intensive classes, as well as several daily cultural activities as an opportunity to deepen into the actual current Greek culture and customs. We are located at the center of Athens and we aim to merge the past with the present…to learn the actual local language/culture/society.

A student can choose from our wide range of courses for each level. We provide levels from absolute beginner to proficiency starting almost every Monday, with modern and innovative learning and teaching methods, as our goal is a profound and simple knowledge of Greek, through a friendly and professional atmosphere.

We offer the most cultural and language immersion package: Courses, cultural activities, and tandem language exchange with locals for gaining the full learning experience.

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Program Highlights

  • Expert teachers
  • Courses, cultural activities, and tandem language exchange with locals
  • Student-centered and interactive teaching method
  • Daily cultural activities (free of charge)

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  • Instruction 4.95
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best time ever

I took a 3 weeks of Greek standard intensive immersion course in this school in Athens. It was definitely the best time of my life! It totally deserved my time! Everything was great. Classes, amazing teachers, classmates, school, central location, great neighborhood, friendly and professional staff, free social activities, excursions, free city walks, bares, restaurantes! Great life for 3 weeks. It was like I was a part of a big family! I am planning to come back again soon during next autumn or winter!

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
I never thought myself as a chifteteli dancer....I was wrong. I was damn good!!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Quality all the way through - highly recommended!

I spent two week at The λamda Project doing a 30 hours/week intensive course in modern Greek. The programs are very flexible and adaptable to individual skills and needs. The teachers are highly educated people with very good pedagogical skills - who teaches with great enthusiasm and energy.

The provided working book is tailored for everyday situations at different levels, facilitates interaction, and gives a systematic and gradual approach to grammar - perfect for the small size class model.

Private/ individual sessions were also very good and professional.

Very modern and suitable facilities with bakeries and many charming restaurants in pedestrian streets close by.

The staff are very service minded, friendly and including people - felt like a home with very good energy. They also arranged trips, guided city tours, Greek dancing lesson, trip to museum.

I made good progress during the stay, and plan to come back for another session later.

It is quality all the way through - I highly recommend this place for learning Greek in Athens!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing experience !

I took a 3 weeks Standard Intenive Modern Greek course and I am planning to go back soon.
Very good facilities, modern and alternative. Great location , at the center of the city, with easy access. Higly qualified and professional teachers with very good and easy to follow teaching materials. I had fun at the classes and they helped me improve my language skills.
The staff and the teachers were very friendly and helpful. There were a lot of social activities, such us Greek dances lesson, Greek moovie screening, City walks or museum visits. We had a great time altogether:students, teachers, staff! At the neighbourghood there are also a lot of coffee places, cute bars and restaurants. At last but not least, there was always a small free buffet waiting for us with coffee, tea, greek snacks and traditional delicasies or even ouzo and raki during the dance lessons! I will go back again very soon! Highly recommended!

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Yes, I recommend this program

outstanding experience

Good concept, highly professional teachers, nice location. I had lessons in modern Greek for 3 weeks at the Lamda Project. As we were a small group of students, the lessons were arranged very individually. The teaching material is absolutely up to date and easy to follow. I made a large profit from the classes. The atmosphere was very welcoming, sympathetic and committed. They also offer a wide range of cultural activities and a well equipped library. There is also always a little buffet provided. Highly recommended!

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Yes, I recommend this program

A truly beautiful experience

I fully recommend "The λamda Project". I am Greek myself and my Japanese husband studied Greek here. We were both very satisfied with the fast progress of his language skills.
The teachers are all highly educated, always encouraging and helpful. The textbooks are modern and easy to follow. The school is located conveniently in the centre of Athens, in a beautiful, newly renovated building, with spacious classrooms and an extensive library.
The intensive courses are really suitable for those who visit Athens for a short period of time and want to combine tourism with education. Students can additionally follow classes on Greek history, mythology and philosophy, either in English or Greek. There are also Ancient Greek lessons, cultural events, workshops and seminars on various topics, such as theatre and arts, psychology, sociology and education. 10/10, highly recommending!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Totally worth it!

I have been travelling for language courses for several years, so I am quite experienced in this kind of vacations and I felt the need to share my last experience with the lamda project. I felt from the beginning very nice with the atmosphere of the school. First of all it`s in a very nice and convenient central area, close to metro station, in a very beautiful and classic building. Everyone was extremely kind with me, very good and professional teachers who where listening to each one`s specific needs and they tried with the most suitable way to met them. Very good teaching methods, as they encouraged us to speak and to exercise our knowledges. Very good and friendly staff, willing to support me in any way they could. Totally worth it. I will definitely come back again.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
I would advice them to take with them all the positive energy they have and enjoy this awesome experience.
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Yes, I recommend this program

great experience

I originally don't write reviews, but this was awesome! Totally worth it! Had so much fun with you guys! Amazing teachers, professionalism, well organized, nice and safe neighborhood and really nice free buffet for the students. It was all about Athens! This place has everything nearby, coffee shops, restaurants, shops, transportation and the really beautiful and friendly Athenians. I came alone but never felt it and left with good memories. Enjoyed everything about it. Hoping to come back again! Cheers Greece!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
If you want to combine learning Greek and having fun, well this is your place. In Athens center and so close to the metro station, you can feel the vibes of the city and the teachers really know what they re doin'.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Well organised and fun

I found the course to be really well organised. Enjoyed meeting new people. Friendly atmosphere and great social activities. Helpful answering emails and communicating prior to the course. Would definitely recommend for students and individuals alike to improve their English in a friendly and easy environment. Athens is also a beautiful place to explore and tie into a holiday around Greece. Learning about history and Ancient Greece was a great addition. I learnt a lot and would love to do it again!

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