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Solutions for Life Initiative Ghana is a grassroot organization, our volunteer and internship program is an initiative to help connect passionate individuals and groups who seek to make a difference in the life of people whiles discovering themselves to the very people whose lives and well-being depends on it where the volunteer achieves more than they give.

We seek to use this opportunity to help enroll girls and orphans in school, provide medical care. shelter and startup capital for teenage and single mothers.

To volunteer in Ghana there is nothing like a “best time” Every day of the year is just the right opportunity to make an impact whiles enjoying the Ghanaian hospitality.

We have programs ranging from Child care, orphanage work, medical care, creative art, working with the intellectual disable and rehabilitation program. Volunteers are hosted by families that we have vetted and know their credibility for comfort and security.


Box K.S. 9122
Adum – Kumasi



This program surpassed all my expectations!
Amazing place where a few local people are creating magic for almost 100 orphan kids. Working with children is pure pleasure as their desire to study and finding out new things is indescribable. During all my stay, I was taken care by the host family who took care I would always feel safe and satisfied, and showed the most beautiful places in Ghana.
The orphanage is a wonderful program with positive children who are eager to learn and dedicated teachers who know what they are doing. I cannot wait to come back.

How can this program be improved?
I wish this program would be advertised more so the volunteers visited this place more frequently as it very sincere, rewarding and would never disappoint.
Yes, I recommend this program

I spent 2 weeks in Ghana where I stayed with Sally and her lovely family.
During my time there, I was able to work at a Mental Rehabilitation Centre, Anwiam Clinic and Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. The program was tailored to my experiences and interests so I was really able to get the most out of being there. The residents of the rehabilitation centre were so grateful for a new face and someone to take an interest in them and their lives, and it was so eye-opening to get an insight into the Ghanaian mental health system, an insight that only could have come from the hands-on experience enabled by this program. The nurses and other staff at Anwiam Clinic were also the kindest people I have met, eager to make me feel welcome and teach me everything I wanted to know that was in my remit of clinical capability. The time I spent at the KATH was also very valuable, as I was able to work on the emergency resus ward which was also being used as an ICU overflow facility. There, under the supervision of the deputy ward manager, I was assigned my very own patient who had been involved in a road traffic accident. I had to check vitals regularly, administer medications, change the drip when needed, empty his catheter bag and even use a suction machine to respirate sputum to ensure that he didn't choke. Every healthcare professional I came into contact with, including other volunteers, was so supportive and happy to teach me. I got so much more out of two weeks in Ghana than I could have got out of a practical work placement here in the UK, and the exposure really consolidated the fact that I want to be a nurse, so I am now heading to university in September to study adult nursing with a view to using this clinical knowledge to contribute to the health of many different patients around the world.
As a culture, people were so friendly, and it is common practice for them to share with you their food, company and language (people love it even if you just say 'medase' which is 'thankyou' in Twi). This was the case with Sally and her family; they were so hospitable and went above and beyond to ensure I was safe and happy, advising me on the best way to spend my weekends and helping me to organise an Easter celebration dinner for the residents of the rehabilitation centre.
There is so much more I could say but overall, I really had an amazing time and came back a better person than when I went, and I really do feel that my time spent in Ghana altered my perspective which has already influenced decisions in my life and will continue to do so in the future.

Yes, I recommend this program

It was a great and memorable experience for me. Sally was very helpful of my welfare and hospitality from the moment I sat foot in Ghana. I did the medical placement in Anwiam Clinic in Kumasi. The clinic staffs and doctors were so friendly and taught me a lot of things related to medical practice. I also had the opportunity to deliver a baby which was quite exciting for a first timer. It's ambitious to say that I hope all medical students/graduates should experience working in Africa, but really, the experience was priceless.

How can this program be improved?
Visit to the needy in secluded area to help in managing the sick and the poor.
Yes, I recommend this program

Me and my partner gave creative art workshops for two weeks at the All Nations Charity Home via Sally and her Solutions for Life Initiative. The volunteering placement was well coordinated and also the home stay was very well arranged for.
Solutions for Life consists of a unique local NGO in Kumasi, Ghana, whom we want to keep supporting from abroad. We saw that the children of All Nations really enjoyed this summer activity and that they engaged very much in all sorts of creative activities (drawing, painting, making their own huge board games,

Yes, I recommend this program
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If I had to describe my trip to Ghana in just 1 word. It would not be impossible. It was an amazing, interesting and very educative experience. I lived in Ghana for a half year because of my study. Besides my study, I participated with several projects set up by: Solutions for Life Initiative Ghana.

My first 2 weeks were in the capital of Ghana (Accra). This was the place where I got my culture shock moment. To be more specific at: Accra Central. I went here in the middle of the day and everywhere were people selling their merchandise. High populations of humans were roaming everywhere and even the streets where the cars need to drive was full with shops and people, leading to dangerous situations.

After these 2 weeks, I took a fight to Kumasi and lived with Sally, Nana and their kids. They were the best hosts I could get and they showed me the way the Ghanaian society works and how things roll around.
When in Kumasi, I enrolled in several activities set up by: Solutions For Life Initiative Ghana. One of these activities was the setup of a Christmas party for orphans in the region.
We arranged a moon bouncer and a trampoline for the kids to jump on. Further we arranged food, music, a make-up artist and taught them the importance of hygiene.
The kids enjoyed these activities and the happiness on their face will be something I will never forget. As being a foreign male at the party. I got a lot of questions and demonstrations from the boys about soccer. All the boys want to play one day at international levels and meet their idols.
Thanks to my hosts, I could connect to many local people and other travellers. With them I travelled outside Kumasi. Ghanaians are very social; it is easy to connect with them. I even had an opportunity to be live on the radio, just by meeting someone outside a store.
Ghana has some interesting landscapes. Going north of Kumasi you will find the savanna, going south you will reach the coastal regions.
Kumasi it self have the biggest market off whole West-Africa.

Ghana is a developing country. The gap between the higher society and the lower society is big. There are environmental problems and the medical situation can still need some help. With a population that is rapidly growing. These problems will only get bigger.
Solutions For Life Initiative Ghana is setting up projects and to tackle these problems. As being part of the team, you will see the positive changes you can make, in many people’s lives.

All in all, I can conclude I learned and helped a lot more people while being in the place it all happens.

Yes, I recommend this program


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