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Why choose Think Pacific?

Think Pacific is a UK social enterprise and registered Fijian charity with nearly 15 years of experience supporting Fijian Government Ministries, NGOs and business partners to achieve ethical, responsible and sustainable development, whilst allowing students to have a self-developing and rewarding experience. They have recently expanded to Bali to offer groundbreaking professional placements.

Make lifelong friendships and shared memories whilst gaining global experience and developing unique skills.

Work and live in traditional communities on local initiatives, which via locally-led partnerships, are achieving groundbreaking results.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Mental Health Expedition

I had the opportunity to live in Naocobau located right on the coast of Fiji, it was gorgeous. As a group no one had a single bad thing to say about the whole project and if we didn't have to go I would still be there now. TP taught me valuable skills and helped me to be comfortable in presenting, aided through the workshops we were delivering. I cannot recommend this experience enough as it was honestly the best month of my life. The people I met from the project are now lifelong friends, and even in direct contact with a lot of the friends I made form the village

  • Learn new culture
  • develop new skills
  • meet new people
  • Travel
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Yes, I recommend this program

Youth Empowerment Project in Fiji!

My time in Fiji is one thing I will never forget!

To spend a month living in rural Fiji felt daunting, but the love that you receive from your village is the most heartwarming feeling, and this is all due to the care and support of Think Pacific.

The organisation has been great from start to finish and met every single one of my expectations. I was really careful of not being part of voluntourism but the impact the program has on the village is huge and I feel like I have been part of something amazing!

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Yes, I recommend this program

An experience you will never forget!

My time in Fiji with Think Pacific is undoubtedly the best thing I have ever done. The TP leaders and staff are so supportive and informative, ensuring we as volunteers make the most out of our experience. You will make amazing friends, from volunteers to villagers and will leave Fiji, not only with a better understanding of Fijian culture but also with an amazing Fijian family.

The days are planned, consisting of something new and exciting to learn. From mat weaving to learning the village meke - there is always something great to do.

The kindness and friendliness of the Fijians is unlike anything I have ever experienced and is infectious. You feel so welcomed into the village and the home you are staying in. You will leave Fiji with a strong passion for this wonderful country and TP’s initiatives.

Expect to drink lots of grog - you will learn to love it!

I cannot recommend this experience enough!

  • A life changing and enhancing experience
  • You make the most wonderful friends
  • Leaving the village was very difficult, you will miss your Fijian friends and family along
  • Adjusting back into life at home can be challenging
  • Whilst expensive (worth every penny though) - you can get university funding
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Yes, I recommend this program

Think pacific sports programme!

Having the opportunity to go into a Fijian village was amazing let alone meeting my own Fijian family and seeing a true insight into their everyday lives.
I met so many new people and have made friends for life!
I couldn’t recommend this project more, the think pacific team were so helpful and supportive through the entire process.
My university and many other offer funding through funds such as the Turing charity which makes a huge difference to the total price!
Whilst in the village you have the chance to go and explore, we went on morning sunset hikes, up a waterfall and played muddy rugby which was a highlight of my trip.

  • Making new friends
  • Seeing another culture and living in it
  • Being in fiji! It’s beautiful
  • You have to leave your Fijian family :(
  • It can be hard to adjust but once you do it’s amazing
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Yes, I recommend this program

One to remember!

My time in Fiji was one of the most rewarding and special memories I have ever made. I made friends and family for life!
I was able to learn so much about the beauty of Fijian culture. I also learnt so much about life through the different perspectives of the Fijian youth! I have been able to incorporate these perspectives into my life in the UK. I would say I have definitely become a more open-minded person because of this experience.

If you have the chance to do this opportunity you really won’t regret it !!!

  • Discovering culture
  • Gratitude
  • Challenging yourself
  • Living habits
  • Homesickness


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Alumni Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with verified alumni.

Why did you choose this program?

Choosing a volunteering program is a difficult process; there are lots of different ones out there, all focusing on slightly different things. I decided on Think Pacific due to their connections with the Fijian government and the process of choosing the villages that teams enter. I have always been worried that programs would be seen as a means of 'self-improvement' rather than volunteering as a genuine thing, but with TP, this could not be further from the point.

The whole organization works as one in Fiji and in the UK.

What did your program provider assist you with, and what did you have to organize on your own?

Think Pacific came into my university and gave a presentation on their programs. With attendance numbers high, I soon realized that this organization was something I would like to be part of. Think Pacific is an independent program from the university, but when you first sign up to TP, you are quickly added to the Facebook page and you are welcomed into the big TP family. If I ever had any questions, there are TP employees you can ask, so I never felt alone or overwhelmed.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to someone going on your program?

If you go out to Fiji, there's a phrase that is said, called 'Fiji Time'. Its meaning comes from the slow paced life which brings you back into reality, time away from your phone and the stresses of education. The time I spent in the village was life changing; the time goes by so quickly that you want to relive everyday twice. I wish I knew before going out to constantly live in the moment, to leave my phone in my rucksack and just live and be free.

I would highly recommend this to anyone to go on a volunteering trip, as being away from your phone brings you back down to earth, reminding you of the things that are important in life and that you can live without phones and internet.

What does an average day/week look like as a participant of this program?

An average TP volunteering week is busy and tiring but amazing.

Monday to Friday, you are at school from 8 in the morning, completing your '1 to 1s' up until lunch time. The afternoons are where the children are free to go wild; they have an hour of teaching after lunch and then straight into house cup; a competition between the school house, it brings out everyones crazy side! Finally the last hour is sport, focusing on the skills required in each sport, the kids get sweaty and tired and that's job well done!

Everyday there is morning and afternoon briefing, before and after school, just to make sure that everyone is happy and can talk about any problems they may have had that day. The evenings are always busy, from mat weaving to billo making, and you cannot forget weekly quiz night! The evenings are a great way for the team to bond and immerse yourself into village life.

Saturdays are excursion days, waterfalls, treks, bili bili rafting... It will always be fun!

Finally, Sunday is the rest day. Church with your family and resting and sleeping in the afternoon. It sounds boring now, but you will need that rest time to make sure you are ready to go for the next school week!

Going into your experience abroad, what was your biggest fear, and how did you overcome it? How did your views on the issue change?

My biggest fear before going was whether or not I would get on with the other volunteers I would meet in the village. Before you go into the village, TP sends you to a resort where time is used to bond and get to know everyone in your team. These few days really helped me to understand that everyone was there for the same reason: they are passionate about teaching and want to experience an amazing trip in a beautiful country. You obviously gravitate towards different groups of people... It's only natural, but you have to remember that everyone who is in Fiji wants to be there to make a difference.

What was the best part of your trip?

My favorite part about my time in the village was being able to live like a local. Myself and the other volunteer I lived with decided that we would say yes to everything. We ended up experiencing little joys that others did not. I was able to sit in on choir practice, having a sing with my Nene (my host mother) and the other village women. We were able to sit and help our Momo (my host father) dry out the Yaqona plant, that we later on went onto drink. Even when you are tired, my advice is to say yes anyway, Fijians are smiley, happy, joyful people who are always up for a good laugh. By helping them and joining them in their daily lives, the relationship will grow and become much stronger.