AIFS Abroad Internships in Milan, Italy

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To apply for Global Experiences, you can do so on our application page here: Hope this helps!

There is a $25 application fee for international applicants which must be paid to move forward in the application process and participate in the program.

When applying, you apply to one of our specific program sessions. The longest sessions we have are our fall and spring programs, which are about 12-15 weeks. The summer sessions are 8 weeks. You can find more information here: Thank you for you inquiry, hope this helps!

It is not essential to speak Italian in order to participate in the Milan program. The majority of our interns who have attended the programs in Italy did not speak any Italy. While the majority of our placements in Milan are in English, we encourage that interns familiarize themselves with some of the Italian basics they learn in their language classes. Hope this helps!

Hi Paz, Global Experiences advertises that you have to be between 18 -30 to be eligible for their Milan internship program.

As Mallory mentioned, our internship programs in the summer are 8 weeks and the spring and fall program sessions are 12-15 weeks. You can find out the exact lengths and dates of each program here: